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This is the comprehensive and ever-expanding page for free crystal guides. In these free crystal guides, you will learn how to use crystals, crystal healing, crystal meditation, crystals for angels, crystals for goddesses, what crystal colors mean, crystal Feng Shui, crystal aromatherapy, and a lot more.

These guides are written for every level of crystal user. Both beginner crystal users and advanced crystal users will find something they can learn and use.

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Quartz Crystals from A-Z: An Illustrated Guide

We have collected, described, and illustrated over 500 varieties of Quartz crystals. This guide provides a description of the metaphysical characteristics of all types of Quartz crystals.

The Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia

This is the definitive guide to crystals. Each crystal page provides detailed information about a crystal's healing energy, goddess, birthstone, and zodiac association, plus much more.

The Crystal Needs and Desires Guide

The Crystal Needs and Desires Guide is an index of crystal guides meant to aid you in finding crystals to ease your worries, problems, and bring more harmony to your life.

The Uses and Meanings of Crystal Colors

The definitive guide to the uses and meanings of crystal colors. Read an overview of the power of the color rays from crystals and then more about each color individually.

Masters' Grimoire of Magical Herbs

The Masters' Grimoire of Magical Herbs is your source for all the magical uses of Mother Nature's wonderful gifts - the herbs of the land. Find herbal lores for healing and much more.

How to use Conjure & Magicial Items Guide

 Magic can smooth your path to a goal, align the Universal Spirit with your desires, and make it much easier for you to accomplish what you wish. This guide will teach you how to use conjure and magical items to attain your desires.

Become A Crystal Master

Join thousands of other students, and learn how to buy and use crystals to improve your life and spirit and the life and spirits of others. If you complete these seven courses satisfactorily, you will earn the certification as a Crystal Master. 


A Beginner's Guide to Crystal Grids

Using a crystal grid, one that combines crystal energies within specific orders, forms, and structures will greatly expand the power and energy of your crystals in wonderful and highly effective ways.

A Guide to Crystals for Zodiac Signs

This is an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand guide to the zodiac. Learn about your place amongst the cosmos and the crystals and gems that fit you and your life.

A Guide for Using Crystals with Meditation

For effective crystal meditation, you must find the crystal that has the Universal Life Force Energy that is appropriate for your intentions. This guide will help you find that crystal.

Crystal Amulets and Talismans Guide

This guide explores crystal talismans and amulets. Learn more about how the power of a crystal comes from its crystal energy lattice, its chemical power, and its color rays.

Using Crystals for Chakra Balancing and Healing

Each of the seven chakras deals with particular areas of functions of both the body and the spirit. The right crystals for each chakra can help keep them balanced, aligned, and healthy.

Historical and Modern Birthstones Guide

Birthstones are a tradition in many cultures. We all seem to have an affinity for the time of our birth and seek meaning there. Enjoy your birthstone. Find them here.

Atlantean Crystals & Lemurian Crystals Guide

Atlantean Record Keepers and Lemurian Seed Crystals are forms of Quartz crystals that are believed to contain the records of lost civilizations. Learn more about them and how to use them here.

A Guide to Creating a Sacred Space

With Crystal Magic, you need a place to work. A sacred space can go by other names. An altar, magic circle, temple, or whatever you wish to call it. This is a guide to help you create your own.

Your Spirit Guides and the Crystals for Them

Everyone has at least two or three spirit guides with them, do you know who yours are? You can even call on seven different types of spirit guides for assistance.

A Beginner's Guide to Crystal Divination

The use of crystals and stones to see into the future and to determine the answers to questions has a long history in many cultures. There are two primary methods that we will teach you here.

A Guide to Using Crystals in Feng Shui

In this Feng Shui guide, you will learn more about using crystals to arrange an environment that keeps the Life Force energy flowing and balanced so that you can live and thrive.

How to Use a Crystal Pendulum for Answers

Pendulums can answer the most difficult questions we have. Learn how to use these seemingly magical, yet amazing simple tools. It is easy to learn and use. Read this guide to get started.

A Guide to Crystal Wand Massage

Crystal massage wands are truly wondrous. In this guide, you will learn techniques, gain understanding, and see results fast. Improve your well-being and the well-being of others.

Vogel Crystals and Healing Wands Guide

Learn about Vogel Crystals and who Marcel Vogel was in this illustrated and easy-to-understand guide. We will also teach you about the similarly cut Healing Wands and their different types.

What to Look for When Buying a Crystal

Buying crystals and minerals can be confusing. We want you to help you be a confident buyer. We will teach you what to look for, the questions to ask, and how to determine the value.

A Guide to Crystal Elixirs and Crystal Essences

In this guide, you will discover the benefits to your health and well-being that crystal elixirs and essences can provide. Find clear directions for using and making them effectively.

What are Fairy Crystals and How to Use Them

Fairies hold the powers to open up hearts, lift spirits, and heal physically and mentally. This guide will explain all the types of crystals favored by fairies and will show you how to use them.

A Guide to Angels and the Crystals to Use for Them

This guide shows you how to pick a crystal to connect with angels. Find the crystal preferred by your angel to facilitate communication. Using a crystal makes communication easier. 

Find Your Guardian Angel and their Crystal

Guardian Angels are special angels that watch over you and encourage your spiritual well-being and happiness. In this guide, you can find your Guardian Angel based on when you were born.

Maintaining Balance and Harmony with Crystals

Crystals have traditionally been used in a variety of ways to restore balance and harmony to both the physical and spiritual elements of our lives. Learn how to follow this path for success.

A Guide to Crystals for the Goddess

The use of minerals and crystals in rituals associated with goddesses and the glory of the Divine Feminine has a long history in many cultures. Learn more in this guide and the crystals to use.

The Complete Guide to Orgone Generators

Some call it Prana. Some call it Chi. Others use the term Universal Life Force. Dr. Reich called it Orgone. Whatever your name is for it, this force is the underlying energy of life in this universe.

What Crystals Do I Need?

You might wonder "What crystals do I need?" or you might want to know "Is there a right crystal for me?" Well, you have come to the right place. You see, the answer is here. Now you can know what crystal you need. You can ask us Is there a right crystal for me? and get an answer.

Aligning, Infusing, and Attuning Crystals Guide

Crystals can be attuned to specific elements of the Universal Life Force by a Crystal Master using Master Crystals. This guide explains the activities of crystal aligning, infusing, and attuning.

Guide to Caring for your Crystals

This guide will easily help you determine which crystals are water-safe and sun-safe, so you can take the best care of your crystals.

A Guide to Understanding Broken Crystals

Crystals have a tendency to break and sometimes they may have nothing to do with you. There are several physical and spiritual reasons why your crystal broke.

An Introduction Into Crystal Aromatherapy

The Ancient art of crystal healing and the new discoveries of the healing energies of essential oils are now being combined in a new and exciting healing approach called crystal aromatherapy.

A Guide to Crystal Moon Astrology

Crystal Moon Astrology is growing in popularity.  Learn how understanding the Moon’s travels through the zodiac can make your life better.

Native American Medicine Wheel & Crystals Guide

In this guide, you can work through the entire medicine wheel. You will find instructions and links to pages that discuss every element of a medicine wheel including its crystal totems.

Moon Water Guide

This guide helps you understand the nature of moon water and how to make and use your own moon water at home.

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