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Quartz Crystals Illustrated A to Z

There are hundreds of types of quartz crystals, and more being found all the time. The names of many are not always consistent. You might be confused by someone calling a crystal an activation left, and someone else calling the same crystal a Time link or Timeline.

We have collected, described, and illustrated over 500 varieties of quartz crystals.  We have also cross referenced them.  So if something has more than one trade name, we tell you that.

Our Crystal Vaults Guide to Quartz Crystals A-Z also provides a description of the metaphysical characteristics of all the types of quartz.  So if you are not sure what a Harliquin Quartz crystal looks like or what energy it brings, turn to this guide.

Each type of crystal is first listed with a short description. This is an easy to use single table.

Then each crystal type is linked to a more detailed page that provides the crystals metaphysical properties, and a picture if we have one.

We strive to make this the most up-to-date and accurate reference on the web.

Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia

This is the definitive on-line guide to the metaphysical properties of gems, minerals and crystals.

Each entry provides detailed information about a stone's Crystal Healing Energies Goddess Uses, Spiritual Energies, Birthstones Application, Color Energies, Zodiac Affiliation, Meditation Uses, Uses as Amulets and Talismans, Divination Capabilities, Feng Shui, Association with the Angelic Realm, and the Lore and Legend of the Stone.

Crystal Reference Guide

The Crystal Reference Guide is an index of crystal guides meant to aid you in finding crystals to ease your worries, problems, and bring more harmony to your life. In this guide you will find such topics as dealing with abandonment, depression, anxiety, and self-acceptance. Finally the web has the definitive guide to finding

Crystal for Love

Crystals for Self Acceptance

Crystals for Courage, Friendship, Good Health , .....

and more.  We plan hundreds of entries, but many are available now, and more each week.
Come learn which crystals the experts say are best for your issues and needs

The Meaning Of Crystal Colors

After very considerable study and research, we can offer a definitive guide to the meanings of colors in mineral crystals. The introductory page offers an overview of the power of the color rays from crystals. Then each color is linked to an individual page that explores the detailed meaning of each color.

The fundamental meanings of colors have been present in the wisdom of all cultures, but somewhat confusing and occasionally misinterpreted. But with the research of today’s practitioners of biology, biochemistry, and physics, we can sort truth from fiction.

Based on extensive research in both the history and tradition of talismans and the more modern human psychological studies of the fundamental effects of color on human bodies and minds, we now know the real, natural effects of gemstone, crystal andmineralcolor influence rays. This wisdom is captured in the Great Talismanic Color Wheel of Influence provided in this guide and explained in much more detail in the book, The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans, by Henry Mason.

Medicine Wheel Guide

A/medicine-wheel-guidere you seeking a new beginning in your spiritual quest? Perhaps a clear quartz crystal, a Native American totem for the Earth Renewal Moon, would be helpful.

Or are you seeking the freedom to find your own path? A blue crystal totem such as an azurite from the Air Elemental Butterfly Clan might help.

Maybe you need a Spirit Guide – Wabun, Spirit Keeper of the East Wind, may help.

You may not be familiar with the rich spiritual traditions and beliefs of the Native Americans but these traditions and beliefs can bring a new spirit to your life. Read on… you might find what you are seeking.

In this Guide you can work through the entire medicine wheel. You will find instructions and links to pages that discuss every element of a medicine wheel.

You can also use the handy Birthday chart page to find the elements of the Medicine Wheel that pertain to people born at certain times of the year.

Read this guide to learn more.

Guide to Creating a Sacred Space

In the world of Crystal Magic, you need a place to work, whether it be natural crystal magic, ceremonial crystal magic, high crystal magic, crystal alchemy, crystal moon magic, or working with the spirit world.

A sacred space can go by other names. An altar, magic circle, temple, special place, or whatever you wish to call it.

We will use the common term: Sacred Space. This is a guide to help you create your own.

Read this guide to learn more.

Crystal Aromatherapy Guide

Crystal Aromatherapy is new!!!

The Ancient art of crystal healing and the new discoveries of the healing energies of essential oils are now being combined in a new and exciting healing approach called crystal aromatherapy.

In crystal aromatherapy, highly effective, potent combinations of crystalline energies are being integrated with the aromatic healing energies of essential oils. The results are dramatic, as the healing energies of both the mineral and plant kingdoms synergistically enhance each other.

Read this guide to learn more.

Atlantean Record Keepers & Lemurian Seed Crystals

Atlantean Record Keepers and Lemurian Seed Crystals are forms of quartz crystals that are believed to contain the records of lost civilizations. But whether these beliefs are true or not, these particular crystals have demonstrated unique energies that are very valuable, particularly in today's world.

These crystals have Yin elemental energies that have been found to facilitate communications with certain types of beings of higher energy levels, diagnoses of chakra imbalances, and in bringing the water element to areas in need of its energy in homes and rooms. While completely different crystals, they share many similarities and uses..

Read this guide to learn more.

Crystal Grids 

There is now a way to effectively combine and focus the energy of your crystals.  Using a crystal grid, one that combines crystal energies within specific orders, forms, and structures will greatly expand the power and energy of your crystals in wonderful and highly effective ways. Like the difference between a single player on a football field and a full teamin formationfor a play, a crystal by itself certainly has energy and capability, but when a part of awell constructedgrid its effects can be combined with those of others to create a much more powerful effect.

This guide will explain the idea of Crystal Grids, show you how to use them, and introduce you to thetheGrids sold here at Crystal Vaults.

Read this guide to learn more.

Vogel Crystals Explained

Ever wonder just what a Vogel Crystal is, or who Marcel Vogel was? Do you want a very easy to understand guide that explains what you need to know in just a few pages (with pictures)?

Wellour Crystal Vaults Guide to Vogel Crystals is just what you have been looking for. Take a look.

Pendulum Guide

Pendulums can answer the mostdifficultlquestions. Learn to use these seemingly magical, yet amazing simple tools. Throughout history, pendulums have been used to locate water, gold, gems, and other valuable items. InEuropeearly scientists and doctors would use pendulums to locate infections and weak areas of the body. Doctors would also use certain pendulums to determine the gender of unborn infants.

People also trust the pendulum enough and have developed such a relationship to let thethependulum guide them with the most difficult spots of their lives. During WWII, a pendulum was used to help him locate bombs. Many miners from South Africa will invitependuliststo help them locate precious minerals in the earth.

You can do it. It is easy. Read this free guide and get started today

Crystal Wand Massage Guide

Crystal massage wands are truly wondrous. In this guide, you will learn techniques, gain understanding, and see results fast. And you are really going to be glad you walked down this path to wellness and vitality through crystal wand massage.

The guide has complete instructions, including four video lessons. You will find Crystal Wand Massage to be an important part of your life.

Check out the illustrations and easy to follow directions.

Watch the videos, and learn how to use these great tools.

Meditation Crystals Guide

Meditation with crystals is a two-step process. First you must find the crystal that has the Universal Life Force energy that is appropriate to your intentions. Then you must either hold the crystal or place it in front of you where you can focus on it during your meditation.

Selecting the right crystal takes a bit of work. Each crystal has a crystal energy lattice, a color ray of influence, and an earth power derived from its chemical makeup. This Guide will help you hoose one that has the appropriate energy for your need.

Feng Shui Crystals Guide

Do you ever wonder that certain parts of your house or office seem to make you tired, or lethargic? Or do you sometimes feel jittery in one room?

Do people seem to fidget or fall asleep in certain areas?

Are you having trouble getting certain things done in your home? Do the kids have trouble concentrating on their school work?

Do you feel somehow even threatened in some part? Does it sort of feel that a sword is hanging over you when you get near a certain spot?

Is your environment pleasant, or is "something just not right" but you can't put your finger on it?

We have an extensive guide to using crystals to work these types of issues. Learn more about using crystals to arrange  an environment that keeps the Life Force energy flowing and balanced so that  you can live and thrive.

Amulets and Talismans Guide

In the book, The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans, Henry Mason (the owner of Crystal Vaults) explores the seven secrets of what makes talismans and amulets work.

The basis for the book is the new understanding that the power of a particular crystal or mineral comes from its crystal energy lattice, its chemical power, and its color rays. By analyzing the crystal structures, chemical composition, and color rays, the power of every crystal can be determined. The power of every crystal here at the Crystal Vaults is described clearly.

Read more about the Seekers, Transformers, Enhancers and other types of Talismans and Amulets in this Free Guide.

Orgone Generator Guide

The Orgone generators are reported to have effects very similar to negative ion generators.  Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

In this Guide you will learn all about Orogone Generators and their uses.

Crystal Divination Guide

The use of crystals and stones to see into the future and to determine the answers to questions has a long history in many cultures. There are two primary approaches.

The first is scrying, also called crystal gazing in which one gazes at the reflective surface of a crystal or into the interior of a crystal or crystal ball.

The second is Lithomancy, which is casting a set of stones and interpreting the resulting patterns and arrangements.

In thisguidewe will introduce you to both methods.

Birthstone Guide

There are many Birthstone Lists. Here are the most common for your reference.

Birthstones are a tradition in many cultures. We all seem to have an affinity for the time of our birth and seek meaning there. Enjoy your birthstone. Find them here.

Zodiac Crystals Guide

Ever wonder just what the stars have in store for you?

Do you feel a kinship with the people born during the same time of the year? Does your horoscope seem to fit you?

Do you want to know which crystals and gems are aligned with your sun sign?

Do you want to know which crystals and gems will bring you what you seek?

Here is an easy to read and understand guide to the Zodiac, your place in it, and the crystals and gems that fit you and your life.

Buying A Crystal

Buying crystals and minerals can be confusing. We want you to be a confident and prudent buyer. You want to know you are buying what you need, assure you are getting the genuine article,and paying a fair price.

There are several elements to understand. This short guide provides an easy to readoverviewof how to buy crystals. It covers understanding crystal sizes, rarity, condition, color, and enhancements. A short checklist is included.

Crystal Aesthetics
Aesthetics is another factor you should consider in any crystal purchase. Frankly, crystals and clusters that appeal to our sense of proportion, beauty, and design have higher value. This is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Buy crystals that appeal to you.

Crystal Chakra Healing Guide

The wisdom of ancient wise men of India has given us the concept of the "wheel" or "chakra" in Hindu.

The Chakras are the locations where the subtle energies met that power the human body and spirit. These meeting places are swirling vortices of energy. When they are in balance the organism is healthy.

When they are out of balance, disease and sickness results.

Each of the seven chakras deals with particular areas of functions of both the body and the spirit.

Modern usage focuses on the seven chakras, assigns them colors consistent with nature's rainbow, and concentrates on the interaction of the energy flows at these major intersections.

Crystal Elixirs and Essences Guide

This is the Crystal Vault's Online Guide to Crystal Elixirs and Essences. Here you will discover the benefits to your health and well-being that crystal elixirs and essences can provide.

You will also find clear directions for using crystal elixirs and essences effectively. Along the way, we assure you, you will develop an understanding of how they are made while you gain an appreciation for the way they work.

You can use Crystal Elixirs and Essences in many ways. Read the most complete guide to them right here. Free.

Fairy Crystals Guide

The use of minerals and crystals in rituals associated with faires is wonderful.

Why are fairies so important? Well, as fairy worshipers already know, fairies are delightful creatures that hold positive inner energy that can be used by other beings around them.

With the aid of crystals, you can access these calming loving and mystical energies to use upon yourself. Fairies hold mystical powers that are not known to exist in any other beings. They are indeed special creatures.

Fairies hold the powers to open up hearts, lift spirits, heal physically and mentally, bring about great being in the world, and are capable of doing much, much more. They are, in fact, magical creatures who fascinate many people across the world. This guide will explain all the types of crystals favored by Fairies and will show you how to use them effectively.


Angelic Help Crystals Guide

There are numerous references to angels and guardian angels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam history and holy books. The roots of the belief in angels seems to even predate these religions. Angels are real.

It is easy to use a crystal or stone of a certain color preferred by your angel to facilitate your communication. Angels are spirits, Beings of Light. Using a crystal that brings your angel's favorite light to them can only make it easier to communicate.  This guide shows you how to pick a crystal to communicate with angels.

Guardian Angel Crystals Guide

You have a Guardian Angel, in fact several. They are special angels that watch over you and encourage you to develop your spiritual well being and happiness. In this guide, you will find a table that will tell you the name of your Guardian Angel, based on when you were born.

Both the Old and New Testament of the Bible are full of references to angels. St. Thomas Aquinas himself tells us that all people have guardian angels. Moses istold"My angel will go before you." The Gospel of Matthew speaks about the "little ones" each having a Guardian Angel.

It is possible to call on your Guardian Angel by name for guidance and support. Since many of the names come from old Hebrew and Middle Eastern texts, the names can be hard to pronounce. That's OK. You can say themanywayyou like. Your angel will know what you mean.

Crystals for Balance and Harmony

Gemstones and crystals have traditionally been used in a variety of ways to restore balance and harmony to both the physical and spiritual elements of our lives.  The practices of meditation, feng shui , and crystal healing all seek to correct imbalances and restore natural harmony.  Understanding each of these practices will help you find your path.

This Guide points you to information about using Crystals for Meditation, Feng Shui,  and Crystal Healing.  It contains a nice reference to the elements of life that are Yin and Yang.

Goddess Crystals Guide

The use of minerals and crystals in rituals associated with goddesses and the glory of the Divine Feminine have a long history in many cultures.

The Divine Feminine is an ancient concept found in many of the oldest cultures of the world. From the "Egyptian Book of the Dead" with Isis, Nuit, and other goddesses to the recent popularity of "The Da Vinci Code", the feminine role has been prominent in legends, religions, and belief systems.

This guide list over 100 goddesses from many cultures and identifies the crystals that are associated with each of them. While it is a work in progress, many of the Goddesses are now fully described and illustrated. Jessica Sitarik worked for several years to tell the story of all oftheseegoddess and illustrate each one with originalart..The guide has links to her many goddess pages and links to the crystals for each one.

Aligning, Infusing, & Attuning Crystals Guide

This is a short overview of the processes of crystal aligning, infusing, and attuning.

Crystals can be aligned to cosmic energies by a certified crystal alchemist. They can also transfer crystal energy and infused into organic matter like tea using the power of pyramids. Crystals can be attuned to specific elements of the Universal Life Force by a Crystal Master using Master Crystals.

This guide explains these activities.

Activate Your Crystals

INSTANT DOWNLOAD EBOOK. 72-Page Definitive Guide to Preparing Crystals.... $7.99!!

The new, definitive guide to preparing crystals for use is now available for instant download.

Preparing Crystals: Your Guide to Cleaning, Spiritually Cleansing, Awakening,Focusing, and Charging Crystals is here.

If you use crystals for healing, meditation, divination, communication with the Spirit World, or for any other reason, you need this guide.

Most crystals have incredible power, but most people don't seem to be able to use it effectively. The reason is they lack the knowledge of how to properly clean the crystal, spiritually cleanse it of negative energy, awaken its spirit, charge it for use, and align it properly.

Now this new, full color,guideshows you how. You might well spend $500 and buy all the top crystal books, and you wouldn't learn a tenth of what is presented in this guide about preparing your crystals. Don't waste your money on crystals that don't work for you. Get all you can from each crystal. Get this guide today! You will be amazed at what you learn.

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