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testimonialsLove your website, not to mention the crystals of course. Amazing and beyond awesome, and I’ll definitely be linking to your site from time to time in my crystal personalities blog, Don’t know who built your site, but it’s one of the best I’ve seen. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Do your feet ever get to touch the ground?


–Patricia Troyer, Author , Crystal Personalitites.

Elizabeth Pollock also commented on Earth Song Studios’s status.
Elizabeth wrote: “Thanks guys you are amazing, your work is truly beautiful and I am in awe of how you do what you do. Your work is not only beautiful but affordable and I feel blessed to own some of your art . ”


I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for the professional and
personal service I have received whilst purchasing crystals from the Crystal
Vault. Hank has been extremely helpful and has gone out of his way to assist
me when purchasing my crystals, not just once but several times now.

I have found the extensive information on the website very helpful and the
price and quality of the stock very impressive and reasonably priced. I have
also enjoyed the benefit the inexpensive postage charges to send my crystals
to Australia.

Thank you to the whole team at the Crystal Vault, and I highly recommend
purchasing from the Crystal Vault to both new and professional collectors.

It is a pleasure to buy from The Crystal Vault and to know that I can
purchase my crystals with confidence that I am receiving
quality and value for my money.

Elizabeth Pollock
Sydney, Australia.

Thank you so much. I couldn’t wait to open it and used it immediately in my
meditation. It was wonderful.

It was hesitant to order such an item from the internet… however I was
drawn to this particular crystal immediately. It was a pleasure to receive
it in the condition that that was displayed online!

Thank you. I will be keeping my eye on your site for more lemurians!

My Best,

Hello Hank,

Yes, I received the crystals 2 days after my order, thank you so much! They are beautiful like always. I love your website, it’s easy to use and to find what I’m looking for, and I love the detailed descriptions and photos of each individual crystal. Even better is your service! I won’t order crystals anywhere else! Thanks a lot, hope you’re having a great new year!

– Alexandra

Thank you for my order. I got the crystals today, though a couple of
the “Herks” are gifts for roommates at an energy healing
certification program I’m not so sure about giving them up now that
they are here. I so love the little double the number was 070421.
The smoky citrine cathedral is pretty. I was totally surprised to
also receive the little multi-crystal gift. Can you tell me more
about it. It instantly made me think of 9/11 and when I was
witnessing the World Trade Center buildings crumbling.

Please be assured that I will certainly purchase other merchandise
from you. The photography is well done and represent the crystals
are easily identifiable. Photographing these kinds of projects and
stained glass is very difficult–takes a definite knack–good job.

FYI: I’m an RN who practices holistically and uses a variety of
energy and body mind spirit modalities and am just moving into the
crystals as they apply to my energy work. Thank you once again for
the crystals, attention to detail and the gift. I also enjoy your
well done and informative website.With gratitude,


No questions … just thanks to you for all you do! I love going to the site and getting all the info on the crystals. I’m often surprised by which crystals I choose, although I know that that is why I love having them!

Thanks for the prompt mailing!

Take good care of you!

The vugs are beautiful and their deep purple colors are just absolutely gorgeous! And I was surprised to get the crystal cluster in miniature and its so very clear! Thank You for this unexpected gift!



Firstly, I wish to reiterate my absolute joy concerning your splendid book, The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans! I have never read anything like it! The knowledge is so easy to understand and its organization is so perfect, that I am able to grasp it without difficulty. I love its marriage of science and metaphysics, for it appeals both to my sense of logic as well as my emotions. I really feel that an entirly new world of possibilities has been opened up to me! And I think that if others had a sense of your book’s implications, then multitudes would surely beat a path to your door! Why, there seems to be an appropriate gemstone for enhancing all areas of life, including, as you state, for protection, self-improvement, creativity, tranquility, spiritual awakening, and much more! Well, what more could a person want for? Truly, it seems that there exists a panacea for every problem inherent in the human condition! I look forward to devoting the rest of my life to the study and application of the world of mysterious powers of gems, crystals and minerals! I can’t remember when I have experienced such a sense of wonder! And I think that this world of crystals that you have opened up to me promises to be not only intellectually and spiritually rewarding, but fun too!


Hi Mr. Mason!

My encounter with you has been an altogether pleasurable experience!

From the moment I opened your book, The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans, then throughout our following conversations that led to my placing orders with you, I have found that you are a unique resource of information who has assisted me in my spiritual quest. I have found you to be so reliable, patient and helpful in answering my questions, that I readily placed my trust in your advice. I am convinced that your prices are competitive, your merchandise is top-grade, and your dedication to serving your clientele is unparalleled. In my estimation,
you are absolutely the best!
Yours truly


– Ronald L, (Georgia)

Just wanted to say, this ia an awesome website!
Full of information!! I’m glad i found you.

– Terri

Thanks. I use the book on Talismans all the time. Its one of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read. I am constantly using it as a guide to applying the gifts of nature in a way that brings many blessings my way. Thanks here too!



Thank You Henry! I got your email and the Crystals yesterday afternoon, I am delighted! I also thank You for the Cluster that was enclosed, I have found these smaller ones to be extremely powerful in channeling natural Energies. Have a lovely Christmas, it is always a pleasure doing business with you!
Sincerely, Pam


Just received the necklace yesterday, and it is prettier than I expected! I AM very pleased with it!
I will definitely return to your site.
Thanks again and have a great day!


Hi Hank,
Just wanted to express my appreciation for your splednid site and terific service. I am especially greatful for your asthetic sense of the crystal world. Your selections are top quality and in my opinion best value. I have ordered a window, isis, and now a faden quartz crystal from you. I have no reason to think that I will not be a repeat customer.
Best regards,
Jim R.

yours is the most painless system i have encountered. Amazing!!! I look forward to bragging on you to my friends, how good your items look, the fair, no-hassle prices and the user-friendly layout and system. i shall be back. ^_^ devon

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