The Crystal Oracle Kit


DESCRIPTION:  This is the Crystal Oracle Kit. The Crystal Oracle is a window to the future.

In the Crystal Oracle, two ancient divination traditions are combined: Lithomancy and the I Ching. Essentially, a crystal is selected to represent a particular aspect of life and the selected crystal is then “cast” onto a grid to determine a specific I Ching hexagram that is used as guidance for the applicant in that area of their life.

The Oracle is not a fortune teller. So, the Oracle does not “give” simple pronouncements of your future. Rather, the Oracle tells you what you need to do for the Universe in exchange for the Universe “giving” you positive results or answers to your needs.

The Oracle gives directions that, if followed, will perhaps lead to what you desire or what is good for you. Sometimes this is hard to swallow. Often your subconscious will quickly see the wisdom long before your conscious mind does.

The Oracle is an 11 x 17-inch full-color laminated chart. It comes with six crystals: 1 red, 1 gold, 1 white, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 pink, and a complete 74-page booklet with instructions and reading examples. It takes about a minute to use. The instructions are easy to follow, the chart is eye-catching, and the results are incredible.

The different color crystals in the kit represent the part of your life that needs attention. Red for luck, gold for success, white for health, blue for relationships, green for money, and pink for love. You will find out exactly how these are used in the included Crystal Oracle Instruction Booklet.

SIZE:  11 inches by 17 inches oracle background. The sizes and materials of stones vary.

ASSEMBLY: The kit is easy to set up and easy to use.  Place your Crystal Oracle in a safe and secure location. Choose which method of reading you wish to use and follow the instructions in the booklet.

There are four methods for using the Crystal Oracle.

Method 1: The Single-Blind Reading – a weekly guide
Method 2: The Double-Blind Card Reading – a weekly guide
Method 3: The Question – an answer to a need or desire
Method 4: The Ritual Consult – for more general guidance for life

VIDEOS: Watch a Quick Overview Video or Watch the Full Unboxing and How to Use Video.

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The Crystal Oracle Kit comes with an 11 x 17-inch full-color laminated chart, six crystals, and a complete 74-page spiral-bound booklet with instructions and reading examples.