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DESCRIPTION:  This is the Daily Crystal Horoscope Kit.

Do you love astrology?  Do you want to be connected to the Universe for real?  But maybe you find traditional astrology difficult to understand and to use?  I did.  The many houses, planets, trines, and charts make it confusing.  At one point, I just gave up and read my horoscope on the web as a Virgo along with millions of other people.

You may have the same difficulty and it is not your fault.  Here’s why.  You see, the Moon is so big and bright compared to all the other planets it dwarfs their astrological influence.  So worrying about which planets are in which houses often doesn’t matter when the Moon is in the sky.  It is like a searchlight in your backyard and the other planets are like flashlights across the country from you.  It doesn’t really matter what state they are in.

That is why we have a better way.  How would you like to cast your own daily horoscope, do it in under a minute, and know exactly what energy the day will bring?  And how about if you don’t need the Internet, a complex chart with lines and arrows and archaic symbols, a pen, a notebook, or even a piece of paper?

It turns out you can. If you can move a crystal or two on the Crystal Daily Horoscope chart you can almost instantly cast your horoscope for the day.

The Horoscope is an 11 x 17-inch full-color laminated chart, with five crystals: a Moonstone, 2 Howlite, an Obsidian, and a Carnelian, and complete instructions and reference charts.  The reference charts are used to interpret the results of the daily movement of the crystals that track the moon and produce a daily horoscope. It takes about a minute and is absolutely accurate.  The instructions are easy to follow, the chart is eye-catching, and the results are amazing.

SIZE:  11 inches by 17 inches.

ASSEMBLY: The kit is easy to set up, easy to use, and almost works itself. Click here to read more about the Daily Crystal Horoscope. Get a free 2024 Mansions of the Moon Calendar to use along with your kit.

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This kit is used daily to track the Moon and produce a horoscope unique to you and your needs and desires each day.

Each kit comes with an 11 x 17-inch full-color laminated chart, five crystals: a Moonstone, 2 Howlite, an Obsidian, and a Carnelian, and complete instructions and reference charts.