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Are you the kind of person that is tired of not knowing or understanding what is happening to you every day? Have you tried astrology only to essentially give up? Do the daily horoscopes you read not seem to be about you? Would you like to actually have a clue about what is best for you and your needs and desires each day?

We feel your frustration. We love crystals and we love astrology. Like us, you may have tried for years to get astrology to work. You have read books, visited websites, maybe even paid astrologers, but you still wonder why you are not where you want to be financially or socially. You have basically done all you can but something is just not working.

What is it? For many years many of us have asked the same question. Fortunately, the answer is in our hands… and actually, just above our heads. In our hands we have crystals and hiding in plain sight above us, we have the Moon.


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You see, the Moon is so big and bright compared to all of the other planets, that it dwarfs their astrological influences when it is up. It is like a searchlight in your backyard and the other planets are like flashlights across the country from you. That may well be why astrology doesn’t seem to work for you. Following which planets are where and how they are aligned simply doesn’t matter when the Moon is in the sky. Your emotions, feelings, desires, and needs are much more influenced by the Moon.

So, for the most part, during days when only the Sun is up, the astrology you have been using is probably working okay. But when the Moon is in the sky with the Sun during the day (like around the New Moon each month) or in the sky by itself at night, then the world changes drastically. Now the Moon’s influence is huge. You have never had a way to understand and use it. That is the problem that was vexing us, too.

To get astrology to work for us, we needed a way to track the Moon and understand its influences on our emotions and feelings. We wanted it to be very easy, use crystals, not require math, not cost hundreds of dollars, or take forever. It also needed to be an inexpensive method that did not require paid astrologers or complex codes and ciphers. It shouldn’t run on batteries or nor require an internet connection all the time. We wanted a daily horoscope that was uniquely ours and that we could do ourselves and get it right every time. We wanted astrology to work as well as our crystals do.

The answer is the Daily Crystal Horoscope. Using a few selected crystals, it tracks both the Sun and the Moon for you and produces a daily horoscope that is seemingly magical in its accuracy. And it can do it in about a minute each morning.

How does it do that?


daily crystal horoscope moon sun zodiac mansions of the moon lunar mansionsThe Daily Crystal Horoscope has an indicator for the Sun in its current Zodiac sign, and when the Sun is up and the Moon is not. That indicator tells you the normal astrological influences you can find in any newspaper. But where the Daily Crystal Horoscope really shines (sorry, poor joke) is telling you about the influences of the Moon, its time in the sky, its current phase, and its location in the Zodiac.

You see the Moon, in its monthly trip around the Earth, transits the entire Zodiac. In just 28 days it completes a circle from the beginning of Aries to the end of Pisces. And, the Moon has powerful effects on us as it transits the entire Zodiac each month, passing each day through what is called the 28 Mansions of the Moon.

The 28 Mansions of the Moon are the 28 parts of the Zodiac. If you divide the Zodiac into 12 parts, you get the Sun signs you know, like Aries, Taurus, Gemini and the others. If you divide the Zodiac into 28 parts you get the 28 Mansions of the Moon such as the Mansion of the Mountain or the Mansion of the Storm. The Moon visits one of them approximately every day. And knowing which one it is in turns out to be the key to a real horoscope.

The energy from the Moon’s time in a Mansion affects your subconscious. If you can understand how the Moon’s effects from a Mansion are being combined with your desires and needs in your subconscious mind, you will have a horoscope that is uniquely yours. In fact, you would have a timely horoscope that is focused on your current needs and helps you get the things you want in life.


Now you can have such a horoscope. And get it easily.

daily crystal horoscope moon sun zodiac mansions of the moon lunar mansions

Using the Daily Crystal Horoscope chart you can quickly plot the position of the Moon and understand its influence on you and your emotions and desires for the day. It is easy, fun, quick, foolproof, and uncanny in its accuracy.

Each day you move a couple of crystals on the chart, read the meaning of the result in the guide, and you are done. As you move the crystals and see the new Moon position and read the meaning, your subconscious will connect with your conscious mind and tell you what it means to you and your desires for the day. It honestly works like magic. Who knows the real you better than your subconscious? Meld the moon energy in with your personality each day and you will amaze yourself. The Daily Crystal Horoscope chart does all the work. You get all the benefits.


What’s Included


The Daily Crystal Horoscope chart comes with the crystals, reference guides, and the complete instructions you need. And, of course, it comes with a full satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

We will tell you one thing: After just a few days using the Daily Crystal Horoscope, you will find your connection to the Moon and to the greater Universe is beyond what you have ever experienced. Get yours today!


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