Maintaining Balance and Harmony with Crystals

The universal truth is that you must balance the elements of yin and yang in all aspects of your life to achieve happiness, harmony, and health.

yin and yang symbol

Yin and yang are the two dynamics of the Universal Life Force, inseparable, interacting, and opposites. Neither is complete without the other. Each is a part of the other. Each depends for its existence on the other. A coin has two sides, yet without one side the idea of the other side is meaningless. The sky is only meaningful is there is an earth. Masculine is meaningless with the feminine. But there is really no boundary between the sides of a coin, or between the earth and sky or between masculine and feminine. They are separate, yet intertwined. Each defined, yet only in the terms of the other.

Our lives must have both energy dynamics and have them in balance. While we can be either male or female, we cannot have only Yin or Yang energy. Women need activity, warmth, and the yang energy to make their way in the world. Men need to relax, recharge, and reflect. In our daily lives we need activity, and we need rests. We need heat and cooling, We need quiet and we need action. We need the seasons, and we need the dynamics of the flowing, balancing Life Force to keep us sane, healthy, and happy. Harmony is Yin and Yang in balance.

Balance – Yin and Yang
Yin Yang
Female Male
Moon Sun
Cold Hot
Night Day
Winter Summer
Quiet Loud
Slow Fast
Calm Active
Goddess God
Soft Hard
Earth Sky
Water Fire
Black White
Valley Mountain
Acceptance Resistance

Crystals for Balance and Harmony


Gemstones and crystals have traditionally been used in a variety of ways to restore balance and harmony to both the physical and spiritual elements of our lives.  The practices of meditation, feng shui , and crystal healing all seek to correct imbalances and restore natural harmony.  Understanding each of these practices will help you find your path.

The Meditation section of the Crystal Vaults focuses on the first approach.  Here you will find information, references, and suitable crystals.

The Feng Shui section explains the use of crystals to assure the flow of positive energy within your home or rooms.  Crystals suitable for Feng Shui are listing there.  The Feng Shui section explains the need for the free flow of positive energy within a home or office. It describes the concepts of energy areas and the use of crystals to balance the energy in each area. In particular examine the Feng Shui energy element of Earth. It is a powerful grounding element.

In the Crystal Healing section of the Crystal Vaults you will find general information and an introduction to crystal healing. In particular you will find explanations of Chakras.

balance of chakrasOne very popular approach to using crystals for balance and harmony is to use the theory of Chakras.  Chakras are natural energy centers of the body.  Chakra theory is a holistic approach to mind/body wellness that seeks to assure balance in all the life energies.  The chakra are non physical energy centers that form part of the physical energy system that maintains life in your body.  Each of the chakras is explained in detail here.

Imbalances within these energy centers lead to disease and sickness in the physical body, the spiritual body, or both.  The chakra balance theory is well worth some of your study, and very good references books are available.  Here at the Crystal Vaults we offer the crystals that are suitable for use in chakra healing.  They are listed on each chakra page.

We do highly recommend a skilled crystal therapist.  He or she will be fully trained in the theory and its many practices.  Find a member of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations here.

In addition, for minor imbalances and for maintenance of balance and harmony, many crystal balance techniques can be done at home.  The most simple, and actually one of the more effectives methods is to determine which energy is out of balance, then while lying down, place an appropriate crystal on the chakra that is out of balance.  Leave it there for 5 to 10 minutes and repeat every other day for a week or so.

balance at homeThe combination of crystal meditation, crystal chakra balancing, and living within a home or room that is free of negative energy will most assuredly aid you in your efforts to promote harmony with yourself and your surroundings. Such practices take some time to master, but the journey is the destination.

Using your crystals to bring your energies back into balance and keep them there will  enhance your well being, cheer your spirits, and assure your long life and the health to enjoy it. You will find the crystals you need here at the Crystal Vault. That is why this site is here – to provide you with the right crystals with the power to improve your life. Good Luck.

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