Guide to Broken Crystals


Crystals have a tendency to break and it sometimes may have nothing to do with you. There are several physical and spiritual reasons why your crystal broke. This guide will help you understand each reason.

Crystals breaking can even be seen as a positive thing. If your crystal has a manmade chip, crack, fracture, or any damage, it is referred to as an Empathic Warrior. Even though Empathic Warrior crystals don't look ideal, these broken crystals function just as effectively as other crystals.

This guide will easily help you understand why crystals break and what to do with them when they do.

Physical Reasons Why Crystals Break

The first reason that may come to mind when thinking about why crystals break is the crystal was dropped or knocked over. Accidents happen, and crystals are no exception.

Another reason is the crystal has some natural flaws, such as cracks or fractures you may have missed. These are weaker spots that can break more over a period of time through normal use.

Traveling with your crystals can also be a common reason why your crystals break. Sometimes those journeys are not smooth, and your crystals can encounter a few bumps.

If your crystal has been exposed to extreme temperatures or submerged in water, it can cause internal flaws, which then cause the crystal to break or even combust in certain conditions. Read our guide on properly taking care of your crystals to avoid this reason here - click here.

Physical reasons why your crystals break don't have a deeper meaning. Just take care of your crystals and be careful while handling them.


Spiritual Reasons why Crystals Break


If your crystal broke for no obvious reason, this instance could have some spiritual significance.

Your crystal could have absorbed and stored too much negative energy. The pressure of this unwanted energy can cause the crystal to crack itself in half. This can be prevented by cleansing your crystals regularly after use.

Crystals have life cycles too. If you are unable to detect a crystal's vibration or if it appears dull, its spirit has advanced to higher realms. This could mean that the crystal has served its purpose and has moved on.

Crystals also have vibrational frequencies; if these frequencies aren't synchronizing with the environment's frequencies, the crystal can crack and break.

What to do With a Broken Crystal?

If you've established that your crystal has ascended and is no longer energetic, perform a little ceremony for your stone to say farewell. This can be simple meditation with the stone, thanking it for all it has done for you, or lighting a candle in remembrance.

These next methods require you to cleanse the crystal before you take action.

If you don't want to keep your crystal around anymore, you can bury it in nature. This is the best thing to do with a crystal that has ascended.

If the crystal still contains energy, gift it to a family member, friend, or stranger. You can gift each piece to a different person if there are multiple pieces.

You can keep the crystal for yourself. You must establish new bonds with each broken piece because each piece will have its own vibration.

Your garden or plants can also benefit from the broken crystal pieces in their beds or pots.

Lastly, you can craft with the broken pieces by adding them to a wand, crystal grid, wall art, and more.


Can You Glue Crystal Pieces Back Together?

Gluing your crystal is not the greatest option if it has broken into numerous little pieces. But you can glue your stone back together if it cracked into a few large pieces.

There are several different glue types that you can use, but we find Gorilla Super Glue to work the best on crystals. Be sure to follow the glue's instructions for the best results.


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