Aligning, Infusing, & Attuning Crystal Guide

This is a short overview of the processes of crystal aligning, infusing, and attuning. Crystals can be aligned to cosmic energies by a certified crystal alchemist. They can also transfer crystal energy and infused into organic matter like tea using the power of pyramids. Crystals can be attuned to specific elements of the Universal Life Force by a Crystal Master using Master Crystals. This guide explains these activities.

Crystal Alignment

Aligning a crystal matrix to a cosmic energy such as a new moon, a full moon, an eclipse or conjunction is a process taught in the Crystal Alchemist Course at the Crystal Guild. ( This process uses a special alignment of grid and elixirs. The alchemist first cleanses and awakens the crystal. This process varies as there are many methods. You can learn more in the Preparing Crystals Guide available here. Next the crystal is focused and aligned using the alignment grid. This grid varies from alchemist to alchemist. Most use a variation of the Atlantean Bar grid. The grid is activated with a specific ceremony based on the cosmic event. These ceremonies involve specific chants or dedications as needed. The energy of the cosmic event is focused into the crystal matrix by this process.

Crystal Infusing

The power of the pyramid can be used by a knowledgeable Crystal Alchemist to infused crystal energy into organic matter. The process is explained in detail in the Crystal Alchemist Handbook that accompanies the Crystal Alchemist Course taught in the Crystal Guild. The basics are that the ancient pyramid powers are focused by the light of the sun for a specified period that varies with the season and weather. If sufficient sunlight, crystal energy, and time is available, the infusion can take a few hours. A special gold plated copper pyramid works best but other designs can be used effectively.

Crystal Attunement

The encoding of crystals with specific energies has a long history in Shamanism, Lemurian Therapy, Lightwork, and Crystal Healing traditions. The techniques and modalities of natural healing are constantly improving, and the use of specific crystal encoding is an exciting development. You may be a Reiki healer or attuned in the Pleiadian, Avalonian, Lemurian, Atlantean or other spiritual or crystal healing methods. If so, this will be very familiar to you. The encoding is a very powerful tool of the spirit that, while similar to other modes such as Reiki attunements, differs in several aspects. Encoding is accomplished in a similar way to a normal Reiki attunement with the additional element of the use of Master Crystals and an Attunement Grid. During the attunement process of encoding the energy is channeled through the Master Crystals and the paths of the grid into the specific crystal. A Crystal Master sets up the grid and activates it, but the energy flows through the grid not the master. This is different from Reiki attunements in which the energy flows through the Reiki Master. The encoding is permanent, but coded to an activation phrase. The effects are similar to “energy drinks.” It takes a few minutes to fully engage, and the effects can last from a few minutes to several hours depending on the situation and the person involved. Each attuned crystal is attuned with a specific activation phrase. This is a complex ceremony only performed for special crystals that are acceptable for the attunement process.

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