Become a Crystal Master

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Join thousands of other students, and learn how to buy and use crystals to improve your life and spirit and the life and spirits of others.

Drawing on the traditions of the ancient Alchemists Guild and the modern science of crystals, we have prepared a series of courses that will teach you virtually everything about using crystals and their energy to improve your life and spirit.

Over 100,000 people have taken one or more of these courses, and we seem to be congratulating new Crystal Masters weekly. If you complete these seven courses satisfactorily, you will earn the certification as a Crystal Master. You will then have mastered using crystals to improve your life and spirit and those of others. It is a magical journey (and it can continue from there, too!).

Crystal Master Courses

The Journey to Crystal Master is taken in a series of seven courses:

  1. The Basic Crystal Users Course
  2. The Certified Crystal Healers Course
  3. The Magic of Crystal Alchemy Course
  4. The Certified Crystal Aromatherapist Course
  5. The Basic Crystal Grid Course
  6. The Crystal Grid Master Course
  7. The Crystal Moon Astrologer Course
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The courses can be self-paced, and all the modules are posted and available within the Crystal Inner Circle Hall of Annual and Life Members. The courses are also taught each year week by week, starting 1 Feb each year, making them much easier to accomplish with the guidance and weekly assistance of the instructors (the schedule is near the end of this page for your reference).


Crystal Vaults & The Founder


The Crystal Vaults sponsors and supports the work of the Crystal Guild. Our founder, Hank Mason, is the founding Crystal Mage of the Crystal Guild.  As a member of the ancient and honorable International Alchemy Guild and as an author for Lewellyn writing books on crystal and their uses, he founded our "education arm" for you to bring you both historical uses of crystals blended with the modern science that helps us truly understand them.



I just want to send a note to let you know how thoroughly I have enjoyed the Certified Crystal Master course. I can't believe it's coming to an end. Fortunately I am a lifetime member so I have access to these courses for review, and an abundance of articles, blog posts, information PDFs, libraries, the community forums. It's kind of sad that it's coming to an end, but the best part is two new courses are coming up this spring and fall for Crystal Masters.
Through the lab portions of the course, I was able to experiment with different crystal energies, color energies, essential oils and elixirs and essences, crystal grids and incorporating crystal healing into my offerings. All the lab lessons were very informative. 
I probably would not have been able to take the courses individually. I certainly recommend anyone considering these courses to take advantage of the generous offers that come with annual and lifetime membership.
I'd like to extend a special thank you to Mr. Henry Mason for his fabulous program and Ms. Erynn Hatzl for always being there to answer my questions quickly.

Now, these courses are available anytime at the Crystal Guild hall. You can go there and learn as you wish. The Crystal Guild is found at the Crystal Guild.

But for our visitors to Crystal Vaults, we have made a special arrangement to cut the cost of these courses dramatically.

The deal is very simple. Our sister website, Crystal Inner Circle, offers all of these courses to all their Annual and Life members FREE this year. The savings are incredible (as are the courses, as you will find).

The Crystal Inner Circle is a membership site. But join for a year and take the courses there at your own pace, and you can be a Crystal Master within a year ( or even sooner if you wish). You can learn all about the Crystal Inner Circle here.

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The Basic Crystal Users Course - the Beginning of the Journey

The Basic Crystal Users Course is designed to allow anyone to learn how to buy, prepare, and use crystals for many purposes. It is a foundation course – a place to begin. It assumes you have no knowledge of crystals and are curious about how they can help you. This course will make understanding and using crystals easy for everyone. We are all from this planet and can use crystals and stones to better our lives. In over 40 modules, you will learn the basics of buying and using crystals. The modules are both easy-to-follow videos and complete written versions, so no notes are needed.  We do that for you.

Basic Crystal Users Course eBook-0
Lesson 1: Buying a Crystal
Lesson 2: Spiritually Cleansing Crystals
Lesson 3: Crystal Meditation
Lesson 4:  Crystal Healing Basics of Colo
Lesson 5 Crystal Grids
Lesson 6: Crystals and the Goddesses
Lesson 7: Crystals Feng Shui
Lesson 8: Crystals and Angels
Lesson 9: Crystal Alchemy
Lesson 10: Crystals for Animal Companions
Lesson 11: Garden and Herb Crystals
Lesson 12:  Crystal Astrology
Lesson 13: Crystal Medicine Wheels
Lesson 14: Crystal Divination
Lesson 15: Crystal Aromatherapy

When you complete this course, you will be well on your way to effect changes in your life that will give you control over your life, fortune, happiness, and destiny. You will understand the basics of crystals and their many uses. Then, you will be able to understand how to use crystals, grids, the techniques of Astrology, Feng Shui, Tarot cards, the I Ching, pendulums, and other metaphysical elements to optimize your crystals’ potency and effectiveness.

You will also know what crystals can do and how to use them for your goals and needs. This course will prepare you to truly find the means to your desires for your health, your feelings about yourself and others, and your future happiness and health.

{Name (as you wish it to appear on your certificate) (First)_2.3

Once you’ve completed the Basic Crystal Users Course, you will be fully prepared to take the Certified Crystal Specialist Exam. This exam is a 25-question multiple-choice test taken from the Basic Crystal Users Course. Passing this exam (it is open book) leads to being certified as a Certified Crystal Specialist and being entitled to add the letters CCS after your name.

ccs emblem

So, how can you take this course? You can go to the Crystal Guild pay the tuition of $499 and start immediately.


You can join the Crystal Inner Circle as an annual member (using discount code NEWYEAR23 for $8.25 per month (paid annually as $99) and have access to this AND all the other courses leading to crystal master for FREE.


Certified Crystal Healers Course

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You may have always wanted to understand crystals and crystal healing. You may have dreamed of being a Certified Crystal Healer. Now you can make that dream a reality.

You can do it easily on your schedule,  on your own time, and you will succeed!

And yes, you can do this in 5 minutes per day if you desire.

You can spend several thousand dollars on a Crystal Healer course in several places on the Web. But you don't have to spend that kind of money on becoming a good crystal healer.

This course teaches you all you need to know to become a confident and successful crystal healer. You will learn the 10 Secrets of Crystal Healing.

"The elaborate context of healing ritual that constitute a healing session are paramount to its success. This is neuroscience. These factors have real biological effects on the immune and other bodily systems. They have a great effect on our “experience of being ill” and our feelings about it. Do not underestimate the power of ritual in healing.

We are all programmed to believe it it. Most of us fell (more than once) and skinned our knees. “Come here and let mommy kiss it and it will feel better,” we were told. And we did and it did....." ~ Module 14 of the Certified Crystal Healers Course

Crystal healing is not as mysterious as it is often portrayed. Rather it is, like all healing regimens, based on true understanding, deep care and kindness, insightful knowledge, and consistent practice. The 70 video and written modules of this course provide you with just that - the ability to use kindness, insightful knowledge, and consistent practice of proven healing regimes.  You will amaze yourself. 

When you finish these 70 modules and pass the exam (yes, it too is an open-book exam), you will be a Certified Crystal Healer and have a certificate to prove it. You will be entitled to add the letters CCH after your name.


Hello Erynn,

I am grateful for the opportunity to have studied with Crystal Inner Circle the past year and earned my Crystal Master Certification. I have been working with crystals for a few years and to have had the opportunity to be able to study different aspects surrounding crystals and learn valuable certifications and have literature to refer to is something I never imagined I would be able to do.

The CIC team is very knowledgeable and approachable. I would recommend to anyone interested in crystals - whether you are just starting your journey or are familiar with them - to sign up, you will not regret it!

- Mélanie

Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 7.55.40 PM

How do you get this course?  You can head to the Crystal Guild, pay the $499 tuition, and start the course.


You can take advantage of our special offer to take it for FREE as an annual or life member of the Crystal Inner Circle.

2 certified crystal healer

The Magic of Crystal Alchemy Course

3 crystal alchemist


This course is one of our most unique and in-demand courses, “A Course in the Magic of Crystal Alchemy. Building Bliss; the Life-Village of your Dreams”. Now anyone can easily master the basics of magical Crystal Alchemy!

You’ll learn how to make powerful elixirs, essences, talismans, amulets, mindfulness and meditation aids, Zodiac power medallions, potent aromatherapy mixtures, and much more easily and safely. You will also learn how to incorporate what you create into the products you use daily, opening a whole new world for you. And you can do so in your own home with little expense.

This course teaches you exactly how to extract, combine, and use the essences – the fundamental cosmic components of the crystal kingdom – for various purposes to gain control over your life and destiny significantly. It will show you how to align the energy of the Cosmos with your desires and needs using the essential energy of crystals in your everyday products and life.

This is probably the most exciting crystal course ever written. When you finish this course, you will feel you have finally discovered why you found crystals. You will certainly learn that you can achieve the life you want and realize there is still magic in the world, and it can make all the difference in your life.


Magic is Real

We, like you, know magic is real. We know it is essential to give our lives meaning and color. What is magic? Magic is our human attempt to understand what we do not yet have the science to understand. Magic is the personal effort to deal with a Universe of pure mystery.

You are going to find that magic in Crystal Alchemy.

Opening the doors to the mysterious study of alchemy and expanding it to bring the energy and magic of crystals to light is unprecedented.


Crystal Alchemy is a new offshoot of traditional alchemy drawing on the traditions and methods of the alchemist of old and combining them with the knowledge of the energies of crystals and stones.

Today we can combine the wisdom of the ancient alchemist, seers, and magicians with the current findings of science. The result is a robust, easily mastered skill – creating magic from crystal energy. The study of this skill is called Crystal Alchemy.

Never before have some of these secrets been revealed. You will be amazed to learn that wonders you just thought might exist really do exist. And you can easily control and use them to make life better for yourself and others. This course will show you how.

The Emerald Tablet

Alchemy dates back to when our two cultures of science and religion were part of one true philosophy. The roots of alchemical theory can be traced back to a single document known throughout history as the Emerald Tablet. According to legend, the tablet was brought by mysterious visitors to Egypt over 12,000 years ago, a time the ancient texts refer to as Zep Tepi when godlike beings roamed the earth. The author of the Emerald Tablet was a member of what the ancient Egyptians called the Group of Nine. His name was Thoth, and he taught humans how to interpret nature and write down their thoughts. He is credited with inventing writing, mathematics, music, astronomy, architecture, and medicine. He recorded the visitors’ teachings in hundreds of books and succinctly summarized them in the Emerald Tablet.

How can you take this course? You can go to the Crystal Guild, pay the tuition of $499, and start immediately.


You can join the Crystal Inner Circle as an annual member (using discount code NEWYEAR23 which will cost $99, (that is just $8.25 a month for all this!!) and you will have access to this PLUS all the other courses leading to crystal master for FREE.


Good morning 🙂
I would just like to extend my Congratulations to all who have that are receiving their Crystal Master Certificate 🙂
One of the best years of my life!!
I have ordered and received my Crystal Master Cup, highly recommend that you get one before they are gone.
Best way to start your day with your cup to remind you of how special you are 🙂
Have a great day Masters!

Certified Crystal Aromatherapist Course

Learn to “paint” with the aroma and energies of essential oils and crystals in this new course. Just as any art can create environments, moods, and feelings, Crystal Aromatherapy can shape your environment, create the feelings you need, and bring Mother Nature’s bounty to your life and spirit. This self-paced, enjoyable, and unique course will help you gain the wisdom, experience, knowledge, and self-confidence to be a highly effective crystal aromatherapist. it is quite unlike any other course.

4 crystal aromatherapist

This course is taught with written, illustrated guided lessons over 9 weeks. You can start at any time and take as long as you wish. You have access to the material forever.

The course has no exam. What you will discover is what works for your spirit. You will gain understanding and wisdom, but how you apply depends on your goals and your life.

The course does have assignments. The result is a collection of projects and reference guides forming a complete personal Crystal Aromatherapy Handbook. You will find your handbook has become a complete guide to crystal aromatherapy that will serve you well by the time you finish the course.

The course uses 21 essential oils and 21 crystal essences. These are popular, safe, and well-known oils and essences. If you have them in your collection, all is well and good. These 21 essential oils and 21 crystal essences may well be all the essential ones you need in the future. They can be mixed in millions of ways. They were selected based on safety, effectiveness, popularity, affordability, and availability. You may have your favorites; we all do. Our list is just one to start with, suitable for all crystal aromatherapy applications.

Taurus Crystal Aromatherapy Diffuser Set-0

How can you take this course? You can go to the Crystal Guild, pay the tuition of $499, and start immediately.


You can join the Crystal Inner Circle as an annual member (using discount code NEWYEAR23  which will cost $99) and you will have access to this PLUS all the other courses leading to crystal master for FREE.


What a ride this has been over the last year!  I took a chance on myself and decided to go through the courses and I am incredibly happy and grateful I did.  Crystal Inner Circle has put together so much amazing information together in all these classes.  It really spoke on a soul level all that I have learned.  The lessons within each class are short and to the point, just loaded with information.  For a mom of three that homeschools and works full time but still wanting to do something for myself, this has been such a blessing.
Thank you to all who have put everything into these classes, sharing knowledge and experience, always there to answer questions and help throughout all the classes.  I appreciate all of you and thank you again and again!

Much love and respect,



Basic Crystal Grid Course

Welcome to a wonderful journey into crystal grids' mysteries, wonder, and power. The Basic Crystal Guild Course is 19 introductory lessons that are the prerequisite for the Crystal Grid Master Course.

This introductory course will show you that when crystals are arranged properly on a well-designed grid, their energies are combined, magnified, and reinforced. Combining the energies of different crystals allows for the creation of crystal grids to be made and used for virtually any purpose.


Using crystal grids effectively will allow you to combine the power of the healing and spiritual energies of crystals. Crystal grids will greatly expand the effectiveness of crystals by combining their energies.

This course is written and delivered by Henry Mason, the leading expert on crystal grids. He is also the author of the best-selling book on crystal grids, “Crystal Grids: How to Combine & Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life.”

How can you take this course? You can go to the Crystal Guild, pay the tuition of $499, and start immediately.


You can join the Crystal Inner Circle as an annual member (using discount code NEWYEAR23 which will cost only $99 per year) and you will have access to this PLUS all the other courses leading to crystal master for FREE.


Hi Hank, Hi Erynn,

I am so thrilled to be able to say I have finished all the courses and look forward to getting the Crystal Masters Certificate!!!! I just sent my email out before writing this.
I did it!!!! Such a huge accomplishment!!!! I’m so looking forward to framing it and sharing it with my husband and children: ) (They are all grown. Youngest is a sophomore in college.) Thank you so VERY much for making this all possible!!!! You have made this proud and joyous feeling I am having possible!!!!! Tears are running down my cheeks!!!!! Again- I did it!!!!! I have LOVED these courses!!!!! Now, I’m looking forward to sending positive energy out into the world in a new way!!!!!! So AMAZING!!!!!

All my best, Monique


Crystal Grid Master Course

Energy Crystal Grid-0

The Crystal Grid Master Course is the second course with 20 lessons that follow from the Basic Crystal Grid Course and leads to certification as a Crystal Grid Master.


Please note: Since this course continues from the previous lessons in the Basic Crystal Grid Course, that course is a prerequisite for this course.

This advanced course will show you new ways to select and use crystals on grids. Combining the energies of different crystals allows for the creation of crystal grids to be made and used for virtually any purpose.

In this advanced course, you will learn how to use the CrystalLattice Energy of crystals to get the exact energy you need. You will then learn how to go even further and use the Earth Energy of crystals derived from their chemical family to select the right ones for a grid.

Family Blessing Grid Set-199369
Basic Grid Course Companion Grid Kit #1-0
Cozy & Content Travel Grid-207274
Mansion of the Sky Blessing Grid-0
Crystal Grid Master

How can you take this course? You can go to the Crystal Guild, pay the tuition of $499, and start immediately.


You can join the Crystal Inner Circle as an annual member (using discount code NEWYEAR23 which will cost only $99) and you will have access to this PLUS all the other courses leading to crystal master for FREE.


Hi Erynn and Hank,

When I first heard of the certification process leading up to Certified Crystal Master, I was intrigued about what I could learn but very apprehensive about whether or not I would be able to keep up with the pace of the coursework as I work full time.  I normally would have not thought about pursuing such certification due to the time commitment and cost required, but the email that I received about what was NOT going to happen (the one that said we were not going to pay thousands of dollars and put crystals on our heads and sing Kumbaya--it made me laugh), I knew that I was making the right decision to join the Crystal Inner Circle and start learning.  The short lessons made it extremely easy to catch up on the many weeks that I was "behind"--a half-hour on the weekend or listening to two or three modules during my lunch hour made it doable.  I also felt my confidence grow as I progressed through the courses.  By the time we got to the Crystal Alchemy course, I felt comfortable deviating from the curriculum to create my own elixir recipes to meet my needs instead of just reproducing each of the elixirs in the course.
I loved listening to Hank narrate each of the modules and the videos themselves were visually appealing and appeared professionally done--not just someone with a webcam recording themselves (which was what I expected).  Although I only posted questions or comments a couple of times in the forum, I got a quick response.  Everything was explained so clearly that I didn't have many questions.  I also appreciated how things were presented--very informational without any of the ego "look at how much I know" style of others I have seen.
This is probably more information that you asked for, but I really enjoyed the process and gained so much confidence in applying what I learned.  I can't wait to move forward to become a Senior Crystal Master and eventually a Crystal Mage--I know I will have the support to achieve these goals.
Warm regards,
Deb R.

Crystal Moon Astrologer Course

Astrology can be very intimidating. The vocabulary is difficult to master, the concepts are esoteric, and the myriad of schools of astrology make even basic understanding a problem for almost all of us. And astrologers are expensive.

Maybe you have had a birth chart made. They are free on several Web sites. If you were like me, looking at it was sort of confusing but interesting and unfathomable. Most of us got about that far, put it in a drawer, then occasionally turn to a daily horoscope for our Sun Sign and call it a day.

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

But wait!

There is a very popular part of astrology called Moon Astrology.  It recognizes the simple fact that when the Moon is above the horizon it has about a million times more astrological effect on us than all the other planets combined. It is like a giant searchlight in your backyard shining in your window compared to the other planets being like flashlights in some small village in China.  it really doesn’t matter where those flashlights are or in which village, the searchlight simply overpowers them.   So when the Moon is below the horizon, traditional sun-based astrology is effective and it matters where the planets are in their houses compared to your birth chart.  When the moon is above the horizon, it simply dominates the sky and the astrological effects.  What we need to know is what effect it is having.  Crystal Moon Astrology teaches us that, and it turns out to be remarkably easy to use.

The Course Consists of Several Modules

crystals for the lunar eclipse - full moon during lunar eclipse
  •  Lore and Legend, Fact and Fiction: This section introduces the magic and wonder of the Moon, From ancient beliefs, to the most current research we will explore the Moon from both its metaphysical and scientific views. You will find that life as we know it on Earth is actually totally dependent on the Moon.
moon phases
  • The Phases of the Moon. Building on the first module, we will explore the 29.5-day cycle of the Moon's luminosity. From the New Moon to the Full Moon and back, the cycle for most of history defined the calendar of mankind. Our name for a Moonth is just a "Month" with one "o" missing.
all four elements
  • The Fundamental Elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Understanding the basic elements is key to Moon Astrology. The reason is that we as humans and the Moon and the Earth are composed of the four elements, and as the Universe resonates, so do we. Staying in sync means good health and prosperity.
Daily Crystal Horoscope-0
  • The Moon in the Zodiac.  The Moon’s travel in the Zodiac is a rapid one.  It circles the entire Zodiac from our perspective each 28 days as it orbits the Earth in that time. When we divide the Zodiac into 12 parts we have the well-known Sun Signs such as Virgo and Cancer.  When we divide it into 28 parts we get the Mansions of the Moon.  The Mansions of the Moon have been a part of Astrology for over 5,000 years. Each Mansion reflects the unique elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth based on its location in the Zodiac.
Goddess Annapurna
  • The Spirits and Crystals of the Mansions. From all cultures and times, people have associated the Moon and the elemental energy it brings by the personification of the energy. Called by whatever name,  Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Elementals, Saints, or  Deities, these spirits bring us an understanding of how the Moon and its energy have affected us as humans across time and culture.  The minerals and crystals of each Mansion are explored.
birth chart
  • Advanced Topics. In this section, we explore some advanced topics to extend your understanding of Crystal Moon Astrology.  We explore concepts such as “Birth Mansion”, “Birthday Mansion”, “Mansion of the New Moon”, “Shadow Mansions”, “Relationship of Moon Phases and Zodiac Mansions”, and more.

How can you take this course? You can go to the Crystal Guild, pay the tuition of $499, and start immediately.


You can join the Crystal Inner Circle as an annual member (using discount code NEWYEAR23 which will cost only $99), and you will have access to this PLUS all the other courses leading to crystal master for FREE.

6 moon astrologer

Upcoming Course Schedule

Basic Crystal User Course – 40 lessons

Course lessons: Feb. 1 – March 26

Exam week: March 27 – April 2

Exam is the Certified Crystal Practitioner exam at the Crystal Guild.


Crystal Healer Course – 70 modules

Course Lessons:  April 3 – July 9

Exam week: July 10 – 16

Exam is the Certified Crystal Healer exam at the Crystal Guild.


Crystal Alchemy Course-  24 lessons

Course Lessons:  July 19 – Aug. 20

Exam week: Aug. 26 –  Aug. 27

Exam is the Certified Crystal Alchemist exam at the Crystal Guild.


Crystal Aromatherapy Course – 20 lessons

Course Lessons: Aug. 28 – Oct. 15

Exam week: Oct. 16 – Oct. 22

No exam. Please send a message to to request certification by Oct. 22.


Basic Crystal Grids Course – 19 Lessons

Course Lessons: Oct. 25 – Nov. 19

No exam.


Crystal Grid Master Course – 20 Lessons

Course Lessons: Nov. 22- Dec. 16

Exam week: Dec. 17 – Dec. 23

Exam is the Certified Crystal Grid Master exam at the Crystal Guild.


Crystal Astrology Course – 28 lessons

Course Lessons: Jan. 1- Feb. 10

Exam Week: Feb. 11 – Feb. 17

Exam is the Crystal Moon Astrologer exam at the Crystal Guild.


Crystal Master Certification – with all exams satisfactory completed and the Crystal Aromatherapy Handbook completed, certification as a Crystal Master will be awarded.


Crystal Master

This certification means you are one of the few true experts in the uses of crystal energy. It also means you have completed the prerequisites to take the two Certified Crystal Master courses that once completed lead to the certification of Senior Crystal Master.

7 master

The next steps: Senior Crystal Master and Crystal Mage

all nine emblems copy

All Certified Crystal Masters are eligible to continue their studies with three more courses:  Crystal Herb Master, Crystal Candle Magician, and Crystal Mage Study.


Crystal Herb Master

Each spring, we teach the Crystal Herb Master Course.  This course is offered FREE to all Crystal Masters who are members of the Crystal Inner Circle.  It is the first of two courses that lead to the certification as a Senior Crystal Master.

The Crystal Herb Master Course is divided into 12 weeks.  Each week after this first one, you will study and use two herbs (one week, we cover three).  There are 21 total herbs in the course.  Each week there are three lessons. Two of them will cover one herb each. Then the third lesson of the week is a video of the use of those herbs. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 7.18.03 AM

Completion of the course will require the completion of a Crystal Herbalist Notebook and the completion of four student herb projects.  These projects will demonstrate your ability to use your knowledge of herbs and crystals in a meaningful and useful way.  Course completion will be awarded the submittal of images from the notebook and projects.

Here is an example project:

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 7.12.41 AM

Crystal Candle Magician Course

The Crystal Candle Magician Course is taught each Fall to Crystal Masters seeking to earn certification as Senior Crystal Masters.

This is a very hands-on course that involves creating ceremonies for a myriad of needs using candles, crystals, herbs, essential oils, and elementals effectively and artfully.

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 7.29.34 AM
Memorial for Lorelei - Kara Wells
Memorial for Lorelei - Kara Wells
Magican's Wheel - David Vierig
Magican's Wheel - David Vierig
Home and Family  Protection Ritual - Anita Sharma, CM
Home and Family Protection Ritual - Anita Sharma, CM

Completing the Crystal Herb Master Course and the Crystal Candle Magician Course leads to certification as a Senior Crystal Master of the Crystal Guild.  This level demonstrates a wide range of expertise in using crystals, herbs, essential oil, candles, and rituals to develop methods and processes and create tangible benefits for one's life, spirit, and others.

senior-crystal-master-emblem copy
senior master cert
Senior Master Cert1

Crystal Mage

9 Crystal Mage Silver copy

Each year we supervise the Independent Study of Senior Crystal Masters seeking to attain the highest level of Crystal Guild certification - Crystal Mage. These studies usually take about 5 months and consist of a series of projects that demonstrate the knowledge required to teach Crystal Master courses and to mentor others in their studies.


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