Basic Crystal Users Course eBook


Description: Basic Crystal Users Course eBook. The world of crystals is fun, effective, and ever-expanding. New crystal finds are happening all over the world. The crystal healers, crystal astrologers, crystal alchemist, and crystal practitioners of every kind are constantly experimenting and teaching us new methods for finding ways to bring the magic of crystals into our everyday lives. This is a great place to begin.

The Basic Crystal Users Course is designed to allow anyone to learn how to buy, prepare, and use crystals for many purposes. It is a foundation course – a place to
begin. It assumes you have no real knowledge of crystals and are curious about how they can help you in your life. Please note that this course is also offered in video
format. Learn more at the Crystal Guild here.

The entire Basic Crystal Users Course retails for $499. With this eBook, you will get the entire course for a fraction of the cost! Have the knowledge of crystals and their uses right in the palm of your hands. This course will also prepare you to become a Certified Crystal Practitioner. There is information at the end of the eBook on how to take your exam and become certified.

The course is composed of 15 Lessons. Each is written in plain English. We do not assume you have any prior knowledge, so the course is one that everyone can take
and use.

The Basic Crystal Users Course eBook now features over a hundred different stories from real crystal users just like you! Learn how crystals have helped others with these personal testimonials.

  • Author: Hank Mason
  • Editing & Art: Kat Ohren
  • Length: 241 pages of information, beautiful images, and guidance to become a Certified Crystal Practitioner.


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