Conjure and Magical Items Guide


Folk remedies such as magical conjure items have been a part of every culture from the ancient Egyptians to the modern day. Folk remedies consist of traditional healing concepts and elements used by people deemed to have healing power.

Often based on religious beliefs, these practices are used to cure diseases and promote emotional and physical. These remedies also include creating objects to bring desired events to fruition or to guard a place against adversity. Good luck, good health, freedom from the evil eye, prosperity, love, friendship, and most human desires have been the focus of folk wisdom and magic seemingly forever. We all seek magic in our lives, and it seems we always have. We turn to the heavens with our petitions. Magic is worldwide and ever-evolving.

So let’s begin to learn how to use the magical items.

The beginning…. an understanding of magic.

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Magic is a Tool

Think of magic as a tool, not a miracle, and you will be successful using Conjure oils, powders, mists, and other magical items. Magic can smooth your path to a goal, align the Universal Spirit with your desires, and make it much easier for you to accomplish what you wish. But spells and spell items, conjure items, and such are not miracles.

Using Crystal Pendulum

Magic is performed by humans, not by the Divine. Magic is active. It works with you as you work to pursue your desires. You do your part, and the Universe does its part. That is how magic works. Magic is a powerful tool, yes ... but you have to actually use the tool to gain benefit. Magic might give you a hammer when you have a nail to be pounded. But if you leave the hammer on the workbench, that magic won't be of much benefit. You need to "use magic."

For example, if you are looking for love and have a love spell cast, or you anoint yourself with a love oil or powder, you need to take action to facilitate the magic. Go out. Buy the stranger behind you at the coffee shop a coffee. Go somewhere new. Go to the park. Take a class, go to yoga, find a hobby. You get the idea. The magic is there to pave the road, but you have to walk it too.

It is the same with a Money spell. Certainly, it will help direct money to you, but if you hide, it will have a hard time finding you! So join with the magic and make it work for you.

The uses of magical items are extensive and personal. Each person's needs, desires, and opinions will dictate how a magical item is used. There are no right or wrong ways.

With that, there are certainly some guidelines that can help keep you safe using these items and ensure they are as effective as possible. So here are some guidelines to allow you to safely explore the wonders and magic of your magical conjure items and use them effectively to improve your life and spirit.

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Using Magic Takes Focus

Maximize your Results - Combine Spells & Spell Items

An important element of successfully using conjure and magical items is focus. Focus involves bringing several elements of magic to your issue that reinforce each other.

For example, if you are seeking Lasting Money, you should use a Lasting Money Spell to align the Universe with your need, then use some Lasting Money oil, mist, and powder to augment and strengthen the spell in locations where you work.

It is the same with a Money spell. Certainly, it will help direct money to you, but if you hide, it will have a hard time finding you! So join with the magic and make it work for you.

If you are seeking love, use a Finding Love Spell to align the Universal Mind with your need, then use the appropriate Love oils and powders daily to focus and amplify the energy created by the spell.

If you are seeking good luck in gambling, like with the lottery, start with a powerful luck spell, then use gambling good luck elixirs and powders on your lottery tickets and betting slips.

Think of a spell as the overarching magic that sets the stage for the magic you need, then the individual conjure items like mist, sprays, oils, etc., are the actors on the stage that make the magic focused on you every day.

Another part of focusing is not trying too much at one time.

If you try to do too many things simultaneously, you will not be too successful. The magic can get diluted, mixed up, and confused. So try to keep a focus. If you seek love, use a love spell or several love items, such as oils and mists, and let the Universe respond. Focus helps. Now you can use some lucky powder in your shoe daily and use your love oils in the evenings. That is not too confusing, but in general, try to give the Universe the best chance to make your magical desires real.

Here is one way to combine magical items for more than one purpose: Use some oils for anointing yourself and some for dressing a particular place. For example, if you are seeking love and money, you might have a Finding Love spell cast, then use your love oils and mist in the morning as you prepare for the day and occasionally throughout the day.

You could also have a Fast Money Spell cast and use your finding money powders in your desk drawer where you work or put some in your wallet and maybe mist your work area. So keep your intentions clear and use the magical conjure items to focus the Universe on your needs and desires in a clear way.

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Section 1: Using Spells

If you have a spell cast, you are asking the spell caster to conduct a ritual with the expressed intention of seeking a blessing or benefit for you or someone from an unseen benevolent force or entity. (Note: A ritual seeking harm or appealing to evil entities is a curse and is considered black magic).

The quality and duration of a spell depend on many factors among them is the skill and dedication of the spell caster. Spells come in a variety of levels of magic and these affect the duration and intensity of the spelI.

Common spells last a day or so and are performed easily, and require little knowledge. Higher-level spells are cast by experienced and knowledgeable spell casters. In them, the spell caster will bind the spell, blessing, or benefit to a token, amulet, talisman, or totem. That bound spell in the token, amulet, talisman, or totem is provided to the spell recipient to be maintained with appropriate fire, water, air, or earth energy by the recipient or benefactor of the spell or an agent for them. This extends the life of the spell, often out many months.

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Understanding Spell Levels & Duration

A low-level day spell requires little action on your part. You go about your day, and the spell action does what it does.

For a higher-level spell, you should receive a spell bag or jar containing the bound spell token. Each week a spell bag or jar should be "fed" with the appropriate oil or crystal essence to maintain the spell as you focus your attention on the desired outcome of the spell.

Now there are many ways to discuss the levels of spells and the expertise of a spell caster. It seems every magician has a way of categorizing the services they provide. In our practice, we have tried to make this easy to figure out. Based on our experience and research, we have determined that there are 15 levels of spells that can be broken down into five pretty easy-to-understand categories.


Levels 1 - 5 are basic spells - cleansing an altar, blessing an occasion, etc. These are easily cast and require only a modicum of knowledge. No real action on the recipient is required. Almost anyone can cast these spells. To use them, take the time to learn some basic magic and ritual practices.

Levels 6-9 are journeyman Magician spells - house blessing, good luck at cards tonight, sleep well, etc. These are mostly short-term - daily effect spells. Our Crystal Master's course materials teach these spells. You can learn more at the Crystal Guild.

Levels 10, 11, and 12 Spells are Master Magician level spells. We offer ours at the CrystalConjureMagic shop on Etsy.

Level 13 are Black Magic spells. We do not practice - spells to cause harm or cause another to act against their will.

Level 14 is the High White Magic spell level, requiring a Senior Crystal Master or other senior Master Magician and a full Magician's Wheel ritual. Some of these are also available at CrystalConjureMagic on Etsy.

Level 15 Spells are restricted to Crystal Mages.


Of course, there are many other ways to determine how powerful a spell is, but these are how we sort them out.

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How Long do Spells Last?

In general, spells are relatively short-lived events. Many last just a few hours or days. For example, a spell to consecrate an altar might last a few hours. On the other end of the spectrum, some spells, such as Lasting Money Level 14 Magician's Wheel, can be effective for a year or two.

For the higher-level spells, we find that:

Level 10 spells are robust and energetic, lasting about 2 - 3 months.

Level 11 spells are more powerful, lasting about 5 months.

Level 12A spells are double the length of Level 11 spells with a duration of about 10 months.

Level 12B spells are Level 12A Spell but with 25-35% stronger effects, also good for about 10 months.

Level 12C spells are Level 12 with the strongest possible effects - about 50% stronger than a 12A and a duration of a year or longer.

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Section 2: What are Conjure Oils, Elixirs, Mists, Powders, & Balms?

There are two main types of Conjure items: Anointing and Dressing. You need to know the difference.

Anointing: Using Conjure products on a living person or animal is called anointing. So, placing a drop or two of oil, a dab of powder, or spraying yourself or another person or animal with a conjure mist is called anointing. Anointing products are made to be skin safe.

Dressing: Placing a drop or two or dribbling, rubbing, smearing, spreading, or preparing an object with oil is dressing. Dressing oils and powders are NOT always made to be skin safe.

NOTE: All Crystal Vaults and Crystal Conjure Magic conjure items are made as anointing items designed to be safe on humans and animals. They can be used as either anointing or dressing oils, powders, elixirs, and sprays.

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Anointing Oils

Conjure oils trace their origins back to Ancient Egypt. You will find references to them in the Bible and many ancient documents and books. Modern practitioners of Hoodoo and related practices use them extensively. Anointing oils are not all skin safe, but they should normally be, as they are made to be used on the body.

They are made of essential oils and carrier oils that are blended to skin-safe proportions. They are made of about 3% essential oils and a carrier oil such as almond oil. However, as with anything, always test first. We are all different.

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Anointing Powders

Anointing powders are also made skin safe, but it always is prudent to test first. They are made of base powders such as arrowroot and herbs blended to skin-safe proportions.

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Anointing Crystal Elixirs

Anointing elixirs are skin-safe blends of crystal essences in clear spring water. There are basically two kinds, normal crystal elixirs made of crystal essences and water and Mind Meld Elixirs, which contain essential oils. Both are skin safe, as the amount of essential oil in mind meld elixirs is very small.

Normal elixirs can be used in many ways, as explained in this guide. Mind meld elixirs are not used like normal elixirs. Rather, they are directly administered just above the Third Eye chakra by touch. Specifically, a drop or two of the elixir is placed on the index finger, and the forehead is touched five times in a circle to administer the elixir. With each dap, a simple mantra is spoken that is associated with the elixir.

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Anointing Conjure Mists

Room sprays, pillow sprays, room air fresheners, protective sprays, conjure mists and other aerosol products are very easy to use. Anointing Mists are also normally skin safe. They are made of spring water essences of crystals and essential oils, blended to safe proportions.

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Anointing Conjure Salves

You may not be familiar with herbal salves. They are made with herbs, oils, and beeswax. Conjure Herbal Salves also use crystal essences and strong affirmations. These are easily used as body rubs, particularly on rough skin, where the herbal energy can easily be absorbed. To use them, take a small amount on your fingertips and rub it gently into your skin, where you seek energy or healing.

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Using Anointing Products - General Use

Anointing oils and powders, as well as crystal elixirs and mists, can be used on any body part that is appropriate or you feel right to use. Be careful with using any oil on your sexual organs. This is your most sensitive skin, and if there are issues, they will be here. Also, keep them away from your eyes. You can rub them on your shoulders to carry away a burden. For luck, you might use a lucky oil or powder on your palms. Almost all can be used on the wrist, which is then rubbed together to bring energy to your spirit. They go well on feet to bring energy up the body. Your inclinations can guide you. Be adventurous and experiment. Generally, they are administered in an upward direction to bring a benefit and a downward direction to rid the body or spirit of an undesirable attribute.

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How Long do Anointing Products Last?

Generally, anointing powders, mists, oils, and elixirs last about a day or so. So, if you have a Find Love elixir and administer it to your wrists in the morning, it should work for you all day. You might renew it in the evening if you go out.

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Section 3: Using Dressing Conjure Oils, Elixirs, Mists, Powders, & Balms

Dressing oils are NOT always made to be skin safe. They can have high levels of essential oils potentially harmful to your skin. Handle all of them carefully and know what you are using and their potential effects. If in doubt, wear some rubber gloves when using them. You can use any anointing oil as a dressing oil. You cannot use all dressing oils as anointing oils. Some can burn your skin.

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Using Dressing Powders

Dressing powders can also irritate your skin, do not use them for anointing. These are excellent for use in banishing efforts. See the banishing section below. They are also excellent for dressing candles and are easily used with oils in ceremonies.

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Using Dressing Elixirs

Dressing Elixirs are skin safe. There is no difference between a dressing elixir and an anointing one. We use them in the water elementals in rituals. (Elementals are collections of the energy of time and place and are used in higher-level spells. This is taught in the Senior Crystal Magician Courses annually in the Crystal Inner Circle. )

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Using Dressing Mists

Dressing Mists may not be skin safe and should not be used on bare skin as they may have higher levels of irritating herbs or oils. The most common use is to quickly add crystal and herbal energy to various objects in a ritual.

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Using Dressing Conjure Items - General Use

These are used to dress magical items such as candles, talismans, altars, mojo and magic bags, dolls, tokens, and places such as headboards of your bed, your car tires, your backpack, or almost any place you want to bring the magic to. The most common use by far is the dressing of candles for spells, rituals, and magical practices. They serve as a base to then add herbs and crystals to the candle. The can be rubbed on the side of larger candles or added to the top of small tea lights for example.

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How Long do they Last?

You will find that an application of a dressing conjure item will last from a few hours to a day or more once used. So, for example, if you were to use a dressing oil to consecrate your altar it should work all day.

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Using Sage Sticks

One method of using a sage or other herbal 'censing' stick in your practices is to light the end of the stick and leave it to burn in a fireproof dish. Another, more common way is to use it to cleanse a room or object by holding it in your hand and moving it about the object or space, creating a wafting of smoke.

A third way is to hold it in a dish or shell (an abalone shell is traditional in some indigenous cultures) and wave the smoke with a feather. It is also important that when cleansing a space or home, you open windows and doors so that the negative energy has a way out.

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Section 4: Using Spell Jars

Spell jars are spells bound to a container and bring their magic to a place, not a person or spirit. They guard places, bring benefits, or rid a place of something.

First of all, Jar Spell and Spell Jar are synonymous. They are mixtures of many magical items that are combined to produce a magical outcome in a glass jar or similar object, which is usually sealed.

Conjure Spell Jars

Just be aware that some jar spells are made with items such as sharp objects or toxic materials that could potentially be harmful. This is one of the two reasons they are usually sealed. The second reason is that most jar spells if disturbed, cease to function. So be careful to know what is in a jar spell if you plan to open it.

Spell jars are based on the history of the old "witches' jars" used to protect a person or place against evil spells. The old witches' jars were combinations of many things, including urine, pins, rosemary, dirt, knotted thread, ashes, etc. They were always hidden, as they believed they worked their protective magic unless they were discovered. So they were buried in yards, hidden in basements, and sealed into walls.

Spell jars bring a flow of magic to a place. They are activated by an intention. If sealed, the activation is final, and the energy and placement cannot be changed without disrupting and, most likely, rendering the spell ineffective. If activated and unsealed, the jar can be moved once the selected activation period has expired. (See the notes about Sleep jars to which this primarily applies). There are two basic types: Yin and Yang.

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Using Yin Spell Jars

This is, by far, the more popular and common type. The Yin spell jar contains items such as crystals, charms, and other magical items. They are made for Yin energy needs such as sleeping well, finding love, gaining the blessings of Goddesses, friendship, family, and such. They are usually made in round containers, often filled with a liquid, usually water, and sealed, ready for activation by intention when they are placed where the energy is needed.

However, Yin jar spells can be unsealed too. They can be made with no liquids, gaining water energy by adding the liquid as needed or using black or dark blue crystals in the jar. Yin spell jars always contain some metal object to nurture the Feng Shui water element. Many contain moonstones as a base bringing the Moon Goddesses' energy to the spell.

Sleep Jar spells are Yin in nature and unsealed. They are activated by intention when needed. This activation is a conditional one that includes a duration. To use a sleep jar, place it where you need it, and if it has a lid, remove it. Then activate it with your desire and intention. For example, you might say, "bring me a good night sleep until morning."Adding a bit of liquid, such as water or essential oil, at a rate of 1 drop per oz per hour of spell works well to ensure the spell is active. In the morning, the spell jar can have the cap placed back on it and moved to a storage place, as it is inactive.

Conjure Spell Jar

Unsealed spell jars can be gently handled when not active, but we recommend they stay positioned where they were first activated. If they are moved, replace them where they were first activated when you reuse them. The best way to use an unsealed spell jar is to place it opened where you will use it, activate it with a conditional activation, and leave it undisturbed until the activation period is over. It doesn't need to be closed or sealed.

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Using Yang Spell Jars

Yang spell jars are different in that they are made in rectangle-shaped jars and bottles. They are used for Yang energy spells such as Passion, Adventure, Strength, Determination, Prosperity, Luck, and such. They often contain red, scarlet, and yellow crystals and the herbs or the essential oils of red or violet herbs. They all contain some form of wood to nurture the Fire Energy of the spell jar.

Yang spell jars are usually sealed and activated once their location is set.

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All spell jars, once set, settled, and activated, will only work in a single location. Moving them tends to disrupt the established internal flow, as does opening or disturbing them.

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How Long do Spell Jars Last?

Conjure Spell Jars

The spell jar effects depend on the skill and intent of the maker and, quite frankly, the components· quantity, quality, and synergism.

For a well-made jar spell of appropriate synergic components made with care and correct intentions, the expected viability is as follows. Be aware that spell jars made "just to look pretty" by inexperienced or untrained practitioners may work only a few days, if at all.

The flow of spell energy dissipates over time and space like all things - entropy is part of this universe.

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The 10 - 10 Rule

For well-researched, well-designed, and carefully constructed jar spells, basically, you get an effective magical flow for about 10 weeks out to about 10 feet per oz of components (not counting liquids). If you have a sleep jar and only use it at night, you can probably expect it to last 20 weeks or more before it is spent.

For 2 ounces of components, double either parameter.

So a 2 oz jar spell should be effective out to about 20 feet for 10 weeks or out to about 10 feet for 20 weeks.

What this means is at 10 feet from a 2 oz jar spell the magic flow will be effective for about 20 weeks. And at 20 feet away it will have little effect after about 10 weeks. Again, a sleep jar used just at night will last about 40 weeks.

A 4 oz jar will be effective for about 40 weeks up to 10 feet away. At 40 feet away, the magic will dissipate in about 10 weeks.

To have a spell affect an average size house, a 4 oz jar located centrally should be effective for about 10 weeks.

Spell jars can be sealed in any practical way.
Jar spells can be as plain or decorative as you wish. They can certainly be displayed. Just put them where they will not be disturbed.

By the way, for portable spells or ones not tied to a place - cast the spell and bind it to a token and keep it in a spell or mojo bag. They have the spell bound to a token and are opened, fed, and carried and not subject to being disturbed. Jar spells are not portable once activated.

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Section 5: How to Use a Spell Bag AKA Mojo Bag

Spell bags are prone to dissipating their energy and spell magic very quickly and need to be 'fed' quite regularly to maintain the spell magic. This is done with a liquid - a spell oil, spell elixir, water, or other liquid. This is done in various ways depending on the designs of the spell bag creator.

Spell bags are usually made specifically for a need and for a person. A ritual activates them. Some contain a token of the spell, and some do not.

Spell bags are portable but are not for public display. The magic in the bag is for the owner, and it disappears seemingly quickly when the bag is handled or sometimes even viewed by another. Keep them hidden in your person or very nearby.

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How Long will a Spell Bag Last?

This is totally dependent on the strength of the spell it contains. A well-cast spell can be bound to a token and be very effective in a spell bag for several months out to a year or more if maintained properly.

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Section 6: Massage, Condition, & Formula Oils

Massage oils are diluted anointing Oils designed to be safe for spreading on bare skin.

Conjure oil, or condition oil, is a descriptive phrase for specialty oils to create an effect like Psychic Vision, Money Drawing, Fast Luck, Van Van, etc. They come in both Anointing and Dressing formulas.

Formula oils is a phrase used to mean oil is made to a certain formula. Not too much meaning here, as all oils are formula oils. It is a marketing phrase mostly.

Not everyone uses these definitions. There are no "magic police" or managing associations to set standards, so do your research and try to know what you are buying and using.

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How to Use Money & Wealth Items

The use of magical items to bring in money, gain affluence, get money quickly, keep money, grow your financial well-being, and ensure a good financial future can be done in many ways.

Conjure items such as the Fast Money conjure items, Lasting Money items, and others come in various forms: oil, powders, elixirs, mists, jar spells, etc. This gives you a wide variety of ways to bring that magic to your life.

Here are some to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Use a drop of oil in hairdressing.
  • Use some money elixirs in your coffee or cold drinks.
  • Put the powder in your wallet or the bottom of your purse.
  • Use the elixir in your washing machine.
  • Add some powder to your foot powder.
  • Spread some powder in your cash drawer or the part of your desk you
  • keep your checks or financial records.
  • Use a mist around your desk or workplace before doing bills or financial work.
  • Use the oil on your wrist and rub them together each morning to bring the attraction of money to your activities.
  • Add a few drops of oil to a bath, or use elixir on your washcloth in a shower.
  • Put the powder in your sock or shoe.
  • Add the elixir to your bath.
  • Add the elixir to a face wash.
  • Put some powder on the floor under your car seat.
  • Add the elixir to a money tree plant each day.
  • Place the spell jar in the back of a desk drawer or high on a shelf near where you work.
  • Before you dress, mist the air a few times and then walk through the mist.
  • Carry your money-related spell bag with you but keep it hidden.
  • Hide a spell jar near your front door.
  • Put some powder on your front walk.
  • Put some elixir in your car windshield washer fluid.
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How to Use Lucky Items

Lucky oils such as the Lucky Parrot line can be used hundreds of ways to bring luck.

Here are some ways:

  • Add the lucky oil to a bath with herbs and crystal essences.
  • Add the elixir to the bath.
  • Bring the mist with you and mist around where you work or play.
  • Use the powder on your car tires, in your shoes, in your socks, in a desk drawer, or almost anywhere you want to bring luck.
  • Use the oil on your wrist or dab some on your lottery tickets. Or dust the lottery tickets with lucky powder.
  • Add some lucky elixir to your house plants when you water them.
  • Spray the lucky mist on your front door occasionally to let good luck in.
  • Put the powder on windowsills to attract good luck.
  • Mist your mailbox to bring in good luck in the mail.
  • Put some powder in your briefcase or knapsack.
  • Use the oils to anoint candles in ceremonies and spells for money.
  • Use the powder in a sacred circle where a money spell will be cast.
  • Put some powder on a paper airplane on a windy day to spread good luck as it flies.
  • Use the elixir in a floor wash.
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How to Use Love Items

  • Use Romance and Love anointing lotions, powders, sprays, oils, and elixirs as you would any perfume or body powder.
  • Roll on some oil as a skin softener on your arms and legs.
  • Put some powder in your car to help find love.
  • Use the elixir in the morning mixed with your face wash.
  • Use the oil to dress candles in love ceremonies.
  • Add the oil and elixirs to a bath with herbs and let the energy soak in.
  • Spray your clothes lightly with the Love Mist before a date.
  • Put a love or romance-related Spell Jar under your bed or hide in a bedside drawer.
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How to Use Banishing Items

Banishing items are usually not always skin safe and should be handled with care until you know they are not harmful. They often contain hot pepper and other components that are not good for you.

It would be best if you did not put any of them where you, a pet, or another person will come in contact with them unknowingly.

  • Mix banishing/reversing powders with some soil to disguise them.
  • Put some banishing oil on the car tires of someone you want gone.
  • Add the oil to a candle or other object that represents the person or activity you want to banish (wear some rubber gloves) (or use a spray) and throw the object in the deep woods or a river.
  • Put some banishing powder where the person will wa I k and not notice it.
  • Put some under the car seat of the person you want to banish.
  • Mist the closet or coat of someone you want out of your life.
  • Put some powder in the shoes of people you want gone.
  • Use Banishing Elixirs in the drinks of people that need to leave.
  • Hide a banishing spell jar near where someone sleeps if you want out of your life.
  • Put the powder around the outside of the house of whomever you want to banish.
  • Mist a person's hat when they are not around with banishing mists to have them leave your life.
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Section 7: How to Use Specialty Items


There is a special type of crystal elixir called a Mind Meld Crystal Elixir or Crystal Potion. Mind Melds are made for use at two times.

One is before a mediation session. These potions are focused on benefits to be gained in conjunction with meditation and are designed to interact with the mind as it meditates.

The second type of Mind Meld Crystal Potions is used just before retiring for the night. These are formulated to work with the dreaming mind.

These Mind Meld Crystal Potions are not used like normal elixirs. Rather they are directly administered to the Third Eye Chakra by touch. Specifically, a drop or two of the potion is placed on the index finger, and the forehead is touched five times in a circle to administer the potion. With each dab, a simple mantra is spoken.

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Violet Flame Oils, Elixirs, & Powders

Violet Flame Elixirs are normally fully charged from a Violet Flame ceremony conducted while the moon is in the Mansion of the Sacred Flame.

To use them: Take about 6-10 drops of the elixir and add them to a bath.

As you do, seek the energy of the violet flame to be drawn to you. Now, after you bathe, you will notice as you dry off that the energy of the violet flame slowly begins to color your aura, and your energy level will grow significantly. Your connection to the Universal Mind will expand, and you will find yourself almost immersed in the Universe's blessings.

You can also use this in a shower. Put 8-10 drops in your hand with soap and slowly wash. The effects will be the same as bathing. The elixir can also be used directly without dilution in a shower or bath, but only use a few drops on the palm of your hand and slowly rub your hands together. As you do any of these actions, state your desire:

"Violet Flame, join my spirit."

Within a minute or two of drying off from administering the elixir, the violet energy will have passed from your aura to your spirit. You will find the power of the violet flame not only absorbs the negativity of past issues but it causes them to fade over time from your spirit, freeing it to live and love.

Violet Flame Oils are normally fully charged from a Violet Fla me ceremony conducted while the moon is in the Mansion of the Sacred Flame.

To use them: Take three drops of the Violet Flame Oil on your fingertip.

Tap your brow three times in the shape of a triangle. State your desire:

"Violet Flame, join my spirit."

See it begin to flow from the triangle of oil up over your head and down the back of your neck. It will then spread and work down your arms and back until it consumes your entire body. It is quite a rush. Your aura will "feel" violet. Breath easily. Repeat the mantra.

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Green Flame Oils, Elixirs, & Powders

Green Flame oils, elixirs, and powders are created during a Green Flame Prosperity Ceremony.

You use them by administering them to your shoulders (three drops of oil or elixir or three dabs of powder on each one).

As you do you state your desire:

"Green Flame, join my spirit and bring the wealth of abundance to my life."

You will start to feel your shoulders feeling lighter. They will often almost rise of their own volition. Your arms will feel lighter, and sometimes they raise on their own accord. You feel like you could almost fly.

Now after a few minutes, the energy will have penetrated your spirit. You will see that you seem to walk with a lighter step. Your body will start to feel free of the downward pressure of financial worry. You can use it this way every 3-4 days or so. Let it work in the meantime.

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As we conclude this guide, please realize that it is not the end but rather the beginning. We used the word "Guide" for a good reason. It gives you some advice, some direction, some caution, and some ideas.

Start here, don't end here. Make your own magic. Use magic to better your life and spirit. Be adventurous with your magical items. No one knows you better than you. There is no "right" way to use magical items. So be inspired by this guide, and forge your path with the wonders of conjure oils, powders, mists, candles, spelIs, and the rest. For now...

We wish you happiness and joy, and magic in your life.

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Hank Mason is the founder and chief author of Crystal Vaults. He is a retired USAF rescue helicopter pilot and a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Hank is also the author of The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans and Crystal Grids, How to Combine and Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life.

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