What Crystals Do I Need?

You might wonder What crystal is best for me? or What crystals do I need? or you might want to know Can crystals help me? or maybe you ask Is there a right crystal for me? Well, you have come to the right place. You see, the answer is here.

Now you can know what crystal you need. You can ask us Is there a right crystal for me? and get an answer.

This is a very common question and a very good one. We understand that many people are seeking to understand themselves and their life better. And if there is a “right crystal” we want to know what it is and how it might improve our life and spirit.

Well, it turns out that you actually may have three crystals, not one.


The Spirit Stone

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You see, everyone has a Spirit Crystal that is the Earth energy complement to their unique spirit in this world.

This crystal is set by the time and place of your birth and the unique name given to you by your parents.

This stone is your primary crystal or stone. It is one that you might collect and keep several nearby.

You might well find you make essences, add them to your garden, and keep several near your bed. This is the “you” stone or crystal.

This is the crystal you use in many ways as you travel this earth. It is a companion, healer, and counselor stone for you. Curious?

The Spirit Stone is one that talks to you about yourself.  It is the one that shares your feelings, your desire, and your worries.  It is your shaman, your guide, and your companions.  You can have several of them each bringing a different aspect of you to you.

The Heart Stone

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Secondly, once you have grown up you have a Heart Stone.

This is a stone that matches the loving vibrations of your heart. It is one that you will share with others that you love and care for. This is a stone or crystal that is determined by a significant date or event in your life that is associated with love.

It could be a date of marriage, being adopted, adopting another, a special birthday or anniversary date, or some other time that means love to you.

It could be the birthdate of a child, a mother, or another loved one. With your full name and this date, your heart stone can be determined. And yes it is possible to have more than one.

But upon reflection, most of us have a most significant love date that defines us best. When you know what stone this is, you can buy them in pairs and share one of the pairs with loved ones. You can keep them where your family or loved ones gather to collect their loving spirit. You can turn to it in times of feeling alone or neglected.

When you hurt, this is your solace stone.

The Star Stone

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Thirdly, you may have a Star Stone.

You have to be a bit grown up to have one. Little children do not. This is a crystal that brings the heavens to earth for you in particular. You are star stuff you know. Your components atoms come from stars. You are a child of the Universe. This stone or crystal brings the blessings of the Universe and the heavens to your life and spirit once they have “soared to the heavens” in some way.

This is a special crystal or stone that connects you to all life and life-giving energy of the Universe.

This is determined by a Crystal Master knowing your full name and the date of a significant achievement in your life that defines “you” as a full member of society and a full measure of yourself.

It can be a graduation day, a championship date, a major milestone in your professional life. It is a day of achievement by you. Once you know this stone or crystal, you collect them and keep them where you work and live. They bring you the life-sustaining energy of the Cosmos to your spirit.

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These three stones or crystals are you. They complement the true spirit that defines you as a person to yourself.

How can you know these stones? We have mentioned how a Crystal Master determines them.  But, with what you have just learned you can meditate and your subconscious will help you find these stones and crystals. It can take a few sessions, but persistence will prevail. Some people are successful in this endeavor.

Another method is to get help. Our Crystal Masters use crystal astrology and crystal numerology to determine a person's “personal stones and crystals”. They need to know your full name, date of birth, and the dates of the significant heart and star experiences. But with that knowledge, they can use Crystal Astrology and Crystal Numerology and determine these crystals and stones for you.

If you wish to know your personal stones and answer the question "What crystals do I need?", our Crystal Masters are available and you can engage them here.