What Crystals Do I Need?


DESCRIPTION: You might wonder “What crystal is best for me?” or What crystal do I need?”  or you might want to know “Can crystals help me?”  Or maybe you ask “Is there a right crystal for me?”  Well, you have come to the right place.  You see the answer is here.  This product is a report that is produced using Crystal Astrology and Crystal Numerology from your information.  It will tell you exactly what stones you need as your personal stones.

Your Spirit Stone.

You see, everyone has a Spirit Stone that is the Earth energy complement to their unique spirit in this world. This crystal is set by the time and place of your birth and the unique name was given to you by your parents. This stone is your primary crystal or stone. You must give our crystal masters your full name and your date of birth to determine this stone.

Your Heart Stone.

This is a stone that matches the loving vibrations of your heart. It is one that you will share with others that you love and care for. This is a stone or crystal that is determined by a significant date or event in your life that is associated with love. You need to give the Crystal Masters a date of a significant “love” event in your life to be used with your full name to determine your Heart Stone.

Your Star Stone.

This is a special crystal or stone that connects you to all life and life-giving energy of the Universe.

This is determined by a Crystal Master knowing your full name and the date of a significant achievement in your life that defines “you” as a full member of society and a full measure of yourself. This date may be a graduation day, a day you received a raise, a major promotion, or something similar.

With your full name and these three dates, our Crystal Masters will determine your Spirit Stone, your Heart Stone, and your Star Stone.

You can then know which stones/crystals you should collect and use in your life.  To learn more about this check out the explanation page here. https://www.crystalvaults.com/what-crystal-do-i-need/

Please give us a day or two to complete the analysis and study and prepare your report.  Thanks

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These three stones are used in ceremonies, elixirs, bedside talismans, and more.  These are stones that you collect and study.  They are “you,”  Find new examples of them, collect them, and keep them around. They bring the magic of the mineral kingdom to your life.