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Moon Water Collection

Understanding Moon Water's Nature, Creation and Uses

Maybe you have started paying attention to the Moon. Some people live their lives by its phases, and many traditions we still observe are based on the Moon in its constant orbit of our planet. We still divide the year into 12 parts called months, add one “o” to that and you see the derivation, a “moonth”. The lunar orbit of the Earth still drives how we measure time on Earth.

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Many spiritual traditions worldwide are based on the mysteries of the Moon. Many cultural beliefs are founded on ideas that the various travels and cycles of the Moon affect our moods and physical well-being. Rituals to the Moon Goddesses, harnessing and channeling the Moon’s energy for making and using talismans and magical items, have existed for centuries. The Picatrix, an ancient book of magic, explains the importance of the Moon’s travels through the Lunar Mansion in its orbit and the effects of that travel on our lives and passions. One of the oldest spiritual and cultural traditions associated with the Moon is the collection and use of “Moon Water.” It is believed by many that Moon Water appropriately collected is charged with special lunar energies and can be used in a wide variety of spiritual and cultural activities and rituals.

Moon Water is believed to be an enormously energetic conduct of the Moon’s energy that can help us feel in ‘flow’ with the Universe and supercharge our life force. Some believe it is particularly beneficial for emotional healing, bringing the Yin energy of acceptance, equanimity, and self-reliance. It is being used to aid in manifesting desires and help them become a reality. It seems to do this through its subtle influences on our subconscious and spirit. Properly made can amplify your intentions and bring your body, mind, and spirit together in the quest for your desires.

So, what is this Moon Water? How do you collect it? And how can you use it to enhance your life and spirit?

What is Moon Water? In a simple answer: it is water that is subjected to the Moon’s influences in a purposeful way.

A bit more precise answer is:

Moon water is a subtle energy conduit of feelings, emotions, intuition, and spiritual directions derived from the influence of the moon as it transits the zodiac focusing the subtle energies of the various sections of the heavens shaped by the intentions, desires, personality, and emotional state of the maker and the subtle energies of crystal and herbal influences brought to bear during its creation.

Ok, that was a mouthful. What does that mean in plain English? It means that water carefully used in a ritual of the Moon can absorb the subtle energies of the Moon’s phase, its location in the Zodiac, the emotions and needs of the person conducting the ritual, and the energies of herbs and crystals used in the ceremony,

Moon Water vs Elixirs & Essences

Now there is a very important distinction to be made before we go any further exploring Moon Water. We need to understand the differences between Moon Water and crystal elixirs and herbal remedies. Essentially Moon Water works on the subconscious and the spirit while elixirs and herbal remedies work on the conscious mind and the body, Here is why.

Crystal elixirs and herbal remedies are made with the Yang energy of the powerful Sun. Moon Water is made with the subtle Yin Energy of the Moon. And for you science-minded, the sunlight is about 400,000 times brighter. So this means that crystal and herbal essences, tinctures, elixirs, and the like are powerful energies to affect the body and mind.

Moon Waters, on the other hand, have subtle energies of cosmic influence on the spirit. They are often meandering, subtle energies like mists on the water. They can come in gossamer strands of fleeting emotional tugs, and flights of fancy interrupted by flashes of insight.

A bath with a portion of romantic Moon Water would produce feelings of romance in an almost pristine state of bliss. And these would be almost hidden from the conscious mind. Rather they would manifest as longings, dreams, and inclinations for actions, a whisper, hunch, a mind caress, like a soap bubble on a gentle breeze. But Moon Waters can be powerful too. Water is a very powerful force, so Moon Water can also have powerful effects on the spirit that can translate to powerful emotions and result in significant energies.

How do you make Moon Water?

The basics are simple. You take some water, focus your mind and express your intent for the energy of the water, and put it out under the Moon for a while, and the moon’s energy creates Moon Water. At this point, you will start to find many guides and opinions on the Internet on how to go about this. We have no issue with anyone’s approach. However, we offer some guidance that we believe will allow you to make many different kinds of Moon Water effectively and easily.

We suggest you consider the definition again and use it to make Moon Water that is useful.


Let’s start with the first part of the definition: Moon water is a subtle energy conduit of feelings, emotions, intuition, and spiritual directions.

This gives us a guide as to what kinds of Moon Water we can make. It is a subtle energy conduit. It is a way to bring our subconscious and spirit in line with what we feel or want to feel or what we desire. In a way, we make Moon Water to talk to our subconscious and our spirit. So we can create Moon Water for feeling free, feeling adventurous, finding romance, finding new sources of income, living a better life, being happy, etc. But we are not going to be able to make Moon Water to cure a headache, fix a broken knee, cure cancer, or protect our house. Those are needs addressed with medicines and in the metaphysical realm with herbal remedies and crystal energies.


Next, we need to consider the next part of the definition:

Moon water is derived from the influence of the moon as it transits the zodiac focusing the subtle energies of the various sections of the heavens.

Here we now have a lot of opportunities to create Moon Waters. The Moon transits the twelve Zodiac signs in its approximately monthly orbit and, in doing so, transits the 28 Mansions of the Moon, each with its particular energy. The Moon also wanes and waxes each month, going through a number of phases, again each with its particular energy and influence. So understanding the subtle energies of the Moon in a particular Zodiac sign, or transiting a particular Mansion of the Moon, or in a particular lunar phase gives us guidance on what Moon Water we can make.

Next, we take into account the next aspect of the definition; Moon water is shaped by the intentions of the maker.

So we know that as we make Moon Water, we can shape and focus it on what energy we need. Our intentions will significantly affect the subtle energy of the water we make.

Now the last part of the definition, Moon water is also shaped by the subtle energies of crystal, and herbal influences brought to bear during its creation.

Here is where we can bring creativity to our Moon Water. With the hundreds of herbs and crystals at our disposal, we have an almost infinite number of ways to shape and form our Moon Water.

What we get from all this is that the timing and the environment, and our desires and emotions and intentions will all be factors in making our Moon Water.

But don’t worry; this is not actually difficult to do in practice.

Let’s make some, and you will see.

Moon Water for Improving My Self Image

moon big copy

Perhaps you want some Moon Water to feel better about yourself. You might want to be more specific and say you want to make Moon Water to "Improve My Self Image.”

Now with that in mind, we need to figure out when to make this Moon Water. It might be that we choose the Waxing Gibbous/Full Moon phase as it brings “brightness and illumination” to our water. That might well be enough for a simple Moon Water.

Now for a full-strength Moon Water, we want it made during the entire time the Moon is up, and every day Moonrise and Moonset change. So our method is simple. We put the Moon Water out at a certain time in the day and take it back in 24 hours later.

For example, if we put it out at 4 PM one day, we take it back in at 4 PM the next day. That way, regardless of when the Moon rises or sets, we will get a full amount of moon exposure. Now, you may wonder if the effects of the sun will affect the water… And here is where the intentions of the maker come into play. If you, as the creator of the Moon Water, specifically intend that the Moon only influences it, then the Moon Water will be created as you desire.

So using this full-strength method, we can decide we want some Moon Water to help us improve our self-image. We could simply take a small bowl of water outside or set it on a windowsill at 4 PM (or anytime) when the Moon is in the Waxing Gibbous or Full Moon Phase, set our intentions when we do so that we want to bring the Moon’s energy to our need to feel better about ourselves, and leave it there until 4 PM the next day.

Now you might question if perhaps we can make it stronger by leaving it out more than one day. Opinions here differ. Perhaps, but our experience seems to indicate the effects are minor for longer durations. So you get about 95% of the strength and energy from just one day’s exposure. However, this is a personal preference, and feel free to experiment.

Or we might want to add some crystal energy and some magic from herbs to this Moon Water to enhance its potency. The Crystal Vaults website can help. A quick search for Self Esteem finds the page Crystals For Self Worth, and on it, we see red crystals such as Red Aventurine have the energy we need.
In rummaging in the Masters' Grimoire of Magical Herbs, we can see that Borage is the herb of Inner Strength. So let’s add some Red Aventurines and a few ounces of Borage near our water as we collect the Moon Water.

Now we can be ready. If we have a small bowl or glass of water with a small ring of borage and red Aventurines around it, we can put it out to be charged by the moon. When we put it out, we focus it with our intention to bring the Moon’s energy to our water to help us feel better about ourselves.

Now to enhance our Moon Water, we can use a simple Ritual to collect it. Rituals are powerful influences and can make the Moon Water much more potent.

Here is an example of a Ritual of Moon Water to use as a guide. Feel free to modify it as you see fit.

Begin by collecting your supplies like the collection container ( a glass, a bowl, a jar), herbs and crystals, and other sacred items. You might want a pen and paper to use to write the intention out clearly. You may want some incense, sage or singing bowls, bell or crystal, or herbal cleansing spray or mist.

Collect your water. You can use any kind that you choose, but Spring Water seems to work best for us. A simple pitcher of it is a good way to begin.

Next, Cleanse the space you will use to collect your Moon Water with the cleansing tools you normally use.

Now set out your collection bowl, jar, or whatever you will use. Around it, place your herbs and crystals. Don’t put these items in the water if you intend to drink it. We never do.

Now place a barrier of protection around the herbs and crystals. You can use a ring of Black Tourmalines as we often do. Our Moon Water Kit can make this easy.

Next, either state clearly or write out your intentions for the Moon Water. If you write them out, place the paper beneath the collecting bowl or jug.

Finally, fill your collecting bowl with the water you have brought. Our experiences vary, but we have found that making about 1 quart at a time seems to work best for the maximum benefits from a night.

Your ritual is complete.

Now wait 24 hours and collect your Moon Water. Bottle it carefully and label the bottle with the date, the intention, and the location you collected it from.

How to store and use Moon Water?

Your Moon Water is good for about a month. We suggest you store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and active. We all know water can go “off” for various reasons, so let’s keep it fresh and ready in the refrigerator.

We have many more options in making our Moon Water. We can consider the Moon’s position in the Zodiac, either considering its location in the major signs like Cancer or Aries or its more precise position in one of the 28 Mansions of the Moon. We can create a more detailed crystal and herbal protective barrier around our Moon Water to protect it from evil thoughts and influences. We can use an altar to collect the Water, adding personal artifacts to make it more personal. We can decide to add crystal essences to the water.

To explore all these and many more ways to make Moon Water join us in the Crystal Inner Circle, where our Crystal Masters and many others offer their advice and methods for you to explore.

Timing your Moon Water

Here are some basics of when you might make Moon Water.

We have two variables to consider, the Moon’s phase, how much of the Sun it is reflecting, and its location in the Zodiac, which tells us which of the primarily elemental energies it reflects.

We can start with the Moon’s Phases.

  • The New Moon phase: Best for creating Moon Water for new starts, new beginnings, starting over, beginning again, and introspection and self-knowledge.
  • The Waxing phase: Best for creating moon water to help with creative efforts, growing and nurturing relationships, and physical efforts.
    Use the time around the Full Moon for celebrating success, offering gratitude, harvesting, releasing old attitudes, and just adding magic to one’s life.
  • The Waning phase: Best for creating Moon Water to help reduce things like stress, worry, discord, unhappiness, and other negatives in life.

We can also add significant energies to our Moon Water by considering the travels of the Moon in the Zodiac. It is traditionally measured by the Moon’s travel through the 28 Mansions of the Moon. Keep track of the Moon’s travels with our Daily Crystal Horoscope Kit or the annual Almanac of Gaia. You can learn a lot more here in our Crystal Moon Astrology Guide.

If you carefully consider the Moon’s position in the Zodiac and its phases, you will maximize the power of your Moon Water.

cold moon

Now, let’s use some of this Moon Water.

Moon water can be used in:

  • Healing and other Rituals
  • Manifesting
  • Your daily bathing, beauty, and health routines
  • Your meals and drinks
  • Meditation
  • Feng Shui
  • Spells
  • Jar Spells
  • Your pets’ wellbeing

Healing and Other Rituals

Moon Water brings focused and aligned energy that can enhance many rituals. For healing rituals, it can be used to cleanse the space before a ritual. To do so, use it in a spray bottle. It can bring Water Energy to a ritual altar. It can be used as the water used to add yin energy to a ritual token or used to sip between affirmations. Use it to wet crystals before they are used to align chakras.


Suitable Moon Water enhances manifesting efforts. We suggest you use it as a mist and spray it lightly into the air, then move through it as you seek to manifest a desire.

Daily Bathing and Beauty Routines

Substitute your moon water for your face washing water is a great way to bring energy to your life. Add some to a bath, or use it when you wash your hair.


We suggest you sip your Moon Water as you meditate or make it into a meditation herbal tea.

Feng Shui

Add the Moon Water to your water features in the areas where Water energy is needed to give them extra energy.


Many spells use water in some way, particularly love spells. Use your Moon Water instead of plain water.

Jar Spells

Yin Jar Spells can be made with suitable crystals and Moon Water. Simply use a jar with a tight lid.

Your pets’ well-being

Don’t forget to make healthy Moon Water for your pet. They live under the same Moon.


With these ideas, you should be inspired to find many uses for your Moon Water. It is not difficult to create and can bring you the energy of the Cosmos with many applications for your spirit.

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