Borage Meaning, Healing, and Magical Uses


Welcome to the Masters’ Grimoire of Magical Herbs page for Borage. Here you will learn everything you've ever wanted to know about this herb including Borage's magical uses, Borage physical healing, and emotional healing properties, plus its use in meditation, Borage lore and legends, and much more!

Introduction to Borage


Borage is also known as starflower. It is an annual herb in the flowering plant Boraginacaea. It is native to the Mediterranean region though it has been naturalized in other regions. It grows well in gardens ranging from Europe in places like Denmark, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The leaves are edible and the plant is grown in gardens for that purpose. 

It is commercially cultivated for borage seed oil which is extracted from its seeds. The plant contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which some are hepatic, mutagenic, and carcinogenic. Borage usually grows to a height of 60-100 centimeters. It is bristly and hairy all over the stems and leaves. The flowers have five narrow, triangular-pointed petals. The flower is usually blue though it can sometimes bloom in pink. White-flowered types of borage are also cultivated, however the blue flower is the genetically dominant. 

Borage is used in companion planting. It is said to protect or nurse other species of plants such as; legumes, spinach, brassicas, and strawberries. It is also known to be a good companion to tomatoes as it confuses mother moths of tomato hornworms and manduca when looking to lay their eggs. 

Borage seeds contain borage seed oil which is a GLA or Omega-6 oil. It also contains fatty acids palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, eicosenoic acid, erucic acid, and nervonic acid. It is marketed as starflower oil or borage oil and used as a GLA supplement. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has advised that honey made from borage contains PA’s transferred by the pollen collected from the plants. 

Besides its medicinal use, it is commonly used as a fresh vegetable or dried herb. It has been described as having a “cucumber-like” taste and is often used in salads or as a garnish. The flower has a sweet, honey-like taste and is often used to decorate desserts and cocktails. It is commonly frozen inside of ice cubes for decoration. 

Using borage as a vegetable is common in Germany and in the Spanish regions of Aragon and Navarre, and the Greek island of Crete, and the norther Italian region Liguria. In Germany, it is often used in soups or made into a specialty “Green sauce.” In Liguria, it is used as a filling for traditional pasta ravioli and pansoti. It is also used to flavor pickled gherkins in Poland and Russia. The flowers produce a copious amount of nectar making it a favorite for honeybees which produces a light and delicate honey. 

The Sacred Number of Borage is 181.


Borage Magical Uses and Purposes


Borage is mainly in used in magic to inspire courage and bravery. It can enhance psychic powers and strengthen protection spells. Per the IChing, borage is useful for patience, slow growth, gradual change for the better, establishing a healthy pace, and fulfilling long-term goals. 

Borage is one of the strongest flowers for charms to bring courage, fortitude and protection to all that carry them. Harvesting and drying the flowers in a small bag is an easy way to create a charm for personal inner strength and bravery. It is also reputed to have enhance psychic abilities when enjoyed as a tea. 

Placing a borage flower in your buttonhole will help protect you while on a hike or long journey. An infusion of the dried herb can also be sprinkled around your house to provide protection and ward off evil spirits. 

healing with herbs

Healing with Borage

Borage Physical Health Benefits


Traditionally, borage has been used in hyperactive gastrointestinal, respiratory, and cardiovascular disorders. These disorders include colic, cramps, diarrhea, asthma, bronchitis, cardio tonic, antihypertensive, and blood purifier, diuretic, and kidney/bladder disorders. One case of static epileptics has been linked to the associated of borage oil ingestion. 

A methanol extract has been shown to have strong amoebidical activity in vitro. 

Spiritual Healing with Borage


Borage an be spiritually healing as it provides protection for physical journeys. These journeys are beneficial in seeking connection with the world around us. It allows us to be more fulfilled and connected to enhance our spirituality with the universe but also with nature. 

Notes from the Masters

When added to a salve, balm, or poultice, Borage can ease irritation and inflammation associated with stings or bug bites. Add lavender or calendula to your salve for an extra dose of healing benefits!
~ Master Nicole

Emotional Healing with Borage


Emotionally, borage can help us be more confident in ourselves. This confidence inspires bravery and allows us to heal and be an advocate for ourselves when it is needed. 

Borage for Chakra Healing

chakra healing

Borage is associated with the Throat Chakra. 

The Throat Chakra is the center of balance that controls what we think and what we feel. We can communicate our beliefs and emotions from this chakra. When it is in balance we can bring personal truth out into the world and the flow of energy is easy within the body and spirit. The energy lifts upwards from sacral chakra through the solar plexus and can continue its path enabling free expression of needs within that energy. 

When the Throat Chakra is out of balance the physical symptoms may include sore throat, tight jaw, stiff neck, and headaches. Spiritually, you will feel more impelled to habitually lie and feel fear about the intention so others. Sound therapy is beneficial in balancing the throat chakra. Soothing melodic music can be most effective when bringing back balance. 



Borage Bath Salts for Psychic Strength

Borage is an herb used for protection, psychic strength/awareness, and optimism.


  • 3 cups plain Epsom salt
  • 1.5 cups coarse sea salt
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil for serenity, clarity, and spiritual connectivity
  • 10 drops borage essential oil for psychic awareness, strength, courage, and optimism
  • 2-3 tablespoons dried borage flowers optional
  • 2 tablespoons almond oil or coconut oil optional
  • 1 glass container with air flow
  • 1 tablespoon amethyst crystal chips for clarity, creativity, and healing
  • 6 drops amethyst crystal essence


  • Mix all ingredients in a large glass bowl using clean hands or clean spatula.
  • Store in glass containers until use. (Mason jars work great, but punch a few holes in the top to prevent pressure build-up.)
  • Store in a cool, dry place for up to 6 months.
  • Enjoy 1/2- 1 full cup in a hot bath. Meditate on the intentions of the ingredients as you focus your energy on opening your third-eye to the psychic powers of the Universe.


To make a crystal essence: Place a crystal in water in the sunlight or moonlight. Set an intention and leave it out for 2 hours or more. If a crystal is sensitive to water, place it in an airtight container before placing it in the water.

Color Energy of Borage


Borage has blue color energy. 

Blue is the color of patience, forgiveness, compassion, sincerity, and trust. It is the feeling of being mellow, calm, and thoughtful. It helps us face reality and deal with guilt and betrayal. It helps us recover from insecurity and substance abuse. It can help us maintain our faith and beliefs. 

Blue is the color of ice reflecting the winter sky. As the winter gives away to the budding spring, life quickens, and blue marks the beginning of life and emotion. 


Angels Associated with Borage

grimoire angel

Borage is associated with three different angels, Barbiel, Jazeriel, and Rochel.

Barbiel, the Guardian of the Ninth Mansion of the Moon, Cancer-Leo

Jazeriel, Guardian of the Thirteenth Mansion of the Moon, Virgo

Rochel, Protector and Ruler of the dates March 1-5, Pisces


Borage and the Goddess


Borage is associated with the Goddess Brigid. 

Brigid - Brigid is a beloved and favorite Celtic Goddess who’s name means “exalted one”. She is known as the Lady of the Flame and is celebrated at the Pagan holiday of Imbolc. She is the patron of creative types, especially poets and musicians. She brings encouragement and inspiration to everyone.


Borage Birth Herb


Borage is the birth herb for those born on

April 1, April 4, June 10, July 19, August 21, October 7, and November 23.   If you were born on one of these dates, you might find that you have a particular attraction to Borage. You may feel drawn to it. Those with the birth herb of Borage will likely find it more powerful and intuitive to work with.


Borage I Ching Hexagram


Borage is associated with the 53rd hexagram of the iChing. 

This hexagram is about Taking Things Slowly. 

It tells us that the empowered person observes the slow transformation of an acorn into a mighty oak and learns a lesson about the value of gradual progress over time. 

This hexagram encourages us to achieve growth by taking gradual action. There is an importance in pacing yourself as well as taking a leisurely pace, to stop and smell the roses.  It is also important to allow slow growth and in doing so embody patience. This will help you achieve the long-term goal. 

This hexagram cautions against forcing sudden change and disrupting the natural cycle of growth. You must not skip critical steps by thinking a quick change in a situation will have a lasting effect. Take care not apply quick fixes when the situation requires a deeper change. 


Borage Astrological Sign

mansion of the valley

Borage is associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign for people born between November 23 through December 21. Sagittarius are associated with adaptability and flexibility. They are born explorers.  In Moon Astrology Borage is associated with the 13th  Mansion of the Moon, the Mansion of the Valley.

Spend some time in your garden while the Moon transits this Mansion. Appreciate the efforts of those that bring us the grains, the vegetables and fruits that sustain our lives. Use your Borage to bring the Earth Energy of Growth and Life sustenance to your magic, particularly each month as the Moon transits the 13th Mansion when you will find it a particularly powerful element of your creations.


Uses of Borage in Feng Shui

crystal feng shui yin yang - free crystal guides

Borage Leaves  brings Metal Energy to Feng Shui practices.

Metal energy is the energy of intelligence, contraction, healing, and creativity. It is the energy of togetherness and crystallization – of ideas, concepts, and groups. It is hard, sharp, and often destructive, yet an essential element in all lives. We have to be sharp, unyielding, and hard at times to find our way without being a victim of others. The metal element brings the power of concentration and determination to our lives and our dwellings.

The oil of the Borage sets brings us Water energy. Water energy is Yin, flowing, life giving, adaptable, nurturing and sacred. Use the oil for feminine power, adaptability, overcoming obstacles, tolerance, keep the flow of life and money growing, and all efforts to nurture others and yourself. 

The flowers of borage bring us fire energy. This is the energy of inspiration, art, self expression, free will, passion, love, and beauty. Use the flower energy of borage in your practices to celebrate the joys of love and life. Is it he happiness element and should be part of most ceremonies. 


Uses of Borage in Talismans and Amulets


As a talisman, borage can be used as is. This means, a fresh flower held or placed on your person can provide protection as well as courage. As a dried herb, it can also be used for protection, especially around a home when sprinkled around a perimeter. This can also be true of a temporary home while camping. 

It is also associated with the Mansion of the Valley and is used to make talismans and amulets for

Abundance, Freedom from Want, Earth Energy, Efficiency, Farm, Harvest, Material Wealth, Sacrifice, Support, Cooperation, and Physical Growth.


Using Borage in Divination

Borage is known to enhance psychic powers. This is especially true when ingested as an herbal tea. By doing this, you will find divination will have a more thorough effect and clearer meaning. 


Meditation with Borage

meditation pixabayn grimoire

Borage can be used in meditation to help find inner-strength. Keeping a fresh blossom near you or on a personal altar while meditating can inspire bravery and allow you to further clear your mind without the worry of being psychically attacked. This will make for a better session of meditation. 


Lore and Legends of Borage

lore grimoire

Pliny the Elder and Dioscorides said that borage was the “nepenthe” mentioned in Homer that caused forgetfulness when mixed with wine. 

Francis Bacon thought that borage had “an excellent spirit to repress the fuliginous vapor of dusky melancholy.” 

Borage is traditionally used as a garnish in the Pimms Cup cocktail. Though in present times, it has been replaced with a long sliver of cucumber peel or mint. It is also one of the key botanicals in Gilpin’s Westmorland Extra Dry Gin. 

In Persian cuisine, borage tea is called “cow’s-tongue-flower”. 

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by Theresa Peters

Theresa Peters is an (almost) life-long Alaskan. She is a writer and artist for the Crystal Inner Circle and has been studying crystals and their metaphysical and magical properties since she was a teen. Living in Alaska she has grown to appreciate the magical qualities of nature and the way the effect it has on all living things.

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