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Welcome to the Enchanting Land of Faeries and their Crystals

Welcome gentle reader. Welcome to the world of fairies and their beautiful crystals. You will find the world of fairies delightful and you will find the energy they can bring to your life well worth the effort to attract and befriend these gentle spirits.

Why is the energy from fairies so important? Well, as those of us that love fairies already know, fairies are delightful creatures that possess a warm, and positive inner energy that can be helpful to other beings around them.

With the aid of crystals, you can access these calming loving and mystical energies to use upon yourself. Fairies hold mystical powers that are not known to exist in any other beings. They are indeed special creatures.

fairy crystalsFairies hold the powers to open up hearts, lift spirits, heal physically and mentally, bring about great being in the world, and are capable of doing much, much more. They are, in fact, magical creatures who fascinate many people across the world.

Fairies are beloved in every culture, it seems. From the fairy tales we learn as children, to the Disney world of Tinkerbell, the world of fairies has fascinated us from an early age.

So what exactly are fairies, or as as some call them, faeries? Well, read on to learn more, and to learn how some of the beautiful crystals of Mother Nature seem to call to the fairies and bring them to your home or garden.

Fairies are spirits with many names in many cultures. According to Wikipedia, “The word fairy derives from Middle English faierie (also fayerye, feirie, fairie), a direct borrowing from Old French faerie (Modern French feerie) meaning the land, realm, or characteristic activity (i.e. enchantment) of the legendary people of folklore and romance called (in Old French) faie or fee. This derived ultimately from Late Latin fata (one of the personified Fates, hence a guardian or tutelary spirit.”

So how do we attract these Guardian Spirits? In all parts of the world it has been found that fairy crystals are successful in providing spiritual, physical, and emotional aid to our spirits, as well as connecting us to the Fairy Realm. These outstandingly beautiful crystals hold intense energy in which we can use in many helpful ways. Using all these different types of stones and crystals, you can get in touch with your inner happiness, relaxation, and tranquility, while also getting in touch with mystical fairies by using some of their energy and power!

Let’s start with a relatively new type: Fairy Wand Crystals.


Fairy Wand quartz crystals are found in Mexico and are one of the crystals that are linked to fairies. There are not many more in the world due to the fact that the mine they are found in is now closed. These are the only quartz crystals that actually look like a Fairy Wand.

fairy wandFairy Wand quartz is always very small. Sometimes the crystals are shaped like scepters. Sometimes they look like mini Cathedrals. Some, like the photo, seem to be miniature minarets. Almost all of them have unusual markings and shapes along the crystal, as if carved by a fairy.

These extraordinary crystals can be used in many ways.

Robert Simmons, in “The Book of Stones” tells us that through the use of meditation, one can actually access the fairy kingdom, easily. But he also notes that it can also be accessed through dreams with the aid of the Dream Quartz crystal. (Dream Quartz is clear Quartz with inclusions of the mineral Epidote)

With practice, we have found, you can learn how to enter a fairy domain and experience the mystical fairy world meditating with a Fairy Wand and a Dream Quartz.

fairy crystalsFairy Wand crystals can also be used to provide emotional healing, enhancement of creativity (especially in art and music), and can be helpful with healing headaches, vertigo, and vision issues, just by carrying them.

Fairy Wand Crystals are often found in small clusters. These clusters are wonderful for putting in various places within your home to give fairies a place to play.


fairy frostFairy Frost crystals are also called Devic Temple crystals. They are believed to have been touched by an actual fairy.

The fairy that had touched it released some of his or her magic into the crystal, giving it the somewhat wispy, veiled look. When handled by a human, some of the inner magic is released and then absorbed by our spirit.

Like the Fairy Wand crystals, Fairy Frost crystals are excellent for meditation uses, when you have a large enough crystal.

Other practitioners and writers believe that Fairy Frost Crystals can help you to communicate with the spirits of the elements and bring about love all around.

Fairy Frost Crystals contain wisps, veils and internal fractures that look like frost inside a clear crystal. Often they will reflect sunlight and make a rainbow when a beam of sunlight strikes them just right releasing a cascade of beautiful color energy to brighten your day.


fairy crossThere are two types of Fairy Crosses. The first is the mineral Staurolite. It forms naturally into crosses, sometimes at right angles, sometimes at a 60 degree angle. The crosses are found in many places around the world, telling us that fairies are also all around the world.

The legend of Fairy Crosses goes that when the fairies learned about Christ’s crucifixion, they cried. Their tiny tears fell to earth. Magically these tears crystallized into the Fairy Crosses. The legends tell us that Fairy Crosses will enhance your good luck and can serve as a protection against bad luck. Fairy Crosses also strengthen the rituals in White Magic ceremonies. They are also known to connect the spiritual, emotional, and physical planes.
Fairy Crosses are said to have been used to heal Richard the Lionhearted during the Crusades.

Now we have found that wearing a Fairy Cross seems to brighten a day. It is as if you are constantly saying that you believe in Fairies and that you appreciate them and what they bring to life.

fairy crossThere are other Fairy Crosses. These are the mysterious Chiastolite Crystals. Chiastolite is an opaque mineral that forms with a dark cross within the stone. These crosses are often only revealed when the stone is sliced open. The mystery is within the heart of the stone.

Knowingstones.com tell us that “Because of its cross markings Chiastolite has always been a popular religious talisman. In the pagan world the stones showed the symbol of the Sun God and were a charm for strength, good fortune and victory. Later the stones became obvious symbols of the Christian religion.”

Melody tells us in “Love Is In the Earth“, that Chiastolite Fairy Crosses are a stone of “crossing over.” We agree. They will help you to cross over to the enchantment of the Fairy Realm.



fairy crystalsSmall clusters of delicate, needle-like, exquisite clear quartz are known as Fairy Crystals or sometimes Fairy Crystal Clusters. They look like a fairy land shimmering the sun. These crystals are difficult to get. They have to be carefully hand mined in order to obtain. But it’s well worth it since these crystals are so intricately beautiful.

Each of the thin, tiny crystals seem to sparkle and reflect the light of fairy energy. Besides these crystals being absolutely beautiful, they serve to enhance the positive energy around you, or even a specific room or area. If you want to bring out the bright energy in a room, it’s best to put it in a sunny window so the crystal can reflect the sunlight it absorbs bringing out happiness and warmth in that room. This crystal is also known to attract fairies since it creates a happy place.fairy crystals

Attracting fairies to your home is a wonderful thing to do. Find a sunny window and put a few Fairy Crystals in the window. When the sun hits them, they will seem to shimmer and glow with positive energy. They will capture the extraordinary Life Force from the sun and reflect it into your home and your life.

The Fairies thrive on the Universal Life Force. They will be attracted to the energy and join you in your celebration of life.

We have found some absolutely enchanting and very special Fairy Crystals from Peru. They were mined high in the mountains, carefully cleaned and are now available to you. We encourage you to try them and see if they don’t lift your spirits as they do ours.

The world of Fairy crystals continues. Next there are what are called Fairy Diamonds. Read on and see these magical crystals and learn what they can bring to your life.


fairy diamondsFairy Diamonds are very small Herkimer Diamonds from Herkimer County NY. They are double terminated, mostly clear crystals that are seemingly the diamonds of the Fairy Kingdom.

Fairy Diamonds are incredibly beautiful. They are not cut by people like regular diamonds, but actually are found in the ground already completely formed into double terminated clear crystals. Maybe they were cut by the Fairies!

Regardless of how they formed, Fairy Diamonds are simply fascinating crystals. We know of people that put them with fairy wands near a bright window to attract the fairies to a home.

We also know of people that use the Fairy Diamonds to energize other crystals. We understand they put the Fairy Diamonds in a circle around another crystal to cleanse it of negativity.

fairy diamondsFairy Diamonds are hard to come by. The mining is difficult, and there is only one real location. So if you have a chance, enjoy these crystals and see what magic they can bring to you.

Well lets continue with our guide to Fairy Crystals. We hope you are enjoying learning about these fascinating and magical crystals.

The Fairy Realm is worth learning about and exploring. We wish you the best as you journey into this magical land. Next stop, Fairy Dust Crystals.



fairy dustA Fairy Dust Quartz crystal is described as the random outside attachment of many very small crystals to the outside of a larger one, seemingly looking like a dusting that sparkles in the sun. These are also called Barnacle crystals when the attached crystals are larger and mostly distinct to the eye as separate small crystals.

Fairy Dust Crystals are for meditation. As you know, the relationships and things you accumulate in your passage through life are not you.   Do not confuse yourself with your relationships and your things.

When you are trying to separate your own spirit from its relationship with others, and get in touch with your real spirit, use a Fairy Dust crystal to aid in your efforts of self-knowledge and usefulness.

When you use the crystal, think of the fairy dust on it as the things and relationships you have added to your life. Note they are not the main crystal, just as you are not the things you have added to your life.

Keep a Fairy Dust Crystal near to you. Let it constantly remind you keep a perspective on your relationships. It will help you learn to see yourself separately from your things and relationships.

A Fairy Dust crystal is a good crystal to use in the beginning of a meditation session.   It will help you find yourself – the first step in finding your future.

Melody reports it might help you sort out family problems.


fairy queenA Fairy Queen is a Fairy Crystal or a Fairy Crystal Cluster that contains an Isis face. The Isis is also called a Goddess crystal. These crystals are special.

The Fairy crystals are tiny, and the clusters are often just the size of the end of your thumb. The Fairy Queens are hidden, and take a lot of work to find.

Fairy Queen crystals are quite special, rare, and extraordinary. You are unlikely to find one listed for sale. You find them by examining your Fairy Crystal clusters one crystal at a time looking for the Isis face on one that will tell you that you have found a Fairy Queen. (We usually take a small dot of pink paint and put it on the crystal so we can find it again. )

When you find a Fairy Queen crystal here is what you do.

Use it for the center stone in a Fairy Circle or Fairy Grid that is designed to empower you to accomplish a difficult goal. You will find that the Fairy Circle or Fairy Grid to be extraordinary effective.



fairy spiritThere is a fairly new crystal being found in South Africa, first appearing in 2001. It comes in shades of violet, brown, yellow, gold, and white.

The sparkling white (and sometimes the other colors) are being called Fairy Spirit Quartz, or Fairy Spirit Crystals or Fairy Quartz because they seem to be painted by the wings of fairies.

These Fairy Spirit crystals are one of nature’s gifts to all of us.

These Fairy Spirit Quartz brings us a very dynamic and joyful energy that should be a part of everyone’s life. Joy is a rare commodity in today’s world.

We often get so caught up in the mundane daily grind that we forget the true wonder of life.

Fairy Spirit Quartz brings the joy of life to us in seemingly unbounded quantity. You should have a Fairy Spirit Quartz crystal or crystal cluster in areas of your home and office where you spend a significant amount of time.


fairy crystal circleWe have discovered that powerful arrangements of Fairy Crystals can be made, that when energized properly, can be used to make very meaningful changes in your life.

A Crystal Fairy Circle, or as they are more commonly called Crystal Faerie Circle, is a circular arrangement of Fairy Crystal Clusters around a center stone. The circle can be as few as ten clusters up to a hundred or more.

The Fairy clusters provide a ring of power to the center stone, bringing the energy of the Fairy Realm to the intention of the Crystal Fairy Circle.fairy circle

Crystal Fairy Circles are set up either indoors or, even better, outdoors, particularly in the spring. Find a safe place where the circle will not be disturbed. Clear a small space in a secluded spot where it will be safe for fairies to gather.

Put your center stone in the center of the location you have chosen.

If you have a Fairy Queen Crystal use it. If you have a stone selected for a specific purpose use it. If you are unsure what center stone you need, choose one by color using the Color Wheel. Either a stone or crystal will work fine.

Then arrange your Fairy Clusters around the center stone equally spaced to form a circle.

fairy circle fairyNow you just need to energize the circle, and that is easy to do. For this task you will need a Fairy Wand crystal. Take your Fairy Wand and point it at the center stone. Focus very clearly on what you want exactly and feel your thought going down your arm, being magnified by the energy of the Fairy Wand crystal and shooting into the center stone bringing it an inner light.

Now see the inner stone glow and light up the Fairy Clusters. Watch closely and they will begin to reflect and magnify the light and energy from the center stone.

Your Fairy Circle is now energized. Leave it in place for 1-3 days or until you begin to notice the changes you have desired.

You can either leave it in place, or dismantle it, clean the stones, and put them to use in another Crystal Fairy Cluster in another place.

Enjoy, and do let us know how you get along with the Fairies. We wish you good luck and good fortune on you efforts.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Fairy Crystals and their uses.

— Brittani

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