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Illustrated Quartz Crystal Guide

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Quartz crystals are natural modulators, transmitters, and containers of the Universal Life Force.  As they are grown within the earth, they take unique shape and often gather inclusions of other minerals that affect their abilities to modify, store, and transmit the Life Force.

We offer here a constantly updated but always seemingly incomplete listing of quartz shapes, inclusions, and crystal arrangements, along with their generally accepted definitions and metaphysical properties.


There are two great resources for information about quartz crystal. First is The Quartz Page. Here Amir Akhavan has a wealth of material on forms, shapes, varieties, and the chemistry of quartz. He has extensive photos of unusual formations of quartz. Very well researched and a vertible goldmine for the quartz enthusiast. Highly recommended.

The other is Mindat. This is the on-line mineralogical database used by the world as the "go to" resource for mineral data.

The quoted material from "The Buyer's Guide" by LS Hersh, ISBN 0-9705865-0-7, is used with author's permission.

Honest credit must be given to Patricia Troyer for her book, Crystal Personalities. It is the seminal work in this area, and the one we find most other writers seem to have used the most.


The metaphysical properties of the shapes are those based on the shape of the crystals, their relationships to other crystals, the properties of their inclusions, or the commonly accepted uses by crystal healers and practitioners. Be aware however, that the metaphysical properties are not necessarily consistent with every book or article you might read. Keep an open mind.

There are many viewpoints in the world, and you must sift through them to find your truth. What is right for one person, is not necessarily what is best for another. Also, be aware that a crystal formation may well be good for something for most people, but others may have discovered new energies and uses.

For example, a cabinetmaker may well see a screwdriver as a tool used to install and remove screws. He or she is right. However, a painter may see it as an excellent paint can opener. Both are right. The list is a starting point on your voyage of discovery.


Quartz Type
Physical Description
7-3 Channeling No longer used. See Channeling.
7-3-7-3-7-3 No longer used. See Dow.


Abundance "Host or 'mother' point with at least nine other points (or doubly-terminated crystals)around the base, vertically. Quite Rare."  The smaller crystals are usually less than 10 percent of the size of the larger crystal.
Actinolite Quartz Quartz included with green actinolite. Historically known as Thetis' Hair Stone. Usually now found as opaque green stones. Transparent material is extremely rare. Faceted gemstones are sometimes available on rare gem Web sites.

When cut en cabochon, this is sometime incorrectly called "cat's eye jade."
Actinolite is an asbestos mineral.
Sometimes Amphibole Angel Quartz is actinolite included, sometimes it is other asbestos minerals.

Activation (left brain) Activation quartz (left brain) crystal has an inclined main facet that leans to the left.  Often confused with a Time Link, but a Time Link is a 7th facet.
Activation (right brain) Activation quartz (right brain) crystal has an inclined main facet that leans to the right.  Often confused with a Time Link, but a Time Link is a 7th facet.
Activator Quartz Crystal See Time Line to the Past or Future.
African Energy Quartz See Zambian Quartz
Aggregator Quartz Crystal See Barnacle
Ajoite Quartz (Ajo Quartz) Quartz with an inclusion of Ajoite. Ajoite is an attractive blue/green copper silicate mineral that is named for its type locality in the Ajo District of Pima County, Arizona. It is a secondary mineral that forms from the oxidation of other secondary copper minerals.
Apple Aura Quartz Quartz infused with nickel producing an apple green crystal.
Arkansas candle See Candle Crystal. It is also know as an Artemis crystal.
Artemis Crystal See Candle Crystal.
Alien Quartz Crystal See Extra Termination.
Alkali Etchings See Etched
Amethystine Quartz See Amethyst
Amethyst Quartz colored by iron to a violet color. Our listing of Amethyst.
See our Crystal Encyclopedia page that provides extensive metaphysical information about Amethyst
Amethyst Brandenburg A usually small amethyst point from the Brandenburg region of Namibia.
Amethyst Chevrons See Amethyst Quartz
Amethyst Elestial A natural violet Elestial quartz crystal
Amethyst Quartz Violet quartz with whitish stripes. Amethyst quartz is a more compact formation of amethyst, layered and striped with milky quartz. Also known as banded amethyst and as Amethyst Chevrons.
Amethyst Herkimer Violet colored Herkimer Diamonds
Amethyst Spirit Quartz Natural purple spirit quartz from South Africa
Ametrine A mixture of amethyst and citrine in the same stone
Amphibole Angel Quartz Amphibole quartz is a milky white quartz that contains one or more of the amphibole minerals which are primarily the asbestos silicates.
The most common being Actinolite and Tremolite (the others, such as Glaucophane, Hornblende, and Riebeckite, being brown, blue or black.) These are fibrous asbestos minerals and the fibers give the opaque milky appearance.
These crystals are also known as angel quartz crystals due to the inclusions sometimes having a wispy effect resembling wings. Angel Quartz is said to also shield someone from the abrasiveness of others. This is especially helpful to those that have been emotionally or verbally abused.
Angel Quartz often contains additional inclusions such as Hematite. The inclusions are often red or yellow depending on the included minerals. The angel quartz is sometimes in a phantom. See the photo at the link to the left.
Ancestral Time Line See Time Line to the Past.
Andara Crystal A colored glass. Not quartz.
Angel Quartz Crystal  Angel Crystals have a silvery white inclusions that look like angel wings.
Angel Phantom Quartz (Amphibole) See Amphibole Angel in listing above. In this case there is a phantom crystal that is a Amphibole included or coated that is within a more clear quartz crystal showing the typical phantom appearance.
Angel Aura See Opal Aura
Aperture Quartz Crystal Also known as Seer Stone or Picture Window
Aqua Aura Quartz infused with a Gold based coating.
Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz Spirit Quartz infused with a gold-based coating process.
Artemis crystal See Candle Crystal.
Arkimer Diamond A diamond shape formation similar to the Herkimer Diamond but mined in Arkansas It is a stout, short DT with a hardness of 7.
Artichoke Quartz Artichoke quartz is when quartz crystals get subdivided in a way that resembles the arrangement of leaves on an artichoke head. It is a type of Split Quartz. More description and photos are on the Quartz Page
Asterated Quartz Also known as "Star Quartz" Asterated Quartz is a radiating aggregate of quartz crystals.
Atlantean Temple Quartz Crystal See Cathedral.
Atlantean Love Star  A carved crystal that has six long tapering sides topped with six identical facets.  Not a natural formation.
Auralite Also known as Super 23. These are quartz crystasl srecently found in the northern areas of the Boral Forest in Canada. They are reported to contain 23 elements and minerals.
Aurora Aura Crystal A quartz crystal or cluster that has been enhanced with a coating of titanium. Also known as Titanium Aura, Sunshine Aura, and Rainbow Aura Quartz
Aurora Quartz A natural white opaque quartz from India that has some natural opalescence.
Aventurine A mostly dark green (sometimes blue ) quartzite ( a rock of crypto crystalline quartz and other materials) with metallic glittery appearance caused by included fuchsite (green mica), or red- to gold-brown caused by hematite leaves. It is sometimes blue if Dumortierite is mixed in. It can also be orange, brown or yellow. Here is our listing of Aventurine
Azeztulite Trade name for several types of quartz and quartz rocks from certain world wide locations sold by H&E LLC. There are various types mostly based on color and location of mines. Azeztulite is not a mineral, crystal, or rock. It is a trade name for quartz reputed to be a gift from a race of beings called the Azez.
Azure Aura Quartz See Tanzine Aura Quartz


Babel Quartz A variety of quartz named for the fancied resemblance of the crystals to the successive tiers of the Tower of Babel. See great photo of Babel Quartz.
Babylon Quartz See Cathedral Quartz
Or, see a picture of Babel Quartz. Babylon Quartz is used to describe both formations.
Barnacles Quartz Crystal "The random outside attachment of several to many smaller crystals to the host." Also called Fairy Frost.
Bastard Quartz Massive boulders of opaque uneconomical quartz. Also called Bull Quartz.
Beauty Way Quartz Crystal See Life Path.
Bent Quartz Crystal A Bent Crystal was broken in the past, then re grown, but the new growth is at an angle to old part, making the crystal bent.
Beta Quartz Beta Quartz does not exist at a temperate below 573 degrees C.  Some  quartz crystals are pseudo morphs of Beta Quartz crystals.  They are composed of hexagonal dipyramids, which are a pair of opposing six sided pyramids, and the crystals lack prism faces. Technically these crystals are Quartz after Beta Quartz.
Black Onyx Dyed chalcedony. Real Onyx is banded black and white agate.
Black Phantom Quartz See Shale Phantom.
Black Tourmaline Quartz Quartz with inclusions of black tourmaline.
Bloodstone Bloodstone is an opaque, dark-green chalcedony with red spots (caused by iron oxide). Here is our listing of Bloodstone.
Blueberry Quartz An artificial glass with blue swirling patterns manufactured in China and sold primarily as beads. It is NOT Quartz and it is NOT a mineral or gemstone.
Blue Drusy Quartz A dark blue tinted Drusy quartz
Blue Herkimer Diamond A double terminated quartz crystal included with Boulangerite from Romania
Blue Lemurian A naturally dark blue tinted Lemurian Seed Crystal.
Blue Moon Quartz See Girasol Quartz
Blue Phantom Quartz Crystal Phantoms that appear gray or blue caused by shale inclusions.  These are from Arkansas and are natural. See Shale Phantom.
Blue Opal Quartz See Girasol Quartz
Blue Quartz Man made product: Quartz bonded with coating of titanium. Sometimes call Siberian Blue Quartz.
Blue Quartz Natural opaque to translucent, blue variety of quartz, owing its colour to microscopic inclusions of fibrous magnesioriebeckite or crocidolite. Good photo of blue quartz here.
Blue Quartz with Lazulite Quartz included with natural blue lazulite
Blue Siberian Quartz Man-made synthetic quartz from Russia
Blue Tourmaline Quartz Quartz with inclusions of blue tourmaline.
Brandenburg Quartz A clear, purple, smoky or yellow quartz l from Namibia, often Amethyst, from the Gobobos diggings in the Brandberg Mountain in Damaraland, Namibia, Africa. They have a wide variety of features, often being enhydros. Often contain both hematite and Lepidocrocite inclusions. Usually under 2 inches long
Bridge Quartz Crystal A smaller crystal growing out of another at nearly a right angle with the base of the smaller crystal inside the larger and most of the smaller outside of the larger. If the smaller crystal extends from the larger in both directions, and part of it is completely enclosed within the larger it is not a bridge, it is a Penetrator.  If no section of the smaller one is completely contained within the larger, and both ends protrude, then it is a Cross Crystal. If no part of the smaller crystal is completely enclosed by the larger and only one section extends from the larger crystal, then it is likely a damaged cross unless a clear termination is apparent.
Buddha Quartz Crystal A crystal with a phantom that looks like a sitting Buddha.
Bull Quartz Massive opaque bolders of uneconomical quartz.
Burr Quartz Crystal A burr is a completely three dimensional crystal cluster with no base.
Bushman Quartz A clear/milky quartz found by Bushman in South Africa
Bushman Red Cascade Quartz A white quartz crystal with red/orange coating due to Limonite - source is South Africa


Cactus Quartz See Spirit Quartz.
Cacoxenite Quartz Quartz included with cacoxenite, a gold, yellow, or red/brown mineral. Most is from Brazil.
Cairngorm See Smoky Quartz
Candle Quartz Candle quartz is recognized by a myriad of smaller terminations surrounding a larger central point. The smaller ones are usually poorly defined, looking a bit like dripping candle wax. The sides of a Candle Quartz often look and feel like a pineapple.    If the smaller ones are sharply defined the formation is called an Abundance Crystal.
Candle Crystal Candle Crystal – This is a crystal with a ratio of 6 to 1 or greater length to width. It is also know as an Artemis crystal.
Capped Quartz "Capped quartz is an extreme case of a phantom quartz: In a short period during the growth of the crystal a lot of material precipitated on the crystal's rhombohedral faces, forming a thin layer within the crystal. The "upper part" of the crystal (often a scepter) is only weakly connected to the "lower", older part and sometimes both parts can be separated easily. The upper part looks a bit like a cap because its lower side is the negative form of the former crystal tip." A.C. Akhavan - The Quartz Page Also there is a good photo of capped quartz here.
Carnelian Carnelian is a chalcedony that ranges in color from yellow-orange to rich, near reddish orange, to orangey brown, and varies from semi-opaque to highly translucent. Here is a link to our Carnelian.
Carnelian Onyx Red and white banded chalcedony
Carved Quartz Crystal “The Carved (natural) crystal is recognized by the existence of a carved triangular face - the carving outlines the face and is etched such that the location of the engraved portion is normally white in appearance.”
Castellated See Castle
Castle Quartz Crystal A castle is a form of twin with many points and extra facets on the tip. Many of the faces will reflect light at the same angle, giving the appearance of a castle. It is a self-healed crystal.  The crystal broke from its matrix or another crystal and continued to grow and heal the rough base or side.  It is similar to a Cathedral but lacks the larger center termination of a Cathedral formation.
Cathedral Quartz Crystal  An opaque crystal formation of one main central point and surrounding parallel ones usually of different widths and lengths, but shorter than the main crystal, all growing on a  common base.  If clear, it is a Lightbrary.
Cat's Eye White, gray, green, yellow, brown quartz that is cut en cabochon to allow the reflection of fibrous asbestos inclusions to give the appearance of a cat's eye.
Celestial Aura Quartz Geode coated with precious metal to produce a light blue irridescence.
Celestial Quartz Crystal This is also known as Candle Quartz. usually from Madagascar. However, it also is the name used for white Himalayan quartz that appears similar to Nirvana quartz. I recommend consulting The Crystal Bible 2 by Judy Hall page 242 for more details.
Center Point Quartz Crystal A Center Point is a single crystal with six sharp facets meeting in a sharp point. Also commonly called a Generator.
Ceridwen Quartz Crystal See Isis
Chalcedony Chalcedony is a catch-all term for cryptocrystalline quartz (quartz with microscopically small crystals). The name usually refers to semitransparent or translucent chalcedony with a solid color (commonly pale bluish-gray) and nearly wax like luster. Chalcedony is the general term applied to the fibrous crypto crystalline varieties.
Chamonix Stone Crysta See Garden Quartz
Chandelier Quartz Crystal Crystals from Brazil that have tiny diamond shaped facets around the tip.
Champagne Aura Champagne Aura are crystals that have been treated with a coating of gold and iron. The coating is very hard and durable.
Channel Quartz Crystal See Channeling.
Channel Face Quartz Crystal See Channeling.
Channeling Quartz Crystal Channeling Crystals have a seven sided facet flanked by two smaller triangular ones, opposite a smaller triangle one.
Channeling 8 faced Eight faced Channeling crystals have a eight sided facet or facet opposite a three sided one.
Chard See Sheet Quartz.
Cherry Quartz Bright red quartz - this is dyed quartz, not naturally formed.
Cherry Quartz A synomyn of Strawberry Quartz
Here is a good photo of the natural cherry quartz.
Be aware, Strawberry Quartz is also used to describe a red glass from China.
Chert Chert is the general term applied to the granular crypto crystalline varieties of quartz, Flint and Jasper are examples.
Chevron Amethyst Amethyst that has alternating bands of white quartz and purple quartz shaped like chevrons. From Brazil.
Chinese Chromium Quartz Man-made creation of superheated quartz and chromium to fuse the surface of the quartz
Chinese Red Quartz Natural Red tinted quartz from China, usually caused by hematite - note entry below, there are man-made versions.
Chinese Red Quartz Man-made red quartz from China, using Hematite
Chlorite Quartz Quartz containing green Chlorite inclusions.
Chlorite Phantom Quartz Quartz containing green Chlorite phantom inclusions.
Chimney Crystal Thin sheet of crystal connecting two crystal points.
Chisel Quartz Crystal  Chisel crystals are wide, relatively flat crystals with wide beveled faces that looks like a chisel.
Chlorite Brandenburg Crystal A chlorite included quartz crystal from the Brandenburg region of Namibia
Chlorite Included Crystal with inclusions of chlorite.
Chocolate Window Quartz Crystal Quartz from Chinese mine that has some edges darkened by Hematite.  Not a Window Quartz.
Chrysocolla Blue to blue-green, opaque to near transparent expensive chalcedony. Its color agent is copper.
Chrysocolla Quartz Clear pale green/blue quartz from Arizona colored by natural inclusions of chyrsocolla. Also called Azurchalcedony or Azurlite.
Chrysoprase Chrysoprase is the bright apple green translucent chalcedony (a crypto crystalline quartz)
Cinnabar Quartz Quartz with Cinnabar crystals
Citrine Light yellow to dark yellow quartz colored by iron. Natural citrines are mostly pale yellow. Most commercial citrines are heat-treated amethyst. They are much brighter yellow.
Citrine Brandenburg An orange to gold yellow quartz crystal from the Brandenburg region of Namibia
Citrine Cathedral Quartz Cathedral quartz with a natural yellow/orange tint.
Citrine Herkimer A yellow tinted Herkimer diamond
Citrine Lemurian A naturally light yellow Lemurian Seed Crystal
Cluster Quartz Crystal Many crystal points growing together in a base.
Color Veils See Rainbow.
Colorado Diamonds See Smoky Quartz
Comet Crystal A comet crystal has a grouping of indentations on or more sides that have trailing, spraying edges appearing like a comet.
Companions Quartz Crystals This is a family of Quartz shapes that includes Twins, Bridge, Inner Child, Penetrator, Soul Mates, Tantric Twins, Twin Flames, Dolphins, and others.  What they all have in common is their duality and their uses in focusing the Universal Life Force on the relationship between two people.  No crystal should be identified just as a Companion.  Its specific nomenclature should be used.
Consumption Crystal  A crystal that appears to be consuming another one.  The crystals are aligned.
Convoluted sheet quartz Convoluted Sheet Quartz is a milky, twisted quartz shape formed over other minerals that often subsequently dissolves, leaving holes and vacancies in the quartz.
Corroded Quartz See Etched Quartz
Cosmic Aura Quartz Geode Quartz geodes that have been specially plated and infused with different precious metals to produce vivid irridescent aura colours.
Covellite Quartz Also known as Pink Fire Quartz. This is an unknown material and may not be natural.
Crackle Quartz Superheated and cooled quartz. This is a man-made creation. Not natural. Comes in virtually all colors. Usually pink. Often found in tumbled stones
Crater crystal Crater Crystals have a indentation or crater where another crystals was once attached but is now absent.  The crater can be either a crystal or a cluster.  If the indentation is 3 or 6 sided and becomes narrower as it penetrates, the crystal is  Key Crystal.
Creator Crystal See Manifestation.
Crocidolite Quartz Golden-brown chatoyant quartz formed by the alteration of crocidolite, and consisting essentially of quartz colored by iron oxide. Also known as "
Tiger Eye"
Crocodile quartz See Elestial.
Cross Quartz Crystal A Cross is one crystal at growing at right angles to another.  The crossing crystal is joined to the other but does not completely penetrate it.  Also, the terminations of both crystals are separate.  One crystal does not contain the termination of the other.  A Cross is like two matchsticks lying across one another.
Cubic Quartz Distorted crystals with a (pseudo)cubic appearance. They frequently occur in alpine clefts and are known from Artesia, New Mexico.
Cupid's Arrow Quartz Crystal Clear quartz included with golden rutile needles. See Rutilated Quartz
Curved Quartz Crystal A Curved Crystal is one that grew in a curved manner, not one that broke at some point.


Delphi Oracle Quartz See Epidote Quartz
Dendritic Quartz Crystal Dendritic Quartz contains natural inclusions of manganese oxide that appear to be included ferns.
Desirite Quartz Clear quartz with phantoms of orange brown, and blue coloration
Devic or Dvic Temple Quartz Crystal Devic Temples are crystals with internal fracture planes that appear to be horizontal ledges and shelves when the crystal is held vertically. Do not confuse with Fairy Frost.  These are very rare crystals.
Diamond Window Quartz Crystal  A diamond window is crystal with a 6th or 7th face that is a clear, well-formed, symmetrical diamond shape. These are sometimes just called Window Quartz.
Diana Quartz See Candle Quartz.
Dogtooth Quartz Crystal A Dogtooth is a short, stocky crystal that is doubly terminated but is essentially just the two terminations.  Looks like a dog’s tooth, hence the name.
Dolphin Quartz Crystal A Dolphin is a small crystal attached to the side of a larger one, not sharing a common base.
Double Diamond Quartz Crystal A Double Diamond is a crystal with two diamond windows, usually one above the other.
Double Terminated Quartz Crystal Double Terminated crystals have two distinct terminations and no base.
Dow Quartz Crystal A Dow is a crystal with three 7-sided faces, each opposite a 3- sided one.
Dowsing See Dow.
Dream Quartz Quartz with inclusion of Epidote
DT Quartz Crystal See Double Terminated
Dumorierite Quartz See Aventurine (blue variety)
Drusy Quartz Crystal A Drusy Crystal has a cluster or clusters of many tiny crystals attached to it.


Earthkeeper Quartz Crystal A very large (hundreds of pounds to tons in weight) quartz crystal.
Egalitarian crystal See Parity Crystal.
Egg shaped A crystal that has been carved into the shape of an egg.
Eight Faces See Grounding Crystal.
Eisenkiesel Quartz Quartz that is turned opaque red with hematite inclusions. See Hematite Quartz
See additional photos here.
Elestial Quartz Crystal Elestial crystals have many natural terminations and folds over a multi layered crystal.  Appears to be wrinkled and feels that too. This is young quartz and is usually smoky in appearance seemingly burnt by a fire.
Elestialated Quartz Crystal See Elestial.
Empathic Warrior Quartz Crystal A crystal that has sustained man-made or natural damage.
Empowering Quartz Crystal Empowering Crystals have one or two main 4-sided faces.  They should not be confused with a Diamond Crystal that has an extra, diamond shaped 7th face.
Enchanted Crystal This is being used to describe two different types of quartz. See either Pixilated Crystal or see Elestial.
Enhydro Quartz Crystal  A crystal that contains drops of water or other liquids suspended in enclosed small bubbles.
Epidote Quartz Quartz with inclusion of Epidote, Also called Dream Quartz or Delphi Oracle Quartz
ET Quartz Crystal An abbreviation for Extra Terminations, not as is sometimes mistaken an abbreviation for Extra Terrestrial.
Etched Quartz Crystal Etched Crystals have external markings that appear to be hieroglyphic inscribed on its sides and or faces.
Extra Terminations Quartz Crystal An Extra Terminations Crystal, also called ET, has a single termination at one end and multiple ones at the other end.
Extra Terrestrial Quartz Crystal An unfortunate misunderstanding of the abbreviation ET that stands for Extra Terminations not Extra Terrestrial. See Extra Terminations.


Faden Quartz Crystal A Faden is a crystal that has a milky feathery line that runs through the crystal.  The Faden is usually a Tabby Crystal.
Faden Growth Quartz Crystal See Faden.
Faden Veil Quartz Crystal See Faden.
Fairy Crystal Clusters Clusters of very small and intricate crystals. Look like a fairy land in the sun. Many of these are small clusters of very tiny and exquisitely formed needle-like quartz crystals.
Fairy Crystal Used to describe two different types of crystals. See either Fairy Frost or see Devic Crystal
Fairy Quartz This term was used once to refer to Opaque quartz with tiny crystals forming raised lines down the crystal. It is now another name for Spirit Quartz.
Fairy Queen Quartz Fairy Crystal cluster with a prominent crystal showing an Isis Face.
Fairy Dust Quartz Crystal A Fairy Dust Quartz crystal is described as "the random outside attachment of many very small crystals to the outside of a larger one, seemingly looking like a dusting that sparkles in the sun." These are also called Barnaclecrystals when the attached crystals are larger and mostly distinct to the eye as separate small crystals.
Fairy Frost Quartz Crystal Fairy Frost is a crystal with extensive small, veiled, interconnected fractures and inclusions.  If the fractures are distinct and appears like ledges the crystal is a Devic.
Fairy Spirit Quartz Spirit quartz that is silver or white in color.
Fairy Wand Quartz A tiny quartz crystal found in Mexico, in a now closed mine. Fairy Wand Quartz crystals are very small, and exquisite with extraordinary shapes. Some crystals have the appearance of a miniature minaret. Rare and extraordinary.
Falcon's Eye See Hawk's Eye
Family Quartz Crystal A Family is one larger parent crystals with one or more smaller ones.
Female Crystal A white, milky crystal.
Fenster Quartz Fenster is German for Window. Fenster Quartz that has the appearance of having windows in the sides of the crystal due to sunken areas framed by raised areas. Also known sometimes as Jacare Quartz and sometimes as Window Quartz. It seems to be a type of Elestial. For a good understanding consult The Crystal Bible 2 Judy Hall offers clear understanding of the subtle differences.
Ferruginous Quartz A variety of quartz colored red, brown, or yellow by inclusions of hematite or limonite, and usually massive and opaque. Here are some photos of Ferruginous Quartz
Fire and Ice Quartz Clear quartz with internal fractures and or inclusions which form patterns and designs. Some is thermally shocked, some natural. Often called Rainbow Quartz.
Fire Crystals See Harlequin.
Fire Mountain Quartz This is the translation of Brandenburg. See Brandenburg crystals
Flame Aura Quartz See Aqua Aura
Flame Aura Spirit Quartz A processed Spirit Quartz in which a combination of minerals (titanium and niobium) is bonded to the surface of the crystal.
Fleches d'Amour Clear quartz included with golden rutile needles. See Rutilated Quartz
Floater  A Floater is a point that naturally broke off of the matrix and continued to grow away from the matrix and shows no matrix contact point.
Foggy Quartz See Girasol Quartz


Garden Quartz Quartz included with sand that forms what looks like gardens within the clear quartz. Also called Lodolite, Lodalite, Lodolite Quartz, Landscape Quartz and Scenic Quartz.
Gateway See Picture Window.
Gem Silica See Chyrsocolla
Generator  A Generator is a single crystal with 6 sharp facets meeting in a sharp point.
Girasol Quartz Girasol Quartz has a vitreous translucency which looks like light passing through a thin veil.
Glacial Etch Quartz A white etched and fissured crystal sometimes also called Ice Quartz
Glassback A Glassback is a Quartz Cluster with a thin base that makes the cluster transparent.
Glitter Glitter is minute crystals adhering randomly to outside of a host crystal.
Goddess of Waters Crystals See Ipupiara Quartz.
Goddess Quartz Crystal See Isis.
Gold Aura Quartz See Imperial Gold Aura Quartz
Gold Quartz Also called Picture Rock. White massive quartz with gold
Golden Azeztulite Trademarked name for Golden Healer quartz crystals sold by the trademark holder. See Golder Healer crystals below.
Golden Healer Golden Healers are crystals with iron coating on or under the surface of the crystal.  It is a natural process.
Golden Healer Herkimer Diamond Herkimer Diamond with iron coating on or under the surface of the crystal
Golden Siberian Quartz Man-made synthetic quartz colored yellow to gold.
Green Amethyst Heat treated low grade Amethyst. Also called Prasiolite.
Green Chlorite Quartz See Chlorite Quartz.
Green Quartz A fake man-made adulteration made using high pressure hot water and chromium.  There is green chlorite included quartz, but bright green on the outside of a quartz cluster is man-made.
Green Siberian Quartz Man-made synthetic quartz from Russia
Grounding Quartz Crystal A Grounding crystal is a crystal with an eight-sided face.
Growth Crater See Key.
Growth Interference Quartz Crystal Growth interference crystals have cuts on the sides of the crystal that look they came from a trim saw.  The cuts are from nearby growths of calcite crystals interfering with the quartz crystal growth. Also called Shift crystals when from Russia, by some dealers
Gwindel Quartz Crystal Gwindels are stacked, twisted Double Terminated crystals that appear to have a slight to large rotation.


Harlequin Quartz Crystal A crystal included with red and silver specks and/or strings of hematite or Lepidocrocite and titanium. Also called Fire Crystal.
Harmonic Stone See Super 8
Hawk's Eye Blue-gray to blue green quartz that is reminiscent of the eye of a bird of prey. Hawk’s-eye is similar to tiger eye, except that the crocidolite was replaced by quartz before altering to iron oxide; it therefore retains the gray-blue or green of the asbestos.
Hera - Bottom A Hera Bottom is a crystal with beveled edges and terry cloth texture on a multi-pointed tail. See Self Healed.
Hera - In Line See Self Healed.
Herkimer Diamond Herkimer Diamonds are distinctive crystals only found in Herkimer Co. NW.  They are very transparent, double terminated crystals with a reported hardness of 7.5.
Herkimer shape Herkimer shape are crystals, usually Tibetan quartz, that form like a Herkimer diamond.
Hematite Quartz Hematite Quartz has either a coating or included red hematite needles that give the appearance of rust to the quartz. Sometimes this is inappropriately called Strawberry Quartz. Strawberry quartz is a particular kind of hematite included quartz that is is transparent with the included needles of hematite clearly visible.
Hematoid Quartz Quartz with included red hematite. Sometimes this is larger areas of red, sometimes very small inclusions. This is sometimes called Harlequin Quartz, although that should have both red and silver inclusions. Hematoid Quartz is sometime very similar to Lepidocrocite Quartz because Lepidocrocite causes the same red inclusion. Red Fire Quartz contains small inclusions of Lepidocrocite.
Himalayan Herkimers Herkimer shaped crystals from Pakistan.
Himalayan Ice Pink toned Himalayan deeply etched quartz crystals.
Hollandite Star Quartz A white quartz with small black crosses as inclusions.
Honeycomb Quartz An unusual hollowed out type of quatz. Named by Amir Akhavan and described and illustrated on The Quartz Page.
Horn of Plenty Quartz Crystal A tapered, sometimes curving quartz filled geode.  A formation of quartz, not a crystal.
Huaron Quartz Huaron Quartz comes from the Huaron District in Peru. Most material is from the Alimon mine. Most of the Huaron Quartz contains hematite as small red flakes or stains, and cubic pyrite implanted among the quartz crystals. At times Sphalerite will be present.
Husband and Wife Quartz Crystal See Soul Mate.


Ice Quartz A fissured and etched white quartz crystal also called Glacial Etch Quartz
Imperial Gold Aura Quartz Natural quartz infused with Iron, Titanium, and several other trace metals. in a heated pyro-electric bonding that produces a golden color coating on the quartz that is fused to the natural quartz. Also sometimes called Gold Aura.
In and Out Quartz Crystal See Penetrator.
Included Quartz Crystal Included crystals contain other minerals and substances within.
Indicolite Quartz See Blue Tourmaline Quartz
Indigo Aura Quartz Quartz infused with gold and indium. See Tanzine.
Indigo Quartz Quartz with inclusions of Indicolite (Blue Tourmaline)
Indivisible Quartz This is another name for Opal.
Initiation Crystal See Channeling.
Inner Child Quartz Crystal A crystal similar to a bridge in which a small crystal is growing out of a much larger one.  The crystal is mostly contained within the larger one with only a small amount of it extruding. If the smaller one is only slightly included within the larger then the crystal formation is a Bridge.  If the smaller crystal is completely contained within the larger one, it is Manifestation Crystal. Some inner child formations have a very small crystal growing from a much larger one and the appearance is that of a trigger.  These are sometimes called Triggers, they are a form of inner child.
Integration Crystal See Transmitter
Inter-dimensional Quartz Crystal Inter-dimensional crystals have a series of smooth, rounded windows that extend across the intersections between the faces on the termination of the crystal.
Ipupiara Quartz Quartz mined near Ipupiara, Bahia, Brazil. It is found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is found clear, included, and with rutile inclusions.
Iris Quartz Crystal See Rainbow.
Isis Quartz Crystal An Isis crystal has a dominant face which is five sided with a tall sharp point rather like an arrowhead.


Jacare Quartz Crystal See Elestial.
Jacinto Quartz see Jancito de Compostela Quartz below.
Jacinto de Compostela Quartz A form of Eisenkiesel or Hematite Quartz that is a biterminated floater. Here is a good photo.
Japan Law Twin A crystal in which two single crystals, usually broad flattened prisms, (and one a penetration twin), are joined in the same plane at an angle of about 84 degrees.
Jasper Jasper is a variety of chert, usually reddish brown due to hematite or goethite impurities. Picture Jasper, one of many kinds, looks like a landscape. Landscape Quartz is another name for Garden Quartz, and should not be confused with Picture Jasper.


Karur amethyst Amethyst from Karur “Place of the Sacred Cow,” Southern India in Tamil Nadu. Usually somewhat opaque and rough textured. Uncommon.
Kabdo Quartz Crystals from Kabdo, Mongolia. Often with black and orange surface staining.
Key Quartz Crystal A key crystal has an indentation in one of its sides that narrows as it penetrates.  This indentation is normally 3 sided, but sometimes 6 sided. Some say it should always have 6 sides, but this view is not widespread.
Knife Quartz See Messer Quartz
Kullu Rosies See Himalayan Ice.
Kundalini (Congo) Quartz Natural Citrine from the Congo


Landscape Quartz Can be either a Picture Jasper or another name for Garden Quartz. See Garden Quartz,
Laser Quartz Crystal  A Laser is a naturally formed long slender crystal that tapers towards termination. They show a pronounced tapering toward a termination that can be small, very small, or even nonexistent. The main feature is that the crystal is wider at the base than at the tip and their sides are often slightly curved.
Lazur Quartz See Blue Quartz
Left Handed Crystal A quartz crystal with an extra small facet on the left side of the crystal when the largest termination facet is facing you.
Lemon Quartz Irradiated quartz from Brazil that is a brown/yellow color after treatment. Probably poor color Amethyst originally.
Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Lemurian Seed Crystals have horizontal striations on one or more sides.  They are found in the Sierra Do Cabral mountain in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Some are being found that are Golden Healers, and some are found tinted pink.
Lens Quartz Crystal See Sheet.
Lepidocrocite Quartz Quartz with inclusions of Lepidocrocite Often marketed as Strawberry Quartz, but true Strawberry Quartz has hematite inclusions and a marked different appearance. This is actually the same as Red Fire Quartz. The information here is duplicated under that listing.
Lepidolite Mica Quartz Quartz with naturally occurring Lepidolite Mica attached or included.
Level Crystal See Enhydro.
Library Quartz Crystal Library quartz crystals have irregular formations of slightly raised flat crystals attached to the sides and faces.  The formations look like books.
Life Path Quartz Crystal A Life Path crystal is one that is long and thin and one that is clear with one or more absolutely smooth sides.
Lightbrary Quartz Crystal A Lightbrary is a clear Cathedral Quartz Formation.
Lilac Quartz A darker Rose Quartz from South Africa. Reported to be higher resonance but no physical differences from Rose quartz are known.
Lineated A Lineated Crystal contains a parallel elevated or sunken rectilinear portion of another crystal.
Lithium Quartz A name in common trade use for a pink/purple translucent to opaque variety of quartz,may contain lithium based minerals such as Lepidolite.
Little Falls Crystal See Herkimer Diamond.
Lodolite See Garden Quartz


Madagascan Celestial Quartz See Candle Quartz.
Male crystal A clear, transparent crystal.
Manganese Phantom Actually this is Shale Phantom misnamed.  The inclusions are shale not manganese. See Shale Phantom.
Manifest Garden Also called Garden Quartz. Quartz included with sand that forms what looks like gardens within the clear quartz.
Manifest Quartz Crystal See Manifestation.
Manifest Spirit Quartz Crystal See Isis
Manifestation Quartz Crystal A Manifestation is a crystal containing another eye-visible crystal completely within it.
Master Matrix Quartz Crystal Master Matrix Crystals contain external etchings and/or inclusions and fractures that depict a circle, a square, a triangle.  The circle is the most uncommon shape to find, and a Master Matrix with a clear, well formed circular inclusion or etching is most valuable.
Master Programmer Quartz Crystal See Master Matrix.
Medusa Quartz Quartz with gilalite is also referred to as Paraiba Quartz & Medusa Quartz. Here are some photos.
Melody's Stone See Super Seven Quartz. This is a combination of seven minerals – Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile, and Smoky Quartz. It is a form of amethystine quartz. Known from the Espirito Santo region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Also called Sacred Seven, Super Seven, Super 7, Melody's Stone,
Merlin See Generator.
Messer Quartz Also known as "Knife Quartz. Many thin plates of Faden Quartz growing together. Good photo at The Quartz Page
Metamorphosis Quartz A Trademarked name for Girasol Quartz
Moldau Quartz A massive quartz found in the Moldavite fields of the Czech Republic. It appears to be ordinary quartz rounded stones.
Moon Opal See Girasol Quartz
Moon Quartz See Girasol Quartz
Morion Quartz Morion or morion quartz is a dark-brown to black opaque variety of smoky quartz resulting from the natural or artificial irradiation of aluminium-containing milk quartz. When exposed to light for extended time they fade from black to grey. See Smoky Quartz.
Moss Agate Moss agate is a translucent chalcedony with moss-like inclusions of hornblende or chlorite.
Mother and Child Quartz Crystal See Dolphin.
Mozambique Lemurian Quartz Crystal These are Lemurian Crystals that are reported to have been mined in Mozambique. About 300 lbs are reported. Also known as Soul Shepherds. Be aware that we know of no way to identify a Lemurian as being from Mozambique. See Lemurian Seed Crystal.
Mules Foot Quartz Crystal See Grounding Crystal.
Muse Crystal Quartz Crystal A Muse is a cluster of nine similar-sized crystals.
Mythic Crystal  Mythic Crystals are opaque milky quartz double-terminated crystals.
Multi Terminated See Extra Terminations.


Natural Aura Opal Aura Crystal mined in Arkansas that are naturally coated with iron oxide.
Naturally Etched See Etched.
Needle Crystal Extremely, long thin crystal appearing as a needle.
Nirvana Quartz Proprietary trade name for Himalayan Ice Quartz sold by H&E LLC. Himalayan Ice Crystals are chunky and irregular due to the previous attachment of other minerals during formation. This is a type of Growth interference crystals. See Himalayan Ice.
Numerological Crystal Any crystal with clearly defined faces and sharp edges between each face can be used as a Numerological Quartz.
Nodule Quartz, like other minerals often grows within a cavity inside a rock.  Often sold as a half sphere to show the design and beauty of the quartz crystals.


Occluded Occluded crystals are heavily included crystals.
Onyx A black and white agate. Don't confuse with Black Onyx which is dyed chalcedony.
Opal Aura Crystal A quartz crystal that has been enhanced with a coating of ionized platinum.
Orange Drusy Quartz Drusy Quartz with natural orange cast or coating
Orange River Quartz Also know as Red Orange River Quartz. An opaque quartz with a reddish tint (hematite?) found at the Orange River in South Africa.
Osiris Quartz Crystal A natural smoky quartz Generator.
Ouro Verde Quartz A man made olive green quartz produced by irradiation of clear quartz with gamma rays
Overcoat (Yin Power) Quartz A clear quartz crystal with an overgrowth of milky, opaque quartz.


Papagoite Quartz Quartz included with Papagoite
Papaya Quartz Pink colored quartz from Madagascar. The inclusions that cause the orange/red color are unknown but are probably hematite.
Paraiba Quartz Quartz with gilalite is also referred to as Paraiba Quartz & Medusa Quartz. Pictures are here.
Parallel Growth Quartz Crystal Crystals which overlap as they grow, not showing all six sides.
Parity Crystal A  cluster of identical sized crystals.
Pearl Aura See Opal Aura
Penetrator Quartz Crystal A smaller crystal extending from a larger in both directions, with part of the smaller completely enclosed within the larger.
Penetration Twins See Penetrator.
Phantom Quartz Crystal A phantom contains ghost-like image of another crystal within it that are aligned with outer crystal.
Picture Window Quartz Crystal A small tumbled quartz crystal that has one end polished smooth so the inside of the crystal can be seen.
Pineapple Quartz see Candle Quartz and Elestial Quartz. Both of these formations are marketed as Pineapple Quartz
Pink Amphibole Papaya Quartz Pink colored quartz from Madagascar. The inclusions that cause the orange/red color are unknown but are probably hematite.
Pink Candle Quartz Lightly tinted pink quartz with a melted wax appearance like a lighted candle dripping wax down the side
Pink Fire Quartz A quartz reported to contain Covellite. However, this has not been confirmed. This is an unknown material and may not be natural.
Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals Naturally Tinted Lemurian Crystals. These natural quartz crystals have a pale pink color, semi-vitreous luster, with light horizontal striations on the prismatic faces. The pale pink coloring is due to a dusting of Hematite during the growth process. This coloring is within the layers of crystal growth.
Pinnacle Quartz Crystal A crystal with the terminations growing to a long slim pinnacle configuration.
Pixie Dust Quartz Crystal see Barnacle.
Pixie Crystal See Pixilated Quartz Crystal
Pixilated Quartz Crystal DT crystals with Fairy Frost and Rainbows
Portal Quartz See Time Line to Past or Time Line to Future
Projector Quartz Crystal See Channeling.
Plate bottom Quartz Crystal A Cluster with a flat bottom. See Cluster
Pocket Quartz Crystal Massive quartz with depressions that look like pockets.
Prase Prase is a leek green chalcedony whose color agent are chlorite inclusions.
Prasem See Seriphos Quartz
Prasiolite Prasiolite is not found in nature. Heat treated violet amethyst or yellowish quartz turns into leek-green Prasiolite. See Green Amethyst.
Pseudo cubic See Cubic.
Puja Quartz Clear quartz crystals that have been used in a religious ritual performed by Hindus as an offering to various deities
Purple Flame Quartz Crystal See Phantom – phantom is violet to purple colored.
Purple Siberian Quartz Man-made quartz colored purple
Pyrite Included Crystal Quartz with included pyrite crystals.


Quantum Quattro Silica "Quantum-Quattro Silica ™ is a combination of minerals usually sold as cabochons and tumbled stones. It is usually bright blue and is a combination of shatttuckite, chrysocolla, malachite and quartz.
Quantum Quartz Crystal A cluster of three very similar crystals sharing a common base.


Rainbow Quartz Crystal A Rainbow crystal contains inclusions or internal cracks that show a rainbow when viewed from an angle.
Rainbow Aura A name given to both Opal Aura, and Titanium Aura, the Titanium seems to be more commonly called Rainbow Aura, but the name is used for both varieties. See Titanium Aura, and See Opal Aura
Rainbow Chakra Quartz See Rainbow Mayanite Quartz below
Rainbow Mayanite Quartz A clear quartz with a microsurface iridescence being found in Washington State. Excellent write up at
Receiver Quartz Crystal A crystal with a single broad sloping face.
Receiver Generator Quartz Crystal A Generator that has one face that slopes more than the other five.
Record Keeper Quartz Crystal A Record Keeper is a crystal with clearly etched pyramid shapes on its side or sides. Also called Atlantean Record Keepers.
Record Keeper Raised See Record Keeper.
Recorder Quartz Crystal See Record Keeper.
Red Amethyst Thunder Bay Amethyst with Hematite Inclusions and often some hematite coating. May be enhanced by acid treatments. There is more info here.
Red Quartz See either Hematite Quartz or Sphalerite Quartz
Red Fire Quartz Quartz with red specks of included Lepidocrocite or Hematite. See Lepidocrocite Quartz
Red Phantom Quartz Crystal A misnamed quartz with red inclusions, but not phantoms.
Reverse Scepters Scepter quartz with inverted scepters.
Red Aura Amethyst See Red Amethyst below
Red Amethyst Amethyst with included or surface coated hematite.
Red Candle Quartz A quartz with natural iron or other impurities that causes a light red/scarlet appearance. It has the appearance of a candle dripping wax on the exterior. Sometimes called Celestial Quartz
Red Orange River Quartz See Orange River Quartz
Right Handed Crystal A quartz crystal with an extra small facet on the right side of the termination when the largest face is towards the observer
Root Directory Crystal See Master Matrix.
Rose Aura Quartz Quartz infused with platinum causing a red coating effect.
Rose Elestial A pale pink colored el es ti al caused by titanium
Rose Quartz Usually pale pink cloudy quartz. Coloring agent is titanium. Traces of included rutile needles cause six-rayed stars when cut en cabochon.
Royal 8 See Super 8
Rutilated Quartz Crystals with included needles of gold or black rutile. When golden, this is sometimes called "Venus Hair Stone" or "Cupid's Arrow."


Sacred Seven See Super Seven
Sacred Sigili Crystal Crystals with etchings that appears to be symbols.
Sanda Rosa Azeztulite Trademarked name of white quartz with inclusions of black mica and garnets that is found in North Carolina. Sold only by the trademark owner and authorized dealers.
Satyamani (Sathya Mani) Quartz Trademarked name of quartz from an area in southern India. It is a massive quartz, not individual crystals. It cannot be scientifically distinguished by any test from normal quartz, nor does it have any unique physical attrribute.
Satyaloka Azeztulite Trademarked name for quartz found in the Satyaloka area of India. Marketed by the trademark holder. It is reported to be spiritually processed by local monks before being exported. See Satyaloka Quartz below.
Satyaloka Quartz Translucent to opaque quartz from Satyaloka area of southern India. Usually included. It cannot be scientifically distinguished by any test from normal quartz, nor does it have any unique physical attrributes.
Scanner Crystal A crystal with one or more very long flat sides
Scenic Quartz This is a common name for both Garden Quartz and Picture Jasper.
Scepter Quartz Crystal A  crystals, where a new quartz crystal forms over and caps a previously formed prismatic crystal.
Scrubber Quartz Crystal A quartz cluster in which all the points are similar length.
Seer Stone River tumbled quartz with one end polished. See Picture Window
Selene Quartz Crystal A crystal with an included veil that appears as a phase of the moon.
Self Healed Quartz Crystal  A self healed crystal has many terminations where it has been broken and then re grown.
Seriphos Quartz An included quartz. with a green color comes from inclusions of the fibrous mineral Hedenbergite. Found on Seriphos Islands of Greece. Also called Prasem
Seven faced left See Channeling.
Seven faced right See Channeling.
Shale Phantom Quartz Crystal Quartz containing what appears to be a blue, gray, or black phantom crystal caused by included shale.
 Shaman Dow Crystal  A Dow crystal that also contains a white phantom.
Shamanic Dream Crystal Quartz containing a mixture of Lodolite, Smoky Quartz, Phantoms and Rutilated Quartz.
Shaman Quartz Another name for Shamanic Dream crystals discussed above
Shard Crystal Broad flat slices of quartz crystals that have broken off and continued to grow
Sheet Quartz Crystal Sheet quartz has a clear flat section often between two crystals.
Shield Quartz Crystal A crystal with a rare main face having only 6 edges.
Shift Crystal A distorted crystal with planes, blades and indents. Seems to be shifting around as it was growing. See Growth Interference
Shovel Quartz Crystal A crystal with a point that slopes downward similar to a shovel.
Siberian Blue Quartz Crystal Man made product: Quartz bonded with coating of titanium. Sometimes call Blue Quartz.
Siberian Quartz Other colors of man-made quartz from Russia
Sichuan Quartz Quartz, some with Lemurian markings, from China. It has black inclusions, some quite large.
Singing quartz Small laser crystal.
Skeletal quartz See Elestial.
Skeletal (Herkimer) "A skeletal has depressed cavern in the center of one of the termination faces.  Skeletals have an interesting pattern of multiple fracture lines running parallel with two or more sides of a face on a diamond.  The lines appear to have occurred during the growth stage and are usually spaced in such a manner to give a three dimensional, holographic look when observed through on face."
Smoky Amethyst Brandenburg A smoky, dark violet small quartz crystal from the Brandenburg mountain region of Namibia
Smoky Amethyst Quartz Dark amethyst crystals colored by the natural radioactivity within the earth as they were formed.
Smoky Candle Quartz Quartz that is naturally dark due to radioactivity during development that appears like a dripping candle.
Smoky Cathedral Quartz Cathedral quartz darkened by natural radioactivity during formation
Smoky Citrine Quartz Natural Citrine quartz colored normally a honey brown by natural radioactivity during the crystal's formation
Smoky Elestial An elestial tinted dark brown by natural radiation during formation
Smoky Quartz Naturally dark quartz colored by the crystal’s proximity to naturally radioactive elements within the Earth.
Smoky (Herkimer) A smoky crystal is a Herkimer Diamond with a very slight gray to black discoloration inside.  This discoloration  is disseminated anthraxolite and sometimes appears as thin wisps of smoke.
Smoky Lemurian Lemurian Seed Crystal naturally darkened by radioactivity during formation
Smoky Rose Quartz Natural rose quartz colored a darker color by natural radioactivity within the earth as the crystal developed.
Snow Crystals See Overcoat Quartz
Snow Quartz A white, somewhat translucent quartz, mostly found as tumbled stones.
Snow Flake crystals See Overcoat Quartz
Solution Quartz See Extra Termination.
Soul mate Quartz Crystal Contact twin crystals same size NOT growing from common base, each with separate terminations, parallel growth, joined on one side by contact.
Soul Shepherd These are Lemurian Crystals that are reported to have been mined in Mozambique. About 300 lbs are reported. Be aware that we know of no way to identify a Lemurian as being from Mozambique. See Lemurian Seed Crystal.
Spade A crystal with a small face that looks like the spade figures on a deck of cards. Smaller than a shovel.
Sphatik Crystal In India, quartz crystal is called Sphatik.
Sphalerite Quartz Quartz that is colored dark red or scarlet by included sphalerite. It can also be black from the sphalerite.
Spiral Distinct twisting down the axis.
Spirit Guardian Two attached DT crystals of similar size.
Spirit Quartz A crystal that has grown so quickly in the long direction that the end faces are not filled in on the crystal aggregates to form a “single” crystal.  Tiny faces terminate each point, all in the same orientation.
Split face A crystal having the appearance of two adjoining main faces each with 4-6 edges.
Split Quartz A formation in which the crystals radiate outward as they grow up. See The Quartz Page for details and photos
Stalagmite Quartz Quartz growing as stalagmite formation.
Starbrary Crystal has of glyph-like markings or geometric patterns and a key.
Star Hollandite Quartz Quartz crystals with inclusion of hollandite that appear as small stars
Star Quartz Also known as "Asterated Quartz." Star Quartz is a radiating aggregate of quartz crystals.
Star Quartz see Hollandite Quartz,
Starseed Quartz Drusy Quartz with etched faces
Stepped A crystal having one or more steps fully formed into one or more facets.
Strawberry Quartz Strawberry Quartz is Quartz with light red iridescent red hematite needles. The best comes from Kazakhstan. The crystal should be clear enough to see the hematite needles. If the crystal is completely opaque it is not strawberry quartz. Beware that pink glass is being marketed as Strawberry quartz. Be careful. Also Quartz with Lepidocrocite is marketed as Strawberry Quartz. See Lepidocrocite Quartz.
Striated Crystal having one or more parallel growth lines that run along the sides of the crystal.
Sugar Blade Quartz Drusy Quartz with long blades of non Drusy areas.
Super 8 Quartz A combniation of f Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Hematite, Strengite, Beraunite, Rockbridgeite and Limonite from Brazil.
Super Seven Quartz A combination of seven minerals – Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile, and Smoky Quartz. Also called Melody's Stone and Sacred Seven Quartz
Super 23 See Auralite.
Sunrise Quartz Sunrise Quartz Crystals are quartz which is covered with natural coating of iron oxide, and perhaps other minerals. The coating are often graduated in color presenting clusters similar in appearance to the sunrise. Most come from China.
Sunshine Aura Quartz See Titanium Aura Quartz


Tabby A crystal with two wide sides resulting in a flat crystal It has to be twice as wide as it is thick.
Tabby Chain A crystal cluster of several tabby points forming together connecting at the sides.
Tabular See Tabby.
Tabular Composite A tabular clusters form in pipelines and in sand with no particular direction.
Tangerine Dream Quartz A natural Lemurian Seed Crystal tinted orange by hematite during formation
Tangerine Quartz Naturally orange/yellow quartz crystals. It has a natural coloration caused by hematite.
Tangerine Sun Aura Quartz Quartz infused with iron and gold to produce an orange coating
Tangerose Crystals Pink Lemurian Crystals that also have a noticeable orange or tangerine cast or blush.
Tanzine Aura Quartz Quartz infused with gold and indium. Also known as Azure Aura, Tanzanite Aura, Celestial Aura, and Indigo Aura Quartz.
Take Away See Key.
Tantric Twin Two crystals same size growing from common base with separate terminations, parallel growth, joined on one side.
Teacher Any crystal that seems to have embedded wisdom of a high order manifest by the appearance of form (human or otherwise)within the crystal.
Teaching Crystal See Dolphin
Temple Heart See Dow
Tessin Quartz A long slender crystal that tapers inversely from base to termination is called a tessin or laser crystal. They show a pronounced tapering toward a termination that can be small, very small, or even nonexistent. The main feature is that the crystal is wider at the base than at the tip and their sides are often slightly curved. See Laser.
Thetis' Hair Stone Quartz crystals with inclusions of acicular crystals of green actinolite. The actinolite is sometimes altered to a yellow brown color. These are often very dense making the stone appear almost opaque. Note: A stone with bright golden hair like inclusions is likely to be included with rutile not actinolite.
Thunder Bay Amethyst Unusual Red Amethyst from Canada. Sometimes sold as Red Amethyst
Tibetan Quartz Quartz that is mined in Tibet. Often with dark inclusions, sometimes called Tibetan Black.
Tiger Eye Golden-brown chatoyant quartz formed by the alteration of crocidolite, and consisting essentially of quartz colored by iron oxide.
Time Line to the Future Often incorrectly called Activation Right. Time Line crystals describe a special kind of quartz crystal that contains a seventh face that is just below the six main faces of the termination. This special face is in the shape of a parallelogram, which is similar to a rectangle turned at an angle leaning right.
Time Line to the Past Often incorrectly called Activation Left.   Time Line crystals describe a special kind of quartz crystal that contains a seventh face that is just below the six main faces of the termination. This special face is in the shape of a parallelogram, which is similar to a rectangle turned at an angle leaning left. Also known as Ancestral Time Line.
Time Link See Time Line to the Past or Future.
Titanium Gas Phantoms A misnamed crystal – titanium does not become a gas.
Titanium Aura Quartz Quartz treated with heat and pressure and rare minerals to produce a hard, durable coating that is blue but reflects the rainbow of colors. Also known as Rainbow Aura Quartz and sometimes Sunshine Aura Quartz.
Trans channeling Quartz Crystal See Dow.
Transformation Crystal A crystal that changes its attributes from time to  time.  Can’t be recognized beforehand.
Trigonal or Trigonic A crystal with Trigons on the face that don’t all point in the same direction.  They often appear wave like with the trigons overlapping each other.
Transmitter Crystal A crystal with two seven-sided faces separated by a three sided one.
Trigger Crystal See Inner child.
Twin Quartz Crystal There are several types of twin quartz crystal. Each is listed separately for clarity. See Japan Law Twin, Soul Mate, Twin Flame, & Tantric Twin.
Twin Flame Two crystals that joined at base but flare out into a V shape.
Twin Inset Quartz Crystal  A crystal formation in which one twin is wrapped in the other. See Tantric Twin.
Twin Souls Quartz Crystal See Twin, probably Tantric Twin


Veil Crystals with inclusions of white, wispy appearances.
Venus Hair Stone Clear quartz included with golden rutile needles. See Rutilated Quartz
Vera Cruz Amethyst A light lavender colored amethyst from Vera Cruz Mexico


Wall Crystal A crystal with a veil that completely divides the crystal.
Wand A long crystals with at least one faceted point.
Warrior Crystal See Empathic Warrior.
White Elestial Elestial quartz that is opaque and white in appearance
Window Quartz Crystal Either a coated quartz with a clear spot through which the interior can be viewed, or a clear crystal with an extra facet that appears as a diamond shape. See Diamond Window.
Witches Fingers Quartz An unusual variety of quartz unique to Zambia. It is usually associated with black actinolite and mica. Its contains tremolite causing a yellowish color.


X Crystal A form of the Cross crystal in which the crossing crystals form a X See Cross.


Y Crystal A form of the Cross crystal in which the crossing crystals for a Y See Cross
Yellow Golden Quartz Quartz crystals being found in the Himalayan mountains. Seems to be clear quartz with small light yellow/gold included areas of iron.
Yin Crystal Yin Crystal is recognized by veiled cloudiness.
Yin-Yang Crystal A crystal with a body that is milky white around its base and turns water-clear towards its termination


Zambian Quartz Quartz from Zambia. Usually single crystals, often Double Terminated.
Zimbabwe Amethyst Amethyst from Zimbabwe, Africa. It contains black Goethite Inclusions.

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