Quartz Crystals Explained Growth Crater through Laser

The Metaphysical Properties of Quartz Crystals

Growth Craters through Laser

There are many viewpoints in the world, and you must sift through them to find your truth. What is right for one person, is not necessarily what is best for another. Also, be aware that a crystal formation may have well documented uses, but others may have discovered new energies and uses. Use this list as a starting point.



Quartz Type

G (continued)

Growth Crater See Key.
Growth Interference
Growth Interference crystals have cuts on the sides of the crystal that look they came from a trim saw.  The cuts are from nearby growths of calcite crystals interfering with the quartz crystal growth.

growth interferece

Growth Interference are crystals showing the indelible marks of another person’s or group’s  power and growth at your expense, usually not a family member like a Key.

Like a key, a Growth Interference Crystal can show you how you are being dominated.  Use this crystal to find the way to free yourself from dominion and abuse by people outside of your immediate family.

Like the Key, the Growth Interference crystal is a key to freedom, a liberator.  Use it in mediation to focus your energy on your own needs and to build resistance to the hurtful influences of others.

Carry one as a personal talisman of dignity and self-respect.

Gwindels are stacked, twisted Double Terminated crystals that appear to have a slight to large rotation. Here are some photos of Gwindel Quartz


 Gwindel crystals are rare and expensive crystals.  They are difficult to acquire, and difficult to use.

They have unusual power and energy, that at times is frustrating and seemingly contrary.  Normally they are excellent mediation crystals used when one seeks to understand complex and confusing situations.  When they work, they help untangle difficult situations.

Often however, they seem to add confusion to a situation by generating multiple paths to a solution, each of which is flawed.

Gwindel crystals should be used with caution. Experience is required for successful use.


A Harlequin is a crystal included with red and silver specks and/or strings of hematite or Lepidocrocite and titanium. Also called Fire Crystal or Fire Quartz.


Harlequins are single purpose crystals.  They are coping crystals.

When we are shattered inside, but still have to put up a solid front and go on, Harlequins are our helpmates, our soothers, and our companions.

These are personal talismans, constant reminders that we can be whole and functional while inside we are torn apart.

A harlequin is very similar in use to a Curved Crystal.  They are often used interchangeably.  The subtle difference is that a curved crystal is used when adapting to a change in a fundamental part of one’s life is necessary.

A harlequin is used when we are emotionally shattered by an event, but just need recovery time to cope with the loss.  The loss of a loved one requires the power of Curved crystal, the loss of an opportunity, for instance a contest, requires a Harlequin.

Hematite Quartz
Hematite Quartz has either a coating or included red hematite needles that give the appearance of rust to the quartz. Sometimes this is inappropriately called Strawberry Quartz. Strawberry quartz is a particular kind of hematite included quartz that is is transparent with the included needles of hematite clearly visible.
hematite quartz
Hematite Quartz brings the power of hematite and the power of the scarlet ray of influence (the red color is really more scarlet than red). The scarlet color brings this quartz the power to aid you in enjoying the physical pleasures of maturity—in love, in life, and in relationships. These crystal give you the natural sources of energy to enjoy life’s pleasures that extend past the joyfulness of youth. Enjoying life in maturity requires vitality. These crystals bring you the energy and vitality you seek.

Hematite Quartz is reported to helps to sort-out things in ones mind, and can be used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking and technical knowledge.

It is also reported to help enable one to enter into a loving relationship, and to provide mental clarity while meditating.

Hera Bottom
A Hera Bottom is a crystal with beveled edges and terry cloth texture on a multi-pointed tail See Self Healed.
Hera See Self Healed.
Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer Diamonds are distinctive crystals only found in Herkimer Co. NW.  They are very transparent, double terminated crystals with a reported hardness of 7.5.
Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all quartz crystals.  Being doubly terminated, they have the ability to transmit and receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently.  The are harder than all other quartz giving them the strength, and durability to handle difficult challenges beyond the ability of other quartz crystals.

Never large, these are the mini dynamos of the crystal world.  What they lack in physical size, they more than make up for in spirit energy.

Herkimer diamonds are also unusually transparent.  They are perfect conduits of the universal life force, and as such offer us virtually perfect spiritual compasses that can clearly point us towards our goals.

Herkimer Shaped
Herkimer shape are crystals, usually Tibetan quartz, that form like a Herkimer diamond. See Double Terminated.
Himalayan Herkimers
Herkimer shaped crystals from Pakistan. See Double Terminated.
Himalayan Ice
Himalayan Ice are pink toned and sometimes green toned quartz crystals from the high Himalayan mountains that are deeply etched. Also known as Ice Quartz, Nirvana Quartz, and Nirvana Chlorite Kullu Himalaya. The green tones are from Chlorite. The pink tones are from titanium.

himalyan ice

The Himalayan Ice crystals are usually so pitted and etched as to be translucent, rather than transparent.  They have a warm, vibrant, yet unyielding Yin energy. The deep etching and pitting gives them a toughness that is the exterior coating of an internally unyielding energy. Crystal-cure.com tells us “The crystal formation is chunky and irregular – a result of calcite and other mineral deposits having once been attached to the crystal, but dissipating over time. This type of crystal formation is known as ‘growth interference crystal’ and is generally used to release blocks and limitations imposed by oneself on goals or purposes.”

These are personal talismans to use daily to deal with adversity.  If you are being bombarded, scratched, and wounded, use this crystal to harden your exterior to deal with your pain, drawing on your inner pure strength.

Himalayan Ice crystals will bring the power and might of the Universal Life Force to your efforts to survive a tough environment.

Horn of Plenty
A tapered, sometimes curving quartz filled geode.  A formation of quartz, not a crystal.

horn of plenty quartz

Horn of Plenty Quartz has been reported to enhance the healing aspects of other quartz particularly when used on the higher chakras. It has also been reported to aid with self esteem and self worth.
Huaron Quartz Huaron Quartz comes from the Huaron District in Peru. Most material is from the Alimon mine. It has been producing excellent chalcopyrite, sphalerite, pyrite and other attractive minerals for several years. Huaron Quartz usually contains clear quartz with one or more of the above listed minerals.


Huaron Quartz brings a powerful combination of energies. From the clear needle like quartz crystals it brings a loving energy, often seeming to emit a clear white focused light. From the pyrite, Huaron Quartz brings balance to all the energy in the space assuring that equilibrium and harmony is maintained. From the chalcopyrite, Huaron Quartz provides a strong energy field that seems to defeat lethargy and listlessness. The Chalcopyrite adds the power of connectedness to the higher energy realms. In all, Huaron Quartz brings energy, balance, and connection to the Life Force within a room. It is a powerful energizer – put one in a room and you will notice the difference almost immediately.
Husband and Wife See Soul Mate 


In and Out See Penetrator
Included crystals are a class of crystals.  Included crystals have the power and attributes of the main crystal and its shape, and the muted powers of the included crystals based on their crystalline structure, chemical composition, and color.
Inner Child
A crystal similar to a bridge in which a small crystal is growing out of a much larger one.  The crystal is mostly contained within the larger one with only a small amount of it extruding. If the smaller one is only slightly included within the larger then the crystal formation is a Bridge.  If the smaller crystal is completely contained within the larger one, it is Manifestation Crystal. Some inner child formations have a very small crystal growing from a much larger one and the appearance is that of a trigger.  These are sometimes called Triggers, they are a form of inner child.

inner child

Inner Child Quartz crystals are special crystals used for reminding us that we are both what we were and now what we are.

These are excellent meditation crystals for use in reminding ourselves that the joy and simple pleasure in the world we experienced as a child is still there, we must only see it.

Inter-dimensional crystals have a series of smooth, rounded windows that extend across the intersections between the faces on the termination of the crystal.
Inter-dimensional crystals, while rare, are excellent meditation crystals used for communication with beings of higher energy levels.

These crystals offer several viewpoints and flexibility in facilitation communication.

Some practitioners have found good success using these crystals in divination.  Some inter-dimensional crystals seem to offer multiple views of future events allowing for a deeper understanding of coming events.

As healing crystals they have been reported to have been successful in opening the receptiveness of the third eye, allowing patients to see more clearly their true needs and desires.

Ipupiara Quartz
Ipupiara is Quartz mined near Ipupiara, Bahia, Brazil. It is found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is found clear, smoky, included, and with rutile inclusions.


The web site, /www.mountainvalleycenter.com reports to us that “Ipupiara means “Fresh Water Dolphin” in the language of the people in the Ureu-eu-wau-wau, Brazilian Amazon. The crystals are know as the Goddess of Water crystals. This Quartz is very interactive and receptive to awakening the energy within.”
Iris See Rainbow.
An Isis crystal has a dominant face which is five sided with a tall sharp point rather like an arrowhead.
Isis is the Egyptian Deity that was worshiped as the Queen Goddess, the mother who gives birth to the Heavens and Earth.  Her worship extended far beyond the Egyptian boarders and her worshipers exist to this day.

The Isis crystal is identified by the five-sided face with an elongated side that extends to the apex of the crystal.  It is perfectly formed and perfectly symmetrical.  The five-sided shape is reflective of the five sided pentagram or pentagon that is traced in the sky by the travels of the Planet Venus.  Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love also known as Aphrodite.

These crystals should rightfully be called Goddess Crystals, but the shorter, Isis has become the standard.

Understanding their use, however, means recognizing that they are really Goddess crystals that are used to focus the feminine powers of understanding, love, devotion, and birth.  Their use, however is not restricted to use by women.

On the contrary, they are powerful aids to men who both need to understand the women in their lives, and who need to find a balance in their own natures.

These crystals are particularly useful in effort to focus our efforts to be a whole, balanced person when we are out of balance in an aggressive, destructive way.

They are very valuable in healing efforts focused on re centering if the out of balance is an excess of the Yang or male elements and the need is for balance by bringing elements of the Yin to the environment.


Jacare See Elestial.
Japan Law Twin
A crystal in which two single crystals, usually broad flattened prisms, (and one a penetration twin), are joined in the same plane at an angle of about 84 degrees.

japan law

Japan Law Twins are very expensive quartz crystals that are used in both meditation and in divination.

These twins hold the unusual energy to see help us see that every problem has more than one angle to its solution.  They teach us to look at things from a new angle to see solutions that were not originally visible.

Japan Law Twins are also divination crystals.  They help us discern the future of our efforts.  We will have unintended consequences from almost any action or plan.

A Japan Law Twin crystal will help you understand the “shadow” of your decision and its consequences.


A key crystal has an indentation in one of its sides that narrows as it penetrates.  This indentation is normally 3 sided, but sometimes six sided. Some say it should always have 6 sides, but this view is not widespread.

key quartz crystal

The Key crystal is the most misunderstood quartz.  Keys don’t unlock hidden knowledge.

Keys are indelible marks of another family members power and growth at your expense.

A Key crystal shows you how you are being dominated.  A key crystal is used to find the way to free yourself from dominion and abuse.

The Key is a key to freedom.  Key crystals are the liberator crystals.  Use them in mediation to focus our energy on your own needs and to build resistance to the hurtful influences of others.

Carry a Key crystal as a personal talisman of dignity and self respect.

Kullu Rosies See Himalayan Ice


A Laser is a naturally formed long slender crystal that tapers towards termination.
The Laser Wand Quartz is recognized as a long slender crystal with small faces on the termination. The crystal tapers from the base to the termination. The angles of the sides of the crystals are curved, in many instances, rather than straight.

When one holds a laser wand, the energy tends to surround the body, providing for a protective barrier.

Being a form of a Wand, a Laser has the ability to rapidly transmit much of the spectrum of the Life Force. A Laser is much more powerful than a Wand. A Laser is a healing tool. It is not used in mediation or as a talisman. It is not used in Feng Shui. It is only used in physic healing when deep, focused energy releases are necessary.

In physical healing efforts, Lasers are used by trained, experienced practitioners to release harmful elements from internal organs. When used in healing, its uses should be very brief.

A Laser is used in spiritual healing when the need is to ease the release of attachment usually to a lost loved one or friend. The only personal use of a Laser is in special focused efforts to remove an unwanted, harmful habit or attitude. Even then, it should be used sparingly and with caution.

These crystals have an intimate relationship with both inner and outer space. The use of laser wands during meditation facilitates the establishment of a finer communication with the other worlds, the crystalline world, and the inner world of the self.

These crystals radiate a loving energy and have been recognized as a constant source of brilliant white light.

Laser wands should always be pointed away from the user.

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