Quartz Crystals Explained – Sheet Quartz Through Tabby Chain Crystals

The Metaphysical Properties of Quartz Crystals

Sheet Quartz through Tabby Chain Crystals

There are many viewpoints in the world, and you must sift through them to find your truth. What is right for one person, is not necessarily what is best for another. Also, be aware that a crystal formation may have well documented uses, but others may have discovered new energies and uses. Use this list as a starting point.


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Quartz Type

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Sheet Quartz
Sheet quartz has a clear flat section often between two crystals.
Sheet Quartz is used primarily used (when large enough) for Scrying.

Some practices report success using it as a window to other dimensions and some have reported its ability to access the astral plane.

In healing, some users have had success using sheet quartz as a sort of mirror to reflect their disorderly states. In this way sheet quartz has been a first step in self healing efforts. However this use is a minor one.


A crystal with a main face having only 6 edges is called a shield.
Shield quartz crystals are not in much demand at the moment. This is a minor type. It particular uses are not well documented. Should you know of any energies to be found in these crystals, drop us a note.
A Shovel quartz crystal has one face that is quite a bit larger than the others. This face also has a significant slant towards the rear of the crystal, giving the clear appearance of a shovel.
Shovel quartz crystals are well worth seeking out. While they appear somewhat eccentric, they are actually excellent crystals for meditation.

Shovel quartz has the ability to help you sort through what seems to be high piles of emotion to find the hidden truth in your feelings.

Singing Quartz
Uniquely tuned small laser wands that produce a bell like sound when tapped together.
Singing quartz is quite a treasure, and will take some diligence to find. These crystals are small – usually about 3-4 inches in length.

Singing quartz is quite interesting. The sound is sweet, the energy is strong, but somewhat haunting. It is as if these crystals have hidden secrets in their songs, but the secrets are of sacrifices made by people long ago.

Singing quartz is used almost exclusively as a personal talisman. They should be gently tapped together, and the should allowed to linger in the still air. Careful attention to the thoughts they provoke will lead you to their story.

Skeletal Quartz See Elestial
Skeletal (Herkimer)
A Skeletal (Herkimer) has a depressed cavern in the center of one of the termination faces and a series of holographic fracture lines running parallel to two or more sides of a terminal face.
Skeletal (Herkimer) crystals are quite rare, and their unique properties are still under investigation. Should you have some of these crystals, your insights will be welcome. Drop us a line, please.
Smoky Quartz
Naturally dark quartz colored by the crystal’s proximity to naturally radioactive elements within the Earth. Be advised natural smoky quartz is not dark opaque black, rather it is a smoky light brown. Dark black quartz is artificially produced.
Smoky quartz crystals while retaining their other focuses based on their shapes, offer additional advantages based on their black and brown color rays.

Black is a color ray of power, and Brown is the color of the natural Earth.

Smoky quartz crystals that are tempered and strengthened by the power of radioactivity seem to be, on average, slightly more potent than clear quartz crystals.

Smoky (Herkimer Diamond)
A smoky crystal is a Herkimer diamond with a very slight gray to black discoloration inside.  This discoloration  is disseminated anthraxolite and sometimes appears as thin wisps of smoke.
Smoky Herkimer Diamonds are outstanding personal talismans.

They are compact, hard, and seem to be nature’s perfect aid in efforts to seek out ways to get ourselves back in tune with the natural world.  They are clear enough for us to use to see our way forward, yet the smoky trails through the crystals offer us a variety of approaches to our goals.

If you are seeking to transform your life to be a better citizen of the planet Earth, use a Smoky as your guide.  It will aid you in finding ways to protect the fragile ecosystem upon which we all depend.

Snow Crystals See Overcoat Quartz
Solution Quartz See Extra Termination
Soul Mate or Soulmate
Contact twin crystals same size NOT growing from common base, each with separate terminations, parallel growth, joined on one side by contact.
A Soul mate or “Soulmate Crystal” as they are sometimes called,
is a well-named Quartz formation that is filled with the Life Force of the Planet Earth.  A Soul mate crystal is a very powerful crystal formation used in both healing and mediation.  It is also used frequently as a talisman in efforts to find one’s soul mate. Click the link to read the Metaphysical Blog’s wonderful description of what a soul mate brings to your life.In meditation it is effective in efforts to focus and amplify your efforts to keep a relationship sound.  It will help you find ways to solidify a relationship and make it strong.

The Soul Mate crystal should always be kept in an area of a home that needs to be a place of unity. Bedrooms are really the best location for soul mate crystals to be kept.

Its uses in healing are not in physical healing, but in relationship healing.  Use these in joint effort to understand loved ones, actions and attitudes.

Used properly these crystals will keep minor differences from becoming major conflicts.

As a talisman these crystals are used in daily efforts to keep a place free of disharmony among family members.

They are excellent in Feng Shui applications for areas of harmony.

A crystal with a small face that looks like the spade figures on a deck of cards. Smaller than a shovel.
Spades are quixotic.  They seem to be smaller versions of a Shovel, useful in digging through our past lives to understand ourselves better, and they do serve that purpose well.

However, spades have quite an unrelated energy.  They are extraordinarily useful in resolving issues that need determination, not sentiment.

Usually our heart leads us well, but there are times when it needs to be balanced with the mind.  It might be that the spade face appears as a reversed heart, bringing the necessary focus to our efforts to take actions that need firm resolution un muddied by sentiment to achieve success.

Sphalerite Quartz (Red Quartz)
Crystals that are included with Sphalerite. Usually caused a black or red color.

Red Quartz is used as a power aid to physical energy. It radiates the energy you need to overcome lethargy and to energize both your mind and your spirit. If you are tired and worn out, spend some time near this crystal cluster. You will be quickly energized and again ready to “get on with life.”

There is little being written about this rare quartz. However, the Sphalerite it contains is well known to be a powerful grounding crystal. The energies here are new…and need to be explored and decoded. We know it emits a strong physical energy field, but its other secrets are waiting to be discovered.

Crystals with distinct rotation from the base to the apex of the crystal are spirals.
Spiral quartz crystals are rare, and quite misunderstood.

Spiral quartz crystals start out in one direction, constantly change their orientation, yet continue to grow. They are very much like most of our lives. We start out in on direction, are constantly buffeted by life, and still manage to grow and develop. Yes, usually in directions we were not originally heading, but we do grow and develop.

Spiral quartz brings us potent Universal Life Force energy to “stay the course” in difficult times. When you are banged around, twisted, and diverted from your goals, use a spiral quartz crystal to maintain your direction and keep focused on your purpose. Carry it daily and handle it often. Keep it out of sight of others. It is your crystal and it brings you the energy you need.

Spirit Guardian
Spirit Guardians are two Double Terminated crystals of about the same size that are naturally joined together along their longest axis.
Spirit Guardians are wonderful crystal formations. As they consist of two Double Terminated Crystals they are meditation crystals, divination crystals, and personal talismans.

However, Spirit Guardians are used primarily as meditation crystals in efforts to connect to the spiritual world.  They are able to serve as receivers and transmitters to the higher planes of the spirit world.

They are often used in efforts to converse with angels and other spirit guides.

Spirit Quartz
Spirit quartz is a crystal that has grown so fast that the end faces are incomplete and tiny faces terminate each point. The effect is a crystal that looks like a cactus.
Spirit Quartz
Spirit Quartz is one of nature’s gifts to all of us.

Spirit Quartz brings us a very dynamic and joyful energy that should be a part of everyone’s life.

Joy is a rare commodity in today’s world. We often get so caught up in the mundane daily grind that we forget the true wonder of life.

Spirit Quartz brings the joy of life to us in seemingly unbounded quantity.

You should have a Spirit Quartz crystal or crystal cluster in areas of your home and office where you spend a significant amount of time.

Split Face
A Split Face crystal has the appearance of two adjoining main faces each with 4-6 edges.
Split Face crystals bring us a most welcome and desirable energy – that of melding and growing together.

Togetherness is a rare commodity and a valuable one. Loneliness is a real trauma to many of us. We seek others and we seek to be a part of a larger whole.

A Split Face brings us the energy of joining, togetherness, and even devotion. If you are seeking connection, friendship, or love, find a split face crystal and keep it with you. It will help you find the connections you seek.


Starbrary Crystals have etchings of glyph like markings or geometric patterns. The crystal also contains a Key.

Starbrary crystals are believed to contain the wisdom of star faring travelers from other star systems such as Cassiopeia and Orion.

Starbraries are used in meditation to gain the wisdom from the star travelers.

There are quite a number of sub divisions of starbrary crystals. Practitioners have studied them extensively. Different types of glyphs have been discovered to indicate the star system of origin.

A Striated Quartz crystal has a series of one or more parallel lines (indentations) running perpendicular to the length of the crystal on one or more of the prisms (sides of the crystal). The appearance, if the crystal is stood on end, is that horizontal lines have been engraved on the side of the crystal Lemurian Seed Crystals are a form of Striated Quartz.
Striated quartz crystals are considered to be recorders of ancient knowledge. The Lemurian Seed crystals have the knowledge of the Lemurian civilization. Other striated quartz crystals are also considered repositories, but their source is not yet discovered.

Crystals with striations(also called growth lines) are also used by some practitioners in healing efforts. The crystal is placed on areas of the body where accelerated growth is desired. The crystal seems to focus the Universal Life Force on accelerated growth and development.

Strawberry Quartz
Strawberry Quartz is Quartz with light red iridescent red hematite needles. The best comes from Kazakhstan. The crystal should be clear enough to see the hematite needles. If the crystal is completely opaque it is not strawberry quartz. Beware that pink glass is being marketed as Strawberry quartz. Be careful.
Strawberry quartz is prized for its gentle energy and soothing spirit. It brings a message of sparkling purpose within a soft and calm appearance. Its pink color ray brings the power of new love, new romance, and new relationships.

Strawberry quartz should be used as personal talisman when you want to find new love in your life.

Stepped Quartz
Stepped Crystals have one or more ridges fully formed into one or more of the termination faces.  The appearance is that of a step carved into the face.
Stepped quartz has a “helping hand” energy. Long used by healers, stepped quartz brings the power of the Universal Life Force to efforts to help people find a way to move up to a new level of health and energy. It serves as a “step up” or “helping hand” to assist a persons effort to improve themselves and their health.

Be aware it doesn’t do anything by itself. Stepped quartz will augment a healing session if the patient is working to help him or herself.

Sunrise Quartz
Sunrise Quartz Crystals are Quartz which is covered with natural coating of iron oxide, and perhaps other minerals. The coating are often graduated in color presenting clusters similar in appearance to the sunrise. Most come from China.
Sunrise Quartz is a stone of beginnings. It brings the energy of the rising sun into your home or area. It’s energy is invigorating and zestful.
Super Seven (Melody’s Stone)
 Super Seven is a combination of amethyst, smoky quartz, clear quartz, rutile, goethite, lepidochrosite and cacoxenite
super seven
Super Seven is also known as Melody’s Stone or Sacred Seven. It is reported to be an excellent stone to enhance clairvoyance and channeling. It is becoming popular in crystal healing layouts, but is not associated with any particular chakra.

It is reported not to need cleaning, but we cannot verify this fact. The removal of negative energy is a key element in the use of any crystal. It is also reported to be able to balance all seven chakras. This will need further work to verify, as the individual components individually do not.

With that, however, it is a fabulous stone that is well worth exploring and using. It’s powers are just being discovered, and the potential is quite amazing.


 A tabby is a crystal with two wide sides resulting in a flat crystal.  It is at least twice as wide as it is thick.
Tabby crystals are mediation crystals and personal talismans.

They teach us to expand our horizons and get out of our normal habits once in awhile.  We can get so caught up in the day-to-day world we inhabit we can forget to experience the scope of what life offers.  You have only a limited number of days in this universe.

Use the power of a tabby to help you expand your horizons and live the fullest life you can in the time you have.  It is a wondrous universe; don’t miss it.   Photo is a tabby composite. Each of the crystals is a tabby.

Tabby Chain
 A crystal cluster of several tabby points forming together connecting at the sides.
tabby chain
Tabby Chains like Tabby crystals are used in meditation and as personal talismans.

As meditation crystals, tabby chains are used in efforts to expand your daily horizons and see the glories of the earth upon which we live. It is a conduit to joy.

As a personal talisman, a tabby chain crystal is usually used to help keep focused on enjoying the simple joys of life. They are crystals of “connectedness” with the pleasures that life can offer.

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