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Your Guide To Cleansing, Spiritually cleansing, Awakening, Focusing, and Charging Crystals

This is the updated 2022 Edition.

This guide is for anyone needed to get the very best from their crystals. You could buy $300 worth of crystal books and not learn 1/10 of what is covered in this book – Cleaning crystals, Clearing crystals, Cleansing and awakening crystals, Focusing, Aligning, Dedicating, Programming, Charging, and Recharging crystals.

If you use crystals for healing, feng shui, out-of-body travel, divination, spirit communication, angelic communication, honoring deities, or any other reason, get this book and make sure your crystals are working at their potential.

  • Author: Hank Mason
  • Length: 95 pages of amazing, informative, illustrated instructions explaining many detailed processes and methods for cleansing crystals, removing negative energy from crystals, and more!
  • Preview: Download a preview of the first 20 pages

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If you have read all the many excellent crystal books, you might still wonder, “How do I really prepare a crystal for healing, or for astral travel, or mediation?” Do you wonder how to clean one effectively? Are you confused by the many terms used such as clearing, cleansing, dedicating, and charging?

Do you understand the concept of negative energy? Do you ever wonder about using saltwater to clean a crystal or do you ever wonder how to make sure a crystal stays charged for use?

These and many other questions are answered in this new, extensive guide.

The first part covers the steps of physical cleaning. If you are concerned about how water might affect your crystal or mineral – the dangers are covered on pages 13 – 14. Hint: beware of cleaning materials such as Halite, Borax, and others.

Dirty, greasy, dull crystals just don’t work well. Learn how to keep all yours sparkling.

Sometimes water is the best method for cleaning a crystal. Sometimes not. Check out the options on pages 18-21 Here is an excerpt –

We do need to talk about saltwater.

You might read about using sea salt, or table salt to clean a crystal. Well, be aware that sea salt is a combination of dissolved minerals in water. If you feel you need to use salt water, please do so carefully.

You don’t need to etch your crystal or have some other chemical effect.

Quartz crystals seem to suffer no harm from saltwater, but we recommend pure water for all others.

A clean crystal is the starting point, but next, you need to clear, or spiritually cleanse the crystal.

Do you understand “negative energy”? Do you want to learn how to rid a crystal of “negative energy”?

The answer is on page 20. You will learn how to use the ancient, natural elements of air, water, fire, and earth to rid any crystal of excess negative energy and prepare it for being charged with the Universal Life Force.

Do you know which wind is the best for spiritually cleansing a crystal? The answer is on page 24.

Do you know which of the winds caries the energy to clear a crystal suffering from a period of indifference? The guide explains how the wind Notus is used for such a purpose on pages 25 – 28.

As useful as the element of air is in cleansing a crystal, the other elements are equally helpful.

The earth is a powerful element for spiritually cleansing a crystal.

Do you know how long to bury a crystal in the earth to be sure it is rid of all excess negative energy? The answer is on page 32.

If you wonder if plant energy can be effective in cleansing a crystal, see page 34.

Water and Fire are equally useful in clearing and cleansing crystals. Learn the secrets of smudging and which herbs are used in crystal smudging on pages 40 through 45. Learn how to use the various water sources on pages 48 through 55.

Fire in particular is a great method for clearing a crystal of excess negative energy.

Page 40 explains the power of this method.

Page 74 offers step-by-step instructions on using the plant spirits to bless your crystals.

Charging crystals is easy. But it is an important step in preparing your crystals. As the guide explains on pages 60 – 70.

The single largest source of the bounty of the Universal Life Force in our part of the Universe is the center of our solar system – the sun. It is the center of our system and the center of our lives.

No wonder it has been worshiped as a god since time began. And whether you believe it is a god, or that higher power, God, made the sun, nevertheless, the sunbeams the life-giving energy we need to live.

How or from whom the sun got such power and energy is the speculation of philosophers, religious teachers, and everyday people. We cannot know.

But what we can know is that, regardless of its source, the sun is our local source of Life Force in our part of the Universe. Without it, we would all die.

Learn how to use the Sun to effectively charge a crystal with the Universal Life Force and assure it is as powerful as it can be. Learn how long it takes to make sure your crystals are at full strength. Details on page 64.

There is much more…

A clean, spiritually cleansed, and charged crystal needs to be awakened and it needs to be aligned to your purpose.

Awakening the spirit of a crystal can be a challenge if you try it by trial and error. Learn the best process step by step on pages 71 to page 81. Hint: it is all done by sound.

And the critical part comes last… learn how to focus a crystal’s energy and spirit on what you need.

Sometimes a crystal needs to be aligned… learn how on page 86.

Sometimes a crystal needs to be dedicated or programmed. The methods and reasons are on page 88.

All this and more… Available now!