Quartz Crystals Explained – Quantum Crystals through Shaman Dow Crystals

The Metaphysical Properties of Quartz Crystals

Quantum Crystals through Shaman Dow Crystals

There are many viewpoints in the world, and you must sift through them to find your truth. What is right for one person, is not necessarily what is best for another. Also, be aware that a crystal formation may have well documented uses, but others may have discovered new energies and uses. Use this list as a starting point.


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Quartz Type


A cluster of three very similar crystals sharing a common base is called Quantum quartz.
The Quantum is a meditation crystal which is extremely helpful in helping us solve problems in which there seems to be no right direction to take, when we are seemingly faced with a yes or no, go, no go decision and neither direction is desired.

Mediation with a Quantum will help you find the “third way” that is the escape from the dilemma.


A Rainbow crystal contains inclusions or internal cracks that show a rainbow when viewed from an angle.

rainbow quartz

Rainbows are crystals of hidden joy, optimism, and understanding.  They help us see the beauty in mundane things.

They are useful in spiritual healing, meditation, and as talismans.

They are primarily used when the need is to deal with grief, loss, or pain.

They help us overcome sorrow.  They show us the hidden powers of the Universal Life Force, and they help us stimulate all the parts of the brain in solving problems.

As meditation crystals they are used in similar efforts, finding answers to loneliness, loss, heartbreak, and disappointment.

As talismans, they offer us a daily reminder that the Life Force is ever present and that we can find beauty if we look carefully.

Rainbow Aura See Opal Aura
A crystal with a broad sloping face.

receiver quartz crystal

Receiver Quartz Crystals are unsung heros in the quartz world.

While we often seem to search out crystals that will facilitate communication with the angelic and spirit worlds, we are often just not listening

Receiver crystals should be much more in demand and much more in use. These crystals, when used in meditation almost immediately begin to receive signals from higher energy planes. All you often have to do is simply listen.

If you are new to crystal enhanced meditation, start with a Receiver crystal.

Receiver Generator
A Generator that has one face that slopes more than the other five.
Receiver Generator Crystals are quite unusual and worth seeking out. As Generators they gather and store Universal Life Force, almost like a storage battery. As Receivers they are particularly attuned to the Spirit world.

Receiver Generator Crystals have been particularly useful to individuals that are seeking balance and harmony in their lives. These crystals seem to be uncommonly serene in their energy, as if they are receiving calming energy from high in the spirit world.

Record Keeper
A Record Keeper is a crystal with clearly etched pyramid shapes on its termination faces.
record keeper
Record Keeper crystals are wonders.  They are understood to be the containers for the compiled wisdom of the wise men and women of Atlantis.

Each record keeper seems to contain different knowledge and to provide unique understanding of basic universal truths.  However, use of the record keepers takes a bit of practice, and not all of them seem to contain either understanding or knowledge, at least that we can currently understand.

They are used with an open, receptive mind in meditations that do not seek particular answers or results.  In fact they require a very receptive, non-judgmental mind for any effect at all.  Sometimes they seem to transmit different knowledge and understanding to different users.

Other times, a crystal seems to have a simple, direct message that multiple users seem to decipher as about the same message.

These crystals do not give up their messages and wisdom easily or quickly.  They require both time and dedication, but many offer astounding insights into the reality of our existence as a form of the Universal Life Force and our relationships with beings of other Life Force levels.

Record Keeper (Raised) See Record Keeper
Recorder See Record Keeper
Red Amethyst


Amethyst with coating or inclusions of Hematite
red amethyst
Red Amethyst combines the energy of the Amethyst and the rich red of the Hematite inclusions.

Amethyst is a well known healer that has profound effects in balancing the crown chakra. If you are feeling out of sorts, blocked, and mentally clumsy, try a short session with an amethyst, you will likely find yourself refreshed, alert, and back in control. Also, Amethyst is the traditional birthstone of those born in February, and it is the stone of Thursday, “Thor’s Stone”.

With the addition of Hematite, the rich red color brings the cluster the energy of courage, tenacity, inner strength, romance, and passion.

This is amethyst for repairing damage from wounds to someone’s sense of worth. If you are recovering from a damaged relationship, this is the strength you need.

Red Fire Quartz See Lepidocrocite Quartz
Red Phantoms

(true phantoms)

The term is often applied incorrectly to quartz with red hematite inclusions or coatings. True Red Phantoms have a phantom that is coated with Hematite and shows a clear red phantom outline within the crystal. Extremely rare.
Red Phantom Crystals are usually actually scarlet in color rather than red. They primarily bring the influence of the dark scarlet ray of influence to the quartz. This ray brings us the energy of the physical pleasures of maturity—in love, in life, and in relationships.

Muted with the shades of black, brown, blue, or violet, the inclusions of deep scarlet crystals give us the natural sources of energy to enjoy life’s pleasures that extend past the joyfulness of youth. Enjoying life in maturity requires vitality.

Phantoms are meditation crystals and healing crystals used almost exclusively to get in touch with the inner self for purposes of self-knowledge.  They are most specifically used to help in understanding our inner needs that, when satisfied, will bring us the happiness we seek – the true happiness of complete fulfillment.

Red Phantoms are thus meditation crystals used when we seek to develop our appreciation of the physical world and to grow our physical energy.

Red Phantoms

(Hematite quartz)

Much of what is sold as Red Phantom is actually quartz with inclusions of hematite. These inclusions may be very uniform in appearance such as the Strawberry Quartz that originates in Kazakhstan. The better name is Hematite Quartz or Hematite Included Quartz. Some of the material looks like the hematite is a red coating, like rust.
Red Phantom (Hematite Quartz) brings the power of hematite and the power of the scarlet ray of influence (the red color is really more scarlet than red).
Reverse Scepter
Scepter quartz with inverted scepters. These look like a smaller quartz crystal emerging from the apex of a larger one. Extremely rare!
Reverse Scepters are used (if you ever find one) to bring the energy of rebirth and renewal to any enterprise.

Reverse Scepters are powerful talismans of growth and new beginnings. They are powerful conduits of the Universal Life Force as it manifests it self as the engine of renewal in the Universe.

Amethyst Reverse Scepters have the unusual and extremely valuable energy of “the continuation of magic” in the universe. What they seem to do is restore ones belief in the magic of creation. It is quite a feeling not to be forgotten. Find one.

Root Directory Crystal See Master Matrix Crystal.
Rutilated Quartz
Crystals with included needles of gold or black rutile.
rutilated quartz
Rutilated Quartz has been used by some practitioners as a meditation crystal. The uses are primarily for efforts in which the desire is to improve one’s state of happiness, and excitement at the joy life can bring.

Other practitioners report that Rutilated Quartz can help with efforts to see the larger vision and in promoting understanding of one’s place as a spirit in the spirit world. Other practitioners report that Rutilated Quartz can help with efforts to see the larger vision and in promoting understanding of one’s place as a spirit in the spirit world.



Sacred Sigil Crystal Crystals with etchings that appears to be symbols.
Sacred Sigil Crystals are Etched Crystals. What sets them apart is that the etching appear to be symbols that our minds can interpret. It is the interpretation of the symbol that gives the crystal its energy.

For example, if you found an etched crystal with marking that appeared to be waves then the crystal will have the eternal power of the sea contained within it. Another crystal might have symbols that appear to you to be circles, squares, triangles, or other specific symbols. Use a good alchemist text to interpret these. The web has many resource to identify the sigils you find. Ask.com is a good place to start.

The uses of the Sigil crystals is very much dependant on the sigils and the needs of the person finding the crystals. However, in general they are personal talismans.

Scepter Crystal A  crystals, where a new quartz crystal forms over and caps a previously formed prismatic crystal
Scepter quartz are nature’s directional pointers.  They are one of the most powerful Seekers – crystals that point us to the thing we do not have, yet desire.

They have two primary uses.  First they are extraordinarily powerful personal talismans used for focusing one’s power and energy on a single, important task or goal.  They will significantly amplify the Universal Life Force in efforts demanding seemingly slavish focus.

Secondly, they are healing crystals that are used extensively for “spot healing”  – focusing the regenerative power of the Universal Life Force on a specific injury, either spiritual or physical.

A quartz cluster in which all the points are similar length.
Scrubber crystals are unfortunately named. While they may appear to look like a scrub brush, the appearance here is very deceiving.

Scrubber crystals should be renamed. They are really “leveler” crystals.

We all seek to have justice. We seek equal treatment. We seek uniform application of rules regardless of economic ability or racial background.

Scrubber bring the power of uniformity and equality to us.

Scrubbers are talismans used in locations were justice, fairness, and equal treatment are important. They bring us feelings of equality and brotherhood.

In Feng Shui uses, these crystals should be used in major living areas of a home, particularly in homes with several children.

Seer Stone
See Picture Window
A crystal with an included veil that appears as a phase of the moon.
The Selene is the crystal of the night, the moon, and the rhythm of time.  It is a centering crystal, an acceptance crystal, and a comfort crystal.

We are children of the universe.  We are born, grow, mature, and die. We live in cycles and are part of the cycle of life.

To see ourselves as part of the cycle of life, use a Selene as a meditation crystal.  Just a few minutes a day of mediation with one, focused on seeing our lives within the cycle of life on the planet will give you peace and a deep sense of well being.

Self Healed Crystal
A Self Healed crystal has many terminations where it has been broken and then regrown.
Self Healed crystals are as their name so states, healing crystals.  They are used by many crystal healers to bring the Universal Life Force to people in need of repairing their lives and continuing their spiritual growth.

These crystal are best used by physically bringing the Self Healed crystal in direct contact with the heart chakra.

Seven faced (left) see Channelling.
Seven faced (right) See Channelling.
Shale Phantom Quartz containing what appears to be a blue, grey, or black phantom crystal caused by included shale.
Shale Phantoms, like other phantoms, are are meditation crystals and healing crystals used almost exclusively to get in touch with the inner self for purposes of self-knowledge.

Shale Phantoms are specifically used to help in understanding our inner needs that when satisfied will bring us the power we seek to make our way in the world.

If the shale is blue, the crystal is mostly used to find truth, respect and honor.

Shaman Dow
 A Dow crystal that also contains a white phantom is called a Shaman Dow.
Shaman Dow Crystals are fascinating crystals and should you be fortunate enough to secure one, you will find you are most reluctant to ever part with it.

For some reason, not yet understood, these crystals seem to be able to receive an imprint of a person’s essence.  These crystals, when held daily will soon become like an extension of your inner self, and will grow in power to amplify your spirituality.

A Shaman Dow is a personal talisman of insight, focus, and spiritual wisdom.  They do not bring these attributes to a person, but rather Shaman Dow crystals bring these traits out of a person with regular handling and focus.

Shamanic Dream Crystal
 Quartz containing a mixture of Lodolite, Smoky Quartz, Phantoms and , sometimes, Rutilated Quartz. (Some sellers are selling Garden Quartz as Shamanic Dream Crystals. Look for more than just the Lodolite in the crystal for a true Dream Crystal.)

Shamanic Dream Crystals are crystals being found in Brazil that contain lo do lite, and sometimes are smoky with phantoms and occasionally also contain rutile. They are reported to be excellent crystals for Shamanic journeys. They have a very soft energy, and often are extremely beautiful. They are helpful in inducing visions and can be used for scrying.
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