Quartz Crystals Explained – Tabby Composite Through Yin Crystals

The Metaphysical Properties of Quartz Crystals

Tabby Composite through Yin Crystals

There are many viewpoints in the world, and you must sift through them to find your truth. What is right for one person, is not necessarily what is best for another. Also, be aware that a crystal formation may have well documented uses, but others may have discovered new energies and uses. Use this list as a starting point.


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Quartz Type

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Tabular See Tabby
Tabular Composite
A tabular composite forms in pipelines and in sand with no particular direction.
tabular composite
Tabular Composite crystals like tabular crystals teach us to expand our horizons and get out of our normal habits once in awhile.  We can get so caught up in the day-to-day world we inhabit we can forget to experience the scope of what life offers.

Tabby Composites add the energy of the free spirit to our lives.

Use the power of a tabby to help you expand your horizons and live the fullest life you can in the time you have.  It is a wondrous universe; don’t miss it.  Keep a Tabby Composite in your living room to remind you to get out and live!


Tangerine Quartz
Naturally orange/yellow quartz crystals that are colored by hematite.
These are crystals with the natural energy to help you feel strong and less vulnerable and emotional in situations which can seem threatening.

Some users have reported success with using this crystal as a personal talismans for losing weight.

Crystal healers have reported success in using tangerine quartz to heal imbalances in the sacral chakra.

Tangerine quartz is a widely used talisman for bringing the wonderful orange ray of influence into one’s life. Orange is a happy, outgoing, and sharing color. It brings things and people together.

Tangerine quartz can be used to integrates the parts of family life. It is the “home stone,” the “village stone,” and the “community stone.” Find one and keep it near the entry to you home – it serves to welcome all.

Tangerose Crystals
Naturally pink Lemurian crystals with orange or tangerine tint or blush


Tangerose Crystals are Lemurians and contain the wisdom and knowledge of the Lemurian people as do most of the Lemurian crystals. Please refer to the Lemurian descriptions.

In addition the Tangerose Crystals are reported by lemuriancrystals.net to “carry the ability to activate Passion, Unconditional love and Self Love. …to help one to reach deeper understanding of oneself and meditative states…and to carry in them the knowledge of the white light universe, and the full spectrum of healing light.

Take Away
See Key
Tantric Twin
A Tantric Twin is a formation of two crystals approximately the same size growing from a common base with separate terminations, and parallel growth. If they crystals are not growing from a common base they are Soul mates.
tantric twin
Tantric Twins are true twin crystals. They are siblings and have the Universal Life Force of togetherness, cohesion, brotherly love, common heritage, and family.

Tantric Twin crystals are thought to bring the power of resolution to family issues. Some people use them to keep families together by placing them in prominent parts of their home.

A Teacher crystal is any crystal that seems to have embedded wisdom of a high order manifest by the appearance of form (human or otherwise) within the crystal.


Teacher crystal have no form, and every form.  No one can sell or give you a Teacher.

Teachers can only be discovered.  You cannot seek them, you cannot find them, nor can you use another’s Teacher.

When you are working with a crystal, and you realize that you are learning, experiencing, and growing faster than you thought possible, you have found your Teacher.

You may never find a Teacher crystal, but if you do, you will know it.  Don’t ever part with this crystal.  Don’t ever let another touch or use it in any way.

Thetis’ Hair Stone
Quartz crystals with inclusions of acicular crystals of green actinolite. The actinolite is sometimes altered to a yellow brown color. These are often very dense making the stone appear almost opaque. Note: A stone with bright golden hair like inclusions is likely to be included with rutile not actinolite.

thetis hair

Thetis Hair Stones have been used for amulets and charms for a wide variety of purposes.
Tibetan Quartz
Tibetan Quartz is quartz that is mined in Tibet.

tibetan quartz

Tibetan Quartz is purification quartz.

It is used in the preparation of other crystals.  It is also used in ceremonies to sanctify a place or person.

Tibetan Quartz will draw impurities from substances and from people.

Use it to draw off pain, ugliness, harm, spiritual disease, doubt, envy, or negative energy from other crystals, rooms, altars, or any item that is in need of cleansing.

Time Line to the Future
Incorrectly called Activation Right.   Time Link crystals describe a special kind of quartz crystal that contains a seventh face that is just below the six main faces of the termination. This special face is in the shape of a parallelogram, which is similar to a rectangle turned at an angle leaning right.

Time line to the future

Sorry, a Time Line to the Future won’t help you predict the winning lottery numbers!

A Time Line to the Future is a mediation crystal used in efforts to focus our actions on a particular desired future state.

The principle of affirmation is one in which we visualize a desired future state, and then focus our efforts on making our current reality match that state.

These crystals contain the life force to enable us to see those desired future states clearly.  With these crystals we will not lose focus on goals because they were ill defined or unclear.

Time Lines to the Future help us truly understand, visualize, and achieve our goals by allowing us to see them, and the path to them clearly.

These are very helpful crystals and should be used regularly in any mediation practice.  They are not healing crystals, but are used in efforts to focus healing on specific outcomes that are desired.

Time Line to the Past
Incorrectly called Activation Left.   Time Line crystals describe a special kind of quartz crystal that contains a seventh face that is just below the six main faces of the termination. This special face is in the shape of a parallelogram, which is similar to a rectangle turned at an angle leaning left.
timeline to the past
A Time Link to the Past is a crystal that brings the Yin quality of remembrance and history to an effort.

This crystal is primarily used to find meaning in life by reference to specific events in our own lives, or in the past lives of others.  In mediation, they are used when we want to focus on the root causes of issues, and when we are seeking understanding of how events, relationships, or issues first began.

Time Lines to the Past are crystals that have the ability to focus the Universal Life Force to aid us in both recalling and gaining understanding of the past and its relation to our issues in the present.

They are excellent healing crystals when discontinuity exists in the upper chakras, particularly the Third Eye.

Titanium Gas Phantoms
A misnamed crystal – titanium does not become a gas.
Trans – Channeling
See Dow.
Transformation Crystal
A Transformation Crystal is one that changes its attributes from time to  time.  These crystals cannot be recognized beforehand.


Ah, should you be so fortunate to find you have a transformation crystal. Of course at first you will find yourself confused by it. It will seemingly be an excellent meditation crystal then inexplicably bring you nothing when you are meditating.

Or it might be a very reliable talisman that brings you peace in times of stress, then seems to stop working.

Some excellent advice – a crystal that seems to have lost all energy may simply need to be recharged in some manner, but it might be a Transformation Crystal. Try using it for other purposes for which it would seem ill suited. You might have a treasure!

Trigonic Crystal
A crystal that has regions of wavy, overlapping trigons on one or more face. Some trigons may be inverted.


Trigonic Crystals, with their many trigons are quite rare. For the most part they are reported to be outstanding meditation crystals.

The energy of the crystal depends on its configuration.

If most of the trigons point upward, the crystal is primarily a metal elemental crystal. The upward pointing trigon is the ancient alchemist symbol for fire and offers balance to the metal energy of the crystal.

If most of the trigons point downward, the crystal is primarily a fire element crystal. The downward pointing trigon is the ancient alchemist symbol for water and offers balance to the fire energy of the crystal.

Trigon Quartz
Trigon Quartz has one or more indented, inverted trigons on a face or faces. (If the trigons are upright (narrow part of triangle facing the apex then the crystal is a Record Keeper.)

trigon quartz

Trigonic Quartz is reported to be a crystals of connection between the spiritual and the physical worlds. They are known to have facilitated visions of afterlife.

Trigon Quartz allow one who attunes to their vibration to see and travel into the visionary realms beyond death.

These crystals have uses in Shamanism that relate to entry into the shadow world.

Feng Shui practitioners have reported that Trigon Quartz is a powerful fire elemental crystal.

Finally, these crystals are understood by some practitioners to have similar abilities to Time Lines to the Future.

Transmitter Crystal
A crystal with two seven-sided faces separated by a three sided one.


Transmitters are meditation crystals used to facilitate communication with the Spirit world and the Universal Mind. Isabel Silverira in “Quartz Crystals” notes that the Transmitter teaches us to “ask and receive” noting that if we are not living in the reality we seek, we are not transmitting our needs clearly enough. We suggest that a Transmitter crystal is used with other crystals because the Transmitter quartz crystal doesn’t seem to possess any other attributes than simply facilitating a connection.
Twin Flame
A Twin Flame is two crystals that joined at base but flare out into a V shape.
Twin flame
These crystals reflect the twin desires of love and peace.

Twin Flames are highly desirable crystal formations that seem to have an abnormal attraction.   To some they appear as cross swords, to other, a gate, to even others, a goal marker.

Mostly, however, they are twin spires of desire standing equally, and conveying the message from the Spirit World, that love and peace are the the ultimate goals.

If you seek acceptance, friendship, love, acceptance, friendship, joy, or a feeling of peace with yourself and your world, use a Twin Flame as a mediation crystal.  You will find what you seek.

Twin Inset
A Twin Inset is where one twin is wrapped in the other. See Tantric Twin.


Veil Crystal
Crystals with inclusions of white, wispy appearances are Veil Crystals.


Veils are divination crystals.

The future is veiled until Time moves the curtain away. But sometimes we need a hint.  At times, we really need just a glimpse into that which is coming.

Like a “Time Link to the Future” the veil is a divination crystal but it doesn’t predict a specific future like the Time Link.  Rather it gives us feelings of the future: will it be joyful and successful, or is danger at hand?

A meditation with a veil will align you with the flow of time, and guide you as you prepare for what is ahead.  You will not see the future, it is hidden behind the veil of time, but with a Veil Quartz crystal, you can peer through the veil and see the shadows of what is to be.

Focus when using a Veil.


A wand is a long, narrow crystal with at least one faceted point.


(Photo is a man-made healing wand)

The use of wands is steeped in lore and legend.  From Atlantis through the Middle Ages to Harry Potter, Magicians, Magi, and Shamans have wielded wands made of various materials.

Quartz wands are primarily used in spiritual healing and divination.  Quartz wands conduct, amplify, and focus the Universal Life Force, augmenting the healing power of the healer.

Many people report the ability to detect the increased energy flow within a well-formed Quartz wand.

In spiritual healing, wands focus the healing elements of the Universal Life Force on areas of the body that are weak or suffering from being out of balance.

In divination wands are used in specialized efforts where great precision is needed.  These are sometimes used in mediation when a specific answer to a specific question needs to be resolved.

A Laser wand is a Wand but has the focused properties of focusing communications rather than direct application of power against an obstacle – the primary focus of a Wand.


Warrior Crystal See Empathic Warrior


X Crystal
See Cross.


Yin Crystal
Yin Crystal is recognized by veiled cloudiness.

yin crystal

Yin Crystals are used to promote harmony when the gentle energy of the feminine is required.
Yin Yang Crystal
A crystal with a body that is milky white around its base and turns water-clear towards its termination
ying_yang crystal
Yin Crystals are used to promote harmony when the gentle energy of the feminine is required to be melded with the more aggressive energy of the masculine.


Zambian Quartz
Quartz from Zambia. Usually clear crystals often Double Terminated
These crystals are reported to be used in diagnostic healing and for communicating with the spirits from other worlds. The energy of the African continent is said to be strong in these crystals.
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