Quartz Crystals Explained – Extra Termination Through Grounding

The Metaphysical Properties of Quartz Crystals

Extra Terminations through Grounding

There are many viewpoints in the world, and you must sift through them to find your truth. What is right for one person, is not necessarily what is best for another. Also, be aware that a crystal formation may have well documented uses, but others may have discovered new energies and uses. Use this list as a starting point.


Quartz Type

E (continued)

Extra Termination
An Extra Terminations Crystal, also called ET, has a single termination at one end and multiple ones at the other end.

Et Crystal

Extra Terminations are mistakenly called Extra Terrestrial.

ETs are transmitters of the Universal Life Force like all quartz crystals.  But they are special transmitters.  They are “Beam Splitters.

Extra Terminations take in Universal Life Force energy from their single termination, amplify it, split it, and broadcast it from the multiple terminations at its opposite end.  Think of it like a shower head taking in the pure water, amplifying it and splitting into a myriad of small jets.

ETs are healing crystals when large areas of unbalance need correcting.  They are excellent crystals for giving strength when multiple needs all demand attention

Extra Terrestrial
An unfortunate misunderstanding of the abbreviation ET that stands for Extra Terminations not Extra Terrestrial. See Extra Terminations just above.


Faden Crystal
A Faden is a crystal that has a milky feathery line that runs through the crystal.  The Faden is usually a Tabby Crystal. Also called Faden Growth and Faden Veil crystals.
Faden Crystal
A Faden Crystal is a extremely powerful communication crystal used for a single purpose – communication with the Spirit World.  If the need is extreme, and imperative, and maximum bandwidth is needed in communication to the Spirit World, use a clear quartz Faden as your conduit.

These are some of the most useful mediation crystals when you want to communicate with the higher planes of our existence and communicate directly with angelic, light beings.

These crystals are only used in such mediations.  These are not talismans, amulets, or healing crystals. Fadens are powerful, and focused communication crystals.

Faden Growth See Faden above
Fade Veil See Faden above
Fairy Dust A Fairy Dust Quartz crystal is described as “The random outside attachment of many very small crystals to the outside of a larger one, seemingly looking like a dusting that sparkles in the sun.” These are also called Barnacle crystals when the attached crystals are larger and mostly distinct to the eye as separate small crystals.
Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust Crystals are for meditation. As, you know the relationships and things you accumulate in your passage through life are not you.   Do not confuse yourself with your relationships and your things.

When you are trying to separate your own spirit from its relationship with others, and get in touch with your real spirit, use a Fairy Dust crystal to aid in your efforts of self-knowledge and usefulness.

When you use the crystal, think of the barnacles on it as the things and relationships you have added to your life. Note they are not the main crystal, just as you are not the things you have added to your life.

Keep a Fairy Dust Crystal near to you. Let it constantly remind you keep a perspective on your relationships. It will help you learn to see yourself separately from your things and relationships.

A Fairy Dust crystal is a good crystal to use in the beginning of a meditation session.   It will help you find yourself – the first step in finding your future.

Melody reports it might help you sort out family problems.

Fairy Frost
Fairy Frost is a crystal with extensive small, interconnected fractures and inclusions.  If the fractures are distinct and appears like ledges the crystal is a Devic.
fairy frost crystal
Fairy Frost crystals have been found to be an excellent meditation crystal if it is large enough. Few other uses have been reported. Should you find these effective in some manner drop us a line at the Crystal Vaults.
Fairy Cluster
Clusters of very small and intricate crystals. Look like a fairy land in the sun. Many of these are small clusters of very tiny and exquisitely formed needle-like quartz crystals.

fairy quartz cluster

Fairy Clusters are quite difficult to obtain. They have to be carefully hand mined. The fine, delicate crystals seem to be a fairy land in sunlight, each of the many tiny crystals seems to shimmer and reflect the light of “fairy energy.” These are very delightful clusters. They are, as my friend says, “happy crystals.” They are used to simply enhance the overall positive and bright energy level of a room or area. It will work best in a sunny window where it can absorb, reflect, and refract the sunlight, bringing its warmth and richness inside. Know to attract faeries to a happy place.
Fairy Wand
A tiny quartz crystal found in Mexico, in a now closed mine. Fairy Wand Quartz crystals are very small, and exquisite with extraordinary shapes. Some crystals have the appearance of a miniature minaret. Rare and extraordinary.

fairy wand

Fairy wand quartz is used to access the faerie kingdom through meditation. The crystal is also used to provide relaxation just by carrying it or handling. it. These are beautiful and delicate crystals. They are calming and relaxation crystals. They can also help you overcome fear of the unknown.
Family Quartz
Two larger parent crystals with one or more smaller “child” ones.
Family quartz
Family Quartz crystal clusters are used in Feng Shui in the center of a home or room to focus the Universal Life Force on togetherness. They provide for strong family values and offer the Yin benefit of nurturing and health.
Female Crystal
A white milky crystal.

female crystal

Female Crystals are used when a healing environment needs additional Yin energy or in Feng Shui when Water elemental energy is needed.
Fire Crystal Quartz See Harlequin
Floater Crystal
A Floater is a point that naturally broke off of the matrix and continued to grow away from the matrix and shows no matrix contact point.
floater crystal
Floaters are personal talismans that are used to help us lead our own lives free of the influences and the restrictions of others that want to hold us back in our quests and desires.

Carry them with you always and use them to remind you to take your own path.


Garden Quartz (Lodolite) Quartz included with sand that forms what looks like gardens within the clear quartz.
garden quartz
Some authors note that Garden Quartz enhances the communication with beings on the spiritual plane and heighten one’s spiritual energies. and bring knowledge from your past lives. However, our experience, and that of many others is that Garden Quartz helps us connect to the Earth and her needs. The energies are grounding and loving, not particularly focused on the spiritual world above, but the real loving Earth below. Its healing energies are those of long term adaptation and change.
Gateway See Picture Window Quartz
A Generator is a single crystal with 6 sharp facets meeting in a sharp point. Also known as a Center Point.
Generators are very symmetrical focusing crystals that are potent power sources for other crystals.  They seem to gather the Universal Life Force and hold it in storage, awaiting a release.

Other crystals keep near a Generator for a period of time are recharged and renewed.

Generators should be regularly exposed to sunlight and to moon light to assure they continue to gain and sustain as much Life Force as possible.

Girasol Quartz from Madagascar is hazy, translucent quartz with a pale blue cast.
girasol quartz
Girasol Quartz could well be called “moon quartz.” or “dream quartz.” Its hazy dreamy quality is soft, inviting, and restful. It has been reported to be an excellent companion on spirit journeys and a superb aid in visualization.

It does seem to posses some real ability to focus and amplify moonlight and align it with our needs and desires.

A number of practitioners use Girasol spheres as divination and scrying tools. The ones that have some inclusions or fracture lines seem to work best.

As a personal talisman, there are some reports, that Girasol quartz enhances the Yin energy and some report success using it as Water elemental energy in Feng Shui applications.

A Glassback is a Quartz Cluster with a thin base that makes the cluster transparent.
glassback crystal
Glassbacks are quite useful crystal formations that are often used in mediation when you are confused, lost, or seem to lack direction. Sometimes the cause of this confusion is a lack of true understanding of exactly what is missing from your life.

In such a situation a Glassback, used in a mediation, will seem to become almost liquid, and, with a receptive mind, it will begin to flow and reveal hidden shapes that indicate  inner desires and deep needs that must be fulfilled if happiness is to be found.

Glitter is minute crystals adhering randomly to outside of a host crystal.
Glitter crystal
Glitter crystals are excellent talismans when you are seeking to grow your ability to be accepted within your group or gain acceptance with new group.

Crystals with Glitter seems to capture and reflect light from any angle.  In group acceptance, the desire is to belong and be acceptable to a number of people with different views and angles on life.

Use Glitter crystals as a daily talisman.  Carry it with you and look at it often.  It will be a constant reminder to accept viewpoints from any angle and reflect it backs rather than absorbing it and reacting.

Glitter crystals teach acceptance, cooperation, and patience.

Goddess See Isis
Golden Healer
Golden Healers are crystals with iron coating on or under the surface of the crystal.  It is a natural process.
Golden Healer
Golden Healers are exactly as their name describes – Golden Healers.  Used almost exclusively in spiritual healing, these crystals with their Gold color offer restore spiritual energy that is out of balance.

Golden Healers are used when the need is to improve a persons basic happiness, get them back on a track towards success, bring a sense of adventure, increase the persons personal power, or  build their enthusiasm or  confidence.

Green Chlorite Quartz See Chlorite Quartz. 
Grounding Crystal
A Grounding crystal is a crystal with an eight-sided face.


Grounding crystals are used as talismans, healing crystals, and as mediation crystals.

As talismans they are used to facilitate a sense of belonging, a sense of security, and to facilitate efforts to be more focused, more centered, and more aware of ones current reality.

As healing crystals and as meditation crystals they are used often to realign a person with the Earth when the balance is askew between the reality of the Earth and  its influences, and the spiritual world.  Even a keen appreciation and appreciation of the spiritual cannot be allowed to disconnect us from the physical world.  A mind needs a sound body, and the body is a physical manifestation that much be aligned with the natural world to function effectively.

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