Crystals for Scorpio


October 23rd - November 21st

Tarot Card: Death

Stones: Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Opal, Topaz, & Citrine

Zodiac Modality: Fixed

Most Compatible With: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, & Virgo

Flower: Chrysanthemum, Geranium, & Rhododendron

Mansions of the Moon: Snows, Stream, & Steam

Associated with the 8th house

scorpio glyph

Scorpio Symbol

Those born at the end of the harvest belong to the eighth zodiac sign, Scorpio. This sign is unique since it has more than one animal symbol. The most popular is the scorpion, but the others include the eagle, serpent, and phoenix. The scorpion is associated with power, ambition, determination, lust, sex, and protection.

Its glyph is a capital “M” with a prolonged and pointy tail. It is said to resemble a scorpion and its stinger. The stinger insinuates Scorpio’s highly sexual nature and expresses intensity and depth.

Water Sign

Scorpio is the most misunderstood zodiac sign. Their personality is associated with being incredibly passionate and power-hungry, so they are often mistaken for a fire sign. However, Scorpio is one of three water signs. Unlike the other water signs, Scorpios are more guarded with their feelings and tend to appear intimidating when you first meet them.

Water signs are known for navigating life with their emotions and sentimentality. They are also known for being sensitive, imaginative, and intuitive. Much like water, they can be refreshing, or they might drown you in their depths. Water signs are submerged in their surroundings, frequently experiencing the emotional reality that lies beneath the surface. This allows them to easily read the atmosphere and be the first to know when something is wrong. Their ability to empathize makes them excellent friends and partners.

Ruling Planets – Mars & Pluto

Scorpio is one of three signs ruled by two planets. The modern astrology ruler is Pluto and the traditional astrology ruler is Mars. Scorpios' desire for transformation is attributed to Pluto, while Mars is responsible for their irresistibility and fiery ferocity. Certain zodiac signs have more than one ruling planet because, in early astrology, only seven planets were discovered at the time. Over time, more planets were discovered and added to the zodiac signs that suited them.


Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the second-smallest planet in the solar system. The warrior planet is associated with the Greek God of War, Ares, and the Roman counterpart, Mars. In mythology, Mars is represented as a military power, always depicted in full armor with shield and sword, ready for action. However, he was protective in a chaotic and destructive type of way. The planet Mars contains Yang energy. Yang energy is described as being energetic, boisterous, and vibrant. Mars' influence enhances Scorpio's drive to action and passion. However, it can also cause Scorpios to be argumentative, confrontational, and aggressive.

Pluto is no longer considered a planet. It was considered the ninth planet from the sun; however, in 2019, Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet because it did not meet the criteria to define a full-sized planet by the International Astronomical Union. Pluto governs both destruction and transformation. Pluto was named after the Roman god of the underworld, so it is associated with the underworld, death, and rebirth. The characteristic of Pluto is what makes Scorpio complex. It gives Scorpios their alluring and mysterious aura.

scorpio constellation

Scorpio Constellation

The Scorpio constellation is often referred to as Scorpius. It is the 33rd largest constellation with 18 named stars. The brightest red star is Antares, also known as Alpha Scorpii. Not only is this star the brightest in this constellation, but one of the brightest stars in the sky. Scorpius contains four Messier objects and is associated with two constellations: the Alpha Scorpiids and Omega Scorpiids. The constellation is J shaped, with the bottom of the J representing the scorpion’s curved tail. The stinger is represented by two of the named stars – Shaula and Lesath.


Scorpius lies opposite the Orion constellation. In Greek mythology, Scorpius represents the scorpion that stung Orion, the mythological hunter, to death. It is said that Orion became conceited about his hunting abilities. He said he could kill any animal on the planet. When Orion boasted about killing every animal, Gaia, the Earth Goddess, sent Scorpius, the Scorpion, to sting and kill him. Scorpius and Orion thus became mortal foes. Zeus, the king of the gods, is thought to have put Orion and the Scorpion in the heavens so that the two enemies would never meet. According to legend, you can never see these two constellations in the sky at the same time.

Scorpio Personality

Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs. One of the reasons is because of their mysterious and intimidating nature. On the surface, Scorpios come off as intense and harsh, but under the surface, they are extremely emotional and crave connection. They are incredibly independent and love to enjoy their own company. However, they are fiercely loyal to those who establish a close relationship with them.

Those born under Scorpio are incredibly passionate. They love intensely, love sex, and tend to be very physical. Their love does have the potential to become controlling. However, it stems from the desire to protect their partner. Scorpios' love for sex isn’t solely about pleasure. They crave physical and emotional closeness with their partner. When a Scorpio chooses a partner, they are fully committed and don’t partake in superficial relationships. They feel intensely and fixate on their relationship. In the bedroom is where Scorpios are the most expressive.

Scorpios' most well-known trait is their persistence. When a Scorpio has their heart set on something, they do not hold back. Compromising is not a word in their vocabulary. They make a decision, stick with it, and go above and beyond to achieve their desire. There are no limits for a Scorpio. They hate to admit defeat and avoid showing weakness.

Scorpios are thought to be great leaders. However, they don’t care if you follow their lead or not. They have strong determination, courage, and fear of new things and challenges. You’ll learn quickly that Scorpios are brutally honest and are always telling the truth. They strongly value authenticity and hate dishonesty in others. Their desire for authenticity doesn’t stop with people; Scorpios love luxury and top-quality items.

One trait Scorpios need to work on is forgiveness. They are known to hold a grudge. Like a scorpion, Scorpios have their stinger ready to strike. They have a dramatic flair for vengeance and enjoy rivalry. Another trait Scorpios need to work on is control. They tend to need control over every aspect of their lives.

Like other Water Signs, Scorpios are extremely clairvoyant and intuitive. They are curious and love to ask questions.


The traditional stone for those born under the Zodiac sign Scorpio is Aquamarine. Aquamarine stimulates intellectual thought and increases the ability to respond quickly. It makes one unconquerable through learning, not only about the physical world but about oneself. It bestows perseverance, discipline, and light-heartedness.

As a love crystal, Aquamarine encourages a lover to return, assists two people with diverse lifestyles to live together in harmony, and lessens the effects of sensitive issues that create quarrels. It is often given as a love token or eternity ring, increasing commitment and fidelity.

A stone of natural justice, Aquamarine utilizes compromise and negotiation. It gives quiet courage and carefully reasoned words in confrontational situations.

Aquamarine is beneficial for moving through transition and change. Its purifying energy reduces resistance and assists you in overcoming your fear of the unknown. It aids in releasing not just emotional baggage but also physical items and clutter.


Topaz is one of the modern birthstones for Scorpios, born in November. Topaz is a stone of love and good fortune and is highly effective for successfully attaining goals. It is great for attracting the right person into one’s life, friendship, love, or business or improving existing relationships. It enkindles honesty, faithfulness, and trust.

Topaz is an incredible tool for healing and stabilizing the emotional body. Its energy teaches forgiveness and truth and replaces negativity, fear, and doubt with all things crucial for self-confidence, esteem, acceptance, self-reliance, and worth. It aligns with the true vibrancy of one’s soul and brings joyfulness, love, and abundance to one’s life. Topaz stirs creativity and promotes individuality and the expression of ideas. It helps one realize their abilities and wealth of knowledge gained from learned experiences and hard work. It supports one in implementing great dreams and makes one happy to share the joy and good fortune with others.



Crystal Items Made for Scorpio

These are specially formulated products by our Certified Crystal Alchemists and Masters to bring success, relaxation, and enhanced communication skills. Using these items will provide a soothing vibration as a Scorpio. They are optimized to bring the energy of the Cosmos to those born under the sign of Scorpio.


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