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If you were born from December 22 – January 19, you are a Capricorn

Your Sun Stone is Ruby It is a beautiful gem!

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capricorn stonesAs winter sets in, its the time of the Capricorns. This sign is represented by the mountain goat. These guys are climbing higher and higher to the top! In cliffs and the highest heights, goats find security and safety.

Most Capricorns are very serious and strong willed. They are determined to accomplish the most they can and in the best way possible. Once they start something they have to finish it because Capricorns are major finishers and reliable workers. Sometimes Capricorns are a bit over the edge stubborn and like to do everything themselves. On the bright side they are patient and honest. People under the Capricorn sign are happy to work for something they want or need. They live by self-discipline and don’t take daring chances. Overall, they are responsible and strongly independent.

Capricorns enjoy companions that make them laugh. What they don’t appreciate is their companion late for their dates. They love listening to what their companion has to say. Capricorns tend to attract companions who have no clue about them and who don’t understand them.

The traditional stone, for those born under the Capricorn star sign, is Ruby. Ruby’s is red corundum a very hard stone that takes an incredible polish. Rubies are among the treasures of the world. The most wanted Ruby is a red colorwith a hint of blue. Ruby is also known as the “Stone of Nobility” and “Star of Purity”.

Ruby is prescribed by crystal healers for aiding the circulation of blood.

This stone is also related to love. It is said to be filled with love and affection. Ruby is a symbol of friendship, love, and royalty. You can use this crystal to aid you with setting goals and keeping them, bringing passion to life,balance the heart, motivation, and creativity.

Ruby is also said to be a nurturing stone that works very well when a mother gives birth to a baby. This stone will protect both mother and child and keep both healthy as can be.

capricorn dreamersHematite is also a traditional stone for Capricorns. It is also known as the “Stone for the Mind”. The colors  vary from silver, black, and gray. Hematite is used to enhance relationships and communication.

This stone is very useful for supporting your goals,hopes, and dreams. Sorting out your thoughts and mind is a lot easier when you have Hematite by your side. Hematite is a strong stone that helps the formation of red blood

Obsidian happens to be a stone for Capricorns too! It is lava that has been cooled quickly. Obsidian is also known as a natural glass. This stone blocks out mental stress and tension to help you relax. It promotes compassion and strength. While a change in lifestyle of any sort you should keep an Obsidian stone near by because it will provide you support and protection. If you suffer from arthritis pain, Obsidian is a great stone to

As one born under the sun sign of Capricorn, you have a few choices about which crystals are really right for you. We suggest you find one of the stones discussed above that seems right to you. That is your stone!


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