You've reached a page about a Mansion of the Moon! The Mansions of the Moon are the 28 divisions of the Zodiac visited by the moon in its 28-day orbit of the Earth. Each Mansion brings a special energy to the Moon. If you want to track the Moon and understand its effects on your spirit and life - get your Daily Crystal Horoscope kit.

Mansion of Steam


Combining Fire and Water can cause water to transformed into steam significantly releasing significant energy levels. Steam is power, the power to work, and the power to purify. Steam is water vapor with very high energy content. It brings the chemical energy of the fire into the air via the transformation of water. Steam is a conduit from the lower energy levels and lower spiritual levels, to those of the higher planes.

Those born while the Moon is in the Mansion of Steam are the powers of the Earth (See: What Mansion were you born in?). They make things happen. They transform low energy and low productivity to higher levels. They are the managers, the leaders, and the captains of the industry. They are the doers, the activists, and the strivers of the world. You will find them in every walk of life. They are striving, adding energy and strength to projects, and rising to the top of their professions and activities. They lead bands and orchestras, church groups, and civic clubs. They rise to the top and they bring amazing energy to the tasks at hand.

When the Moon transits this Mansion, use the energy of Steam to power your activities towards your goals. Reach up, strive, use every muscle and idea you have. This is a day to work and work some more. The fire of your desires can fuel the transformation of yourself into a high-energy version of yourself. Stock those flames today.

Mansion of Steam Products

Mansion of Steam Candle-0

Mansion of Steam Candle

This is a crystal energy candle developed for augmenting the energy of the Moon as it transits the 19th Mansion of the Moon, the Mansion of Steam. It is infused with the soothing scents of Basil, Sage, and Mint. This candle has been specially formulated by our Certified Crystal Alchemist to bring you power, energy, and productivity. While you can use it all month, it will be particularly powerful during the time the moon is visiting the 19th mansion. Shop Now >>


Mansion of Steam Elixir-0

Mansion of Steam Elixir

This elixir is made of Mookaite, Red Jasper, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Aventurine, and Clear Quartz. It is formulated to purify and boost energy levels. It is an elixir of transformation to higher spiritual planes. Shop Now >>


Mansion of Steam Crystal Kit-0

Mansion of Steam Crystal Kit

This crystal kit has been specially designed by our Certified Crystal Alchemist to bring you the energies of the Mansion of Steam to your life. It is primarily used each month as the Moon visits the 19th Mansion of the Moon. It contains a set of Mookaite, Red Jasper, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, and Clear Quartz Stones. Shop Now >>


Fire Opal


The crystal of the Mansion of Steam is Fire Opal, with its watery interior filled with fire, Opal Fire Opals draw in money, facilitate change and usher in progress. They make excellent charms for those who wish to be independent and live by their own rules, and bring high energy to a project. Shop Now >>