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The Sign of those born June 21 – July 22

The summer solstice, June 21, is the beginning of the summer. It marks the beginning of the time governed by the Zodiac sign of Cancer. This period from Jun 21 to July 22 was the time of the year in ancient times when the sun rose in the constellation of Cancer.

The ConstellatioCancer Photo 1n of Cancer and its Zodiac sign have often been depicted by a Crab. The stars that form the constellation were thought in ancient times to form the shape of a crab. Crabs are capable of walking sideways.
People born under the sign of Cancer are believed to be adaptable and, like the crab that can move sideways, people born under the sign can “move about” in life.

This sign is also known as the “Sign of the Prophet” or “Sign of the Teacher.” It is the sign of Enlightenment.

cancer ruled by moonCancer is ruled by the changeable moon. Like the moon changes over a month, those born under the sing of Cancer have strong mood changes.

A Cancerian’s strengths are being adaptable, loyal, and attached to family. Being very prone to mood swings, over sensitive, and emotional are their weaknesses. The people who were born under this sign are easily hurt by other people. When you are around them, be sure to be careful with your words and actions.

On a positive note, Cancerians are gifted with strong imaginations. They can be great musicians, artists, writers, and even composers. In some cases they are psychics. Cancerians have an affinity for for mysterious situations.

For those born under the sign of Cancer, the traditional zodiac stone is an Emerald. Emerald is a beautiful and rich green gemstone. Green is the color of healing and hope. It encourages spiritual growth, faith, communication, serenity, and beauty. If you are a Cancer, and you are in doubt or facing a tough situation have your emerald stone close by.Cancer Photo 2

Emerald is a legendary gemstone long believed to foreshow future events, reveal truths, strengthen memory, and to aid someone to become a more eloquent speaker. Legends tell us it makes people more honest, sharpen one’s wit, and reveal the truth of a lover’s oath.

In today’s world Emerald is the May birthstone. It’s also used in jewelry for a formal touch. Some use this stone to heal wounds. Others like to use this stone for opening and protecting the heart chakra.

Besides Emerald, there are other gems and crystals used by those born under the sign of Cancer. Since they are governed by the Moon, Moonstone brings them inspiration and good emotions. It reflects, like a mirror, the personality of the person who owns it. Putting a moonstone in the moonlight when the moon is full activates its full powers.

Citrine is yet another stone well suited to use by those born under the sign of Cancer. It has the power to enhance self esteem and opens the mind to different perspectives and/or ideas which those born under this sign sometimes have a problem doing. Citrine is one of the two stones that does not hold negative energy but transforms it.

Silver is another good mineral for people born under the sign of Cancer. It is sacred to the Moon goddesses such as Allat, Diana, Hanwi, and Selene. The moon has the energies that control the ocean waves. Those movements mostly are calming and soothing just like the characteristics of silver. It’s a great cleanser for mental, physical, and emotional cleansing, well suited to those born under the sign of Cancer.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, an Emerald should be somewhere in your collection of gems. On a daily basis, consider a moonstone, or a beautiful citrine in a ring or pendant. These are your gems and crystals. You will feel connected when you wear them.

Shop for crystals for those born under the sign of Cancer


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