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Cleansing Crystals with Fire Energy part 1

By Hank M | October 17, 2019

 Prepared properly, crystals help us accomplish amazing things. Crystals can guide us, protect us, teach us, assist in communication, improve our spiritual wellbeing, and help us to accomplish our goals and live our dreams. To do these things, crystals must be properly prepared. An aged, dull, physically spent healing crystal isn’t going to help anyone.…

Dealing with Anger – Obsidian and the Pluto Net

By Hank M | October 17, 2019

Anger is the result of built-up tension that is unable to be equalized or stabilized. It begins as irritation and causes us aggravation and strife. It infringes upon our ability to be aware and think clearly. This interferes with our body’s natural functions and disrupts order. If we are not careful, this build-up of negative…

Revitalization w/ Angels & Crystals

By Hank M | September 28, 2019

Revitalization with Angels & Crystals We are sharing a typical post from this week in the Crystal Inner Circle.  The Crystal Inner Circle is a membership site with over 13,000 blog posts on using crystals.  It adds more daily. Learn more here.  And don’t miss the amazing free courses in there too.  Learn more here.  …

Bumble Bee Jasper Tumbled Stone Set (Medium)-172567

Bumble Bee “Jasper” – Be Cheerful

By Hank M | September 28, 2019

Yellow, Orange and Black This stone displays vivid bands of sunshine yellow, orange and black It reminds us of its namsake. A cheerful little bee can be enchanting to watch as he hums from plant to plant. The bee is dedicated to his task of collecting nectar and pollen to feed his hive. In the…

Danburite Crystal-165720

Astral travel with Danburite – try it!!

By Hank M | September 28, 2019

Astral Travel You may never have considered being able to travel out-of-body. You might have thought it took a lot of training and skills. Not true. Using Danburite for Astral Travel is something you can do. With the intrinsic energy of Danburite and the right approach almost anyone can easily experience astral travel. ( and…

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Clairvoyance Brew

By Hank M | September 28, 2019

Magical Herbalism The excellent book, Magical Herbalism by the renown author, Scott Cuningham is one of my favorites. In the book he discusses a clairvoyance brew. We do follow a great deal of his advice, but as crystal alchemist, we do expand his recipes just a bit Clairvoyance Magic Now Clairvoyance is magic, but it…

Golden Healer Lemurian Seed Crystal -0

Lemurian Dream Stones

By Hank M | September 27, 2019

Legends tell us that the Lemurian people had to leave Lemuria in ancient times because  that continent  was slowly sinking into the sea. The bulk of the inhabitants are believed to have moved to a distant star system, but not all of them. Some of the Lemurians are reported to have a secret underground city…

Crystal Grid Master Course Companion Kit #2-0

New Crystal Grids Kits

By Hank M | September 27, 2019

The new Crystal Grid Master Course available at the Crystal Guild has two companion grid kits.  When combined these two kits can make thousands of full sized crystal grids.  Usually full sized crystal grids cost about $40-$70.  Imagine being able to make thousands of designs for under $100.  You can with these two kits.  You…

How to Use Shungite Plus its Many Healing Benefits

By Hank M | August 30, 2019

Quick History of Shungite Shungite was formed billions of years ago in the Paleoproterozoic Era. It is only found one place in the world, Russia, where it extends over a vast 3,000+ square mile area. It was first described from an ancient deposit near Shunga village, in Karelia, Russia, from where it gets its name.…

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Top 10 Crystals for Men: Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Health

By Hank M | March 18, 2019

Here I’ll offer you a list of the top 10 crystals for men’s spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. These crystals can help you relieve stress, increase happiness, improve vitality, fortify your drive, and more.

Free Crystal Quiz – Current Needs

By Kat Ohren | March 15, 2019


Using Red Spinel and Green Pargasite to Call on Goddesses Aine and Brigid

By Hank M | March 9, 2019

Aine & Green Pargasite   The Green Pargasite Crystal represents Aine, the Goddess of Love, Light, and Harvest. Her name means brightness, glow, joy, and radiance. She is associated with the abundance of Summer. As a Moon Goddess and a Fertility Goddess, she rules over and protects both crops and animals, often honored during midsummer…

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