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A Simple Distance Healing Crystal Ritual

We have been using a simple ritual for distance healing with good results. It is based on the practices of Reiki. It uses the energy of the beautiful, relatively rare, but very powerful Charoite. It is one of our most “go-to” crystals for its soothing, almost magical energy.

For this ritual, you will need a Charoite stone and 6 Lithium Quartz tumbled stones, a candle, and a picture of the Seed of Life design. You can use any stone that contains Lithium. We use Lithium Quartz. The Lithium brings the soothing balance of forces to the healing which is very important. The candle brings Fire elemental energy of healing. The Seed of Life design brings the Universal Life Force to our needs.

For the Seed of Life design, you can get one of our Seed of Life grids or simply print out a copy to use (find a link below).

Distance Healing Ritual

Items Needed:


The Healing ritual is not difficult. First, find a quiet place and light your candle. As you do ask the Universe or your deity to bless the flame of giving comfort and healing. Next, place your Charoite near the candle. As you do hold a very clear thought of the person or group you wish to be sent healing energy. Now place the tumbled stones in a line above the candle and the Charoite. As you place each one think of the specific healing you wish to send.

Now, look at your picture of the design of the Seed of Life. Now, as best you can, draw it in the air with your finger over the Charoite. You seek the Seed of Life eternal to bring healing to others. Do not be too concerned with how well you draw it, your intentions are the important part.

Once you have drawn the symbol in the air. Just focus your mind on sending the healing rays from the Charoite to those you wish to help. This takes but a few minutes but done with care and purpose will be seen to be very rewarding and effective.

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