Crystals for Leo


July 23rd - August 22nd

Tarot Card: Strength

Stones: Tiger's Eye, Garnet, Onyx, Carnelian, & Peridot 

Zodiac Modality: Fixed

Most Compatible With: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries & Sagittarius

Flower: Marigold & Sunflower

Mansions of the Moon: Storm, Alchemist, & Red Dragon

Associated with the 5th house


Leo Symbol

The middle of the summer is the zodiac sign of Leo's time to shine. The symbol is a lion, usually linked to the Greek myth about Hercules slaying the Nemean lion. Its glyph is a simplified image of a lion's mane, his greatest quality. It is often drawn as an arc or an upside-down "U" shape coming out of a perfect circle. This shape can also look like half a heart. It is significant because Leo's are the ruler of the heart and the heart of the zodiac.

Fire Sign

Leo is one of three fire signs. Fire signs are known for being fiery, bold, and innovative. They have this unstoppable energy that allows them to achieve their desires. But, unfortunately, that energy also can cause a fire sign to burn themselves out quickly. This is because they focus on the present rather than the future. Instead of thinking before making a decision, they react on impulse.

Fire can either keep you warm or cause a lot of damage. Fire signs can be amazing loyal friends but can be reckless when crossed. They have a fiery passion that burns within them, and stay away from those trying to extinguish that flame.

Leos, in particular, are warm-hearted, full of life, and always wanting to laugh and enjoy themselves. They distinguish between their strengths and shortcomings, displaying their strengths to the public while concealing their flaws until they can be improved.

Ruling Planet – Sun

Leo is ruled by the Sun, not a planet but the largest object in our solar system. Our Sun is a 4.5 billion-year-old yellow dwarf star at the center of our solar system. In fact, it is the only star in our solar system, and its gravity holds the system together. This means that everything in our solar system revolves around the Sun. It governs life and vitality. The Sun's activity affects the nature of space throughout the solar system, from its tremendous eruptions to the continuous stream of charged particles it emits.

According to astrology, the Sun is at the center of the zodiac, which corresponds to the heart. Leos are notorious for following their hearts no matter what and being led by them. The fact that the Sun is the most brilliant and luminous power we can see contributes to Leos' desire to shine brightly and be the focus of attention. This sign is drawn to the spotlight and enjoys being the center of attention more than other signs.


Leo Constellation

Leo is the twelfth-largest constellation and one of the easiest to see. This is because the "pointer stars" of the Big Dipper point to Leo, making it relatively easy to locate. In addition, Leo is a well-known constellation because it is one of the few that closely resembles its namesake. This constellation contains two bright stars, Regulus and Denebola. Regulus, also known as Alpha Leonis, is the twenty-second brightest star. Overall, the Leo constellation has thirteen named stars and several famous deep-sky objects, including Messier 65, Messier 66, Messier 95, Messier 96, Messier 105, and NGC 3628. In addition, there are two meteor showers associated with the constellation, the Leonids in November and the January Leonids.

In Greek mythology, the Nemean Lion is associated with the sign Leo. The Nemean Lion frightened the citizens and had a hide that could not be penetrated by iron, bronze, or stone. Hercules' 12 labors, which he had to complete as penance for murdering his family, included killing the lion. Hercules finally killed the lion and placed it in the sky as one of his triumphs after breaking all of his weapons fighting it.

Leo Personality

Those born under the sun sign Leo are natural leaders who love to enjoy the spotlight and celebrate themselves. They live by their own rules, typically with little regard for others' desires or beliefs.

Similar to lions, pride is essential to Leos. So, even if they go down a route they later regret or end up in trouble, they usually have difficulty acknowledging it. While they are not a sign who frequently changes their mind, they can become stubborn and refuse to budge, even if it is in their best interests. When they decide to do something, they are committed to doing it and doing it most extravagantly.

Leos are known for their consistency, devotion, and stability. In addition, they appreciate building artistically and creatively inspired friendships and romances. They can bring diverse groups of people together and lead them as one toward a common goal, and their humor makes working with others even easier.

Leos have huge hearts and tend to be very generous, especially with their time, attention, affection, and money. When their generosity and devotion aren't reciprocated, it hinders their trust and leaves them wounded.

Leos are dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant, and challenging to resist. They inject ambition and determination into everything they do. They have an insatiable desire to improve themselves and are easily satisfied with others' praise.

Tiger's Eye

The traditional stone for those born under the Zodiac sun sign Leo is Tiger's Eye. One of the most effective of the eye formation stones, Tiger's Eye, is ever vigilant, bringing sharpness to one's inner vision and a better understanding of the cause and effect of each situation. In addition, it encourages one to use their powers wisely and allows scattered information to be brought together into a cohesive whole.

Tiger's Eye supports necessary change in all aspects of one's life, strengthening the will and clarity of intention to manifest at the highest level. It inspires creativity and utilizing one's talents and abilities and is superb for stimulating wealth and the good judgment needed to maintain it.

Wear or carry Tiger's Eye for increasing insight and perception in unfamiliar places or circumstances and for protection from the negative intentions of others. Tiger's Eye sharpens the senses, helping one pay attention to details and prepare for positive action.
It reflects an overview of situations and assists when things are happening too fast. It is one of the best aids for resolving a crisis and provides excellent support when one is afraid of making a wrong decision. Use for quick thinking, sizing up someone's character, and realizing the consequences of one's actions.

Black Onyx

Another stone for those born under the Zodiac sun sign Leo is Black Onyx. Onyx integrates dualities within the Self and is perhaps the best talisman of Strength and Self-mastery. This stone connects to the body, belonging to the earth and family, and putting down roots. It is grounding and stable, taking aggressive energies and using them to build up physical and mental strength, persistence and endurance, helping one to be master of one's destiny and keep one's counsel.

Onyx is a stone of separation and can help recognize old habits or relationships that need to be re-evaluated or released and brings the inner strength required to let go. It is a support stone for grief and denial and assists one during the emotional processes of mourning, acceptance, and moving forward.

Onyx grounds and stabilizes the emotional body, bringing strength in complex or confusing circumstances and during times of tremendous mental or physical stress. It calms nervousness, quells anxiety and fear, soothes tempers, and restores rational thinking and self-control. It emanates the energy of self-mastery, imparting self-confidence, focus, ease in one's surroundings, and the gift of wise decision making. It lets flighty personalities move into a more stable way of life, helps one explore new ideas, and carries out even dreary tasks to completion.


Crystal Items Made for Leo

These are specially formulated products by our Certified Crystal Alchemists and Masters to bring bravery, generosity, and love. Using these items will provide a soothing vibration to a Leo. They are optimized to bring the energy of the Cosmos to those born under the sign of Leo.


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