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leo crystals

If you were born from Jul 23 – Aug 22 you are a Leo.

Your Sun Stone is Onyx. It is a type of Chalcedony.

The middle of the summer is the zodiac sign, leo, time to shine. In Latin, Leo, and in Greek, Leon, both mean lion. Which explains why the lion represents this particular zLeo Photo 1odiac sign. The lion symbolizes courage, leadership, and rulership. The almighty sun rules over leo. Over all, the lion is the king of all beasts.

The people belonging to Leo are high self esteem people. They are great leaders and honorable. A Leo will never settle for second best. Leo-borns have a huge thing with public image. They have to have nice possessions and luxurious ways of life.

Their reputation is very important to them. If anyone tries to ruin it for them they will strike back. A leo knows not to keep grudges and to forgive easily and move on.

Leo-borns love to show affection. They enjoy love, life, and all its pleasures. Full of ambition and enthusiasm they still have a lazy side. A leo is very strong, open-hearted, generous, and kind. They can face any obstacle and reach their goal no matter how difficult it is.

The traditional zodiac stone for Leo is onyx. Onyx enhances determination and courage. It can be used for getting rid of negative forces and influences. Is very good at smoothing emotions. This stone is extremely helpful for people who are having trouble with letting go of something or someone.

Today, onyx is used to help self esteem, boost self confidence, and reaching ones goal. It is also believed to help the motor nervous system and immune system. Sometimes onyx is used for treating blood disorders, bone marrow, and depression.Leo Photo 2

There are also a couple of other minerals associated with Leo. One is gold. Gold is associated with the golden ray of the sun. This is why it is a traditional stone of Leo. Gold brings good fortune, enjoyment in life, and success. If you wear gold everyday it increases your personal power and confidence. Gold chains worn around your neck are reported by some to be good to preserve health.

Another is golden colored Spirit Quartz. This is a relatively new find, but the golden color makes it a strong stone for any Leo.

If you are lucky enough to have been born under the Sun Sign of Leo, find a good Onyx stone and carry it with you. Even better, get it set in a pendant and wear it on a gold chain.



–  Jessica


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