Crystals for Aries


March 21st - April 19th

Tarot Card: The Emporer

Stones: Bloodstone & Carnelian

Zodiac Modality: Cardinal

Most Compatible With: Libra, Leo, & Sagittarius

Flower: Honeysuckle & Tiger Lily

Mansions of the Moon: River, Sacred Flame, Hearth, & Dawn

Associated with the 1st  house


Aries Symbol

The spring equinox marks the new astrological year making Aries the first sign of the Zodiac. The symbol is a ram, a male sheep with long curved horns. Its glyph depicts a simple ram with a 'V' shape that curves on each side.

Fire Sign

Aries is one of three fire signs. Fire signs are known for being fiery, bold, and innovative. They have this unstoppable energy that allows them to achieve their desires. But, unfortunately, that energy also can cause a fire sign to burn themselves out quickly. This is because they focus on the present rather than the future. Instead of thinking before making a decision, they react on impulse.

Fire can either keep you warm or cause a lot of damage. Fire signs can be amazing loyal friends but can be reckless when crossed. They have a fiery passion that burns within them and stay away from those trying to extinguish that flame.

Ruling Planet – Mars

Aries is ruled by Mars, the fourth planet from the sun and the second-smallest planet in the solar system. The warrior planet is associated with the Greek God of War, Ares, and Roman counterpart, Mars. In mythology, Mars is represented as a military power, always depicted in full armor with shield and sword, ready for action. However, he was protective in a chaotic and destructive type of way.

The planet Mars contains Yang energy. Yang energy is described as being energetic, boisterous, and vibrant. Mars' influence enhances Aries' drive to action and passion. However, it can also cause Ariens to be argumentative, confrontational, and aggressive.

aries const

Aries Constellation

Aries is the 39th largest constellation and contains six named stars. The brightest star is Alpha Arietis, also known as Hamal, Arabic for sheep. The Aries constellation also has six well-known meteor showers, May Arietids, Autumn Arietids, Delta Arietids, Epsilon Arietids, Daytime-Aritids, and Aries-Triangulids.

Ptolemy, a Greek astronomer, was the first to name this constellation Aries. According to Greek mythology, the Aries constellation was commonly related to a golden ram that saved Phrixus, the son of Athamas, the king of Boeotia, from a horrible death.

Aries Personality

As the first sign, Aries is thought of as the "baby of the Zodiac." It is also the ruler of the first house, so those born under Aries tend to have a "me first" attitude and want to always be number one in the spotlight. However, this trait isn't always bad for them since it allows them to be strong, motivated, and passionate leaders. On the other side, they are incredibly competitive and love to be winners. They are ambitious and bold but can be rebellious and reckless. If they fail in any venture, they will get back up and try again until they succeed.

Those born under Aries are considered the most active, but, unfortunately, they tend to get real bored fast. However, they will never do something just because everyone else is doing it. Even though they are impulsive, they make sure the task lines up with the life goals and dreams they have envisioned for themselves.

You'll find that Aries-born people can handle challenges well and head-on. They are intelligent, confident, high achievers that have a real thirst for life. However, when working on projects, they can become incredibly focused and self-centered, entirely oblivious to how their actions affect others as they tirelessly pursue their goals. They may also have a hard time being patient with others who aren't as driven or energetic as they are.

Aries people make friends easily due to their friendly personalities as they are well equipped with ice breakers and smooth communication skills. They are loyal friends but can be pretty bossy. Unfortunately, they do not have filters and won't be afraid to tell you have they feel or tell white lies to spare your feelings. They can be incredibly stubborn and hot-headed with an explosive temper.


The traditional stone for those born under the Zodiac sign Aries is Bloodstone. Bloodstone can increase mental clarity and aid in decision-making. In addition, it provides a mental boost when motivation is lacking and can revitalize the mind and body if you are exhausted. It invigorates the system, boosting energy levels and increasing endurance in physical activity. It benefits everyone, from athletes to invalids, for its steady vibration of purification and well-being.

Bloodstone stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition. It is marvelous for increasing creativity and cultivating a project from the idea stage through to actualization. Moreover, it encourages blessings and prosperity.

Bloodstone carries a tremendous power to ground one fully in the body, in the here and now, and enhance one's capacity to function with strength, determination, and courage. It teaches that chaos often precedes transformation and guides one in knowing when it is appropriate to strategically withdraw from situations, and when flexibility and taking the right action will help one remain true to one's path. Bloodstone calms the emotional body, dispels confusion, and enhances decision-making, nourishing feelings of worth, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency.


Another stone for those born under the Zodiac sign Aries is Carnelian. Carnelian is a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership, and courage. Ancient Warriors wore Carnelian around their neck for courage and physical power to conquer their enemies. Carnelian lends the courage needed to help overcome difficulties and defend a cause. In addition, it promotes idealism, a sense of community, and pragmatism.

Carnelian's high energy helps restore lost vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity for new pursuits. In addition, it improves concentration and removes extraneous thoughts in daydreamers and during meditation. This stone also protects against envy, rage, and resentment – yours or others- and encourages a love of life.

Carnelian is a crystal of action, overcoming procrastination or indecision. It encourages one to stop waiting for dreams to appear and stimulates the courage to embrace change and Divine Will to begin to make one's highest goals happen.



Crystal Items Made for Aries

These are specially formulated products by our Certified Crystal Alchemists and Masters to bring bravery, responsibility, and ideas. Using these items will provide a soothing vibration as an Aries-born. They are optimized to bring the energy of the Cosmos to those born under the sign of Aries.


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