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Spell to Banish a Bad Atmosphere

At some point in our lives, we have all experienced being in a bad atmosphere. If you don’t know what it feels like, imagine the feeling you get when you visit a cemetery, when you walk through a haunted house, or being home alone after watching a scary movie. These feelings of suspense and unease crawl over you like a dark black cloak.

A bad atmosphere can also be brought upon by negative people, evil entities, and wrongdoings. Unfortunate circumstances can land us in a bad atmosphere wherever we go without even realizing it. Detecting a bad atmosphere is part of our human nature, and nothing can explain how we do this. The only reasonable explanation would be the same skill we have to be able to feel space is comfortable and peaceful.

Living or working in such conditions can affect our mood, rationality, relationships, emotional health, and productivity. Thankfully, with the help of crystals to bring about their loving vibrations, we can banish bad atmospheres. Obsidian with its grounding properties can help deflect all negativity. Try this spell combined with the healing powers of Obsidian to clear any area and bring about purity.

Black Obsidian Spell to Banish a Bad Atmosphere

Items Needed:

  • 1 large potato
  • 1 box of matches
  • 1 black taper candle with holder
  • 1, 12″ white square piece of cheesecloth
  • 1 teaspoon of salt in an eggcup
  • 1 wine glass of Black Obsidian water (recipe can be found below) or add 6 drops of Obsidian Essence to distilled water in a wine glass


While this can be performed at any time, it’s most powerful during the waning moon.


1. One day before you perform this spell, cut the potato in half and place the pieces in the north and south corner of the area you want to clear. Prior to the spell, light a match in each direction of the room, letting it burn down before putting it out. In a separate area, bring the potato halves and burnt matches to where your circle will be cast.

2. Cast a circle in accordance with the guide found here.

3. Place the black taper candle in its holder and light it, saying:
I call upon the earth’s heart
To supply the energy and power in this spell

4. Reunite the halves of the potato by putting several burned matches in on one side and putting the other half on them.

5. Put the potato in the cheesecloth with the burned matches, and tie the corners together.

6. Pour the salt into the Black Obsidian water, saying:
I allow these to bring upon their cleansing abilities

7. Go to the area in which you want to banish the bad atmosphere, and sprinkle the water on it, saying:
This heavy energy that brings me down, I banish
The negativity in this area now vanish.

8. Bury the cheesecloth bundle away from your home or where you are performing this spell.

How to Make Black Obsidian Water

For this elixir, you will need to use the indirect method.

To start, you need 6, small Black Obsidian tumbled stones or 1 medium-sized stone. Place spring water into a medium-sized baking dish. Place the Black Obsidian into a separate clean, clear natural glass container – a glass measuring cup or water glass works well.

Place the glass containing the crystal into the spring water. Cover. Let stand covered for at least 30 minutes (If placed under sunlight or moonlight for a few hours it will be more potent). Remove the glass containing the crystal from the spring water. Place the container of water into your refrigerator to keep the water cool. Once cooled, the elixir will be ready for use.

When you wish to use it, add 6-10 drops of the elixir to any beverage. Use it 3-5 times per day. If kept in the refrigerator and covered, it will be good for several weeks.

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