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Better Days Ritual


Many crystal spells and rituals require several other items besides crystals. Eventually, you will build up a collection of necessary candles, herbs, and more, that doesn’t really help our beginners out. Plus, maybe you just like to dabble in crystal magic from time to time. If so, this ritual is for you. It’s also for novice and advanced crystal practitioners as well. Anyone can benefit from this bi-monthly crystal magic.

The Better Days crystal ritual is all about seeking improvement in yourself, your relationships, and your overall life. One Morganite is used to represent love – this is the love for yourself as well as the love you have for others. Two Peacock Ores are used to represent the mind, intellect, solving problems, and overcoming obstacles. The six Garnets are used to bring in energy, happiness, and vitality.

The Morganite, our love, is placed in the center. Only one is needed because love is the strongest of the emotions and it overpowers everything else in our lives. The two Peacock Ores are placed around the Morganite to allow our minds and hearts to communicate. These crystals are used to bring you added clarity and tenacity in problem-solving. Finally, there are 6 Garnets lining the outer ring because it brings what we need most in our lives: happiness, more energy, and vitality.



1. We recommend that you complete this ritual twice a month. Once on the night of the full moon and once on the night of the new moon. The moon does not have to be visible when performing the ritual. You are seeking the energy of the moon rather than the light.

2. If you can go outside to do this ritual, we recommend it. However, you can also complete it inside in the evening.

3. Place the Morganite down first on the ground or on a table if you’re inside.

4. On either side of the Morganite, add a Peacock Ore crystal.

5. Add the six Garnet in a circle around the other three crystals.

6. Speak this incantation either out loud or in your head, whichever you feel comfortable with.

I ask for love for myself and for others.
I request protection for all of the Earth’s children;
my sisters and brothers.
I seek out strength and wisdom for my days
And ask that the Moon help light my way.
Please bring me the happiness and joy I long for
and bless me with inner peace evermore.

7. Leave the crystals out for at least an hour or two but all night in fine as well. When you are ready, gather them up and either display them or keep them in a bag you can carry around with you. You can separate the crystals and put them in different parts of your home or room to keep the positive energy flowing.


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