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Crystal Anger Cooling Kit

We all have bad days. We get angry at life, other people, pets, neighbors, family, and sometimes just life in general. It is human.

Here is a way to use powerful crystal energy to cool off. It really works.

You need a small sphere of Carnelian and you need six or so Red Malachite stones. You also need a small Fluorite sphere and a six Aquamarine tumbled stones.

The ritual is simple, but you may have to repeat it several times.

Draw a circle on a piece of paper.

In the middle of the circle place the red Carnelian sphere. This is the major reason you are angry. Therefore, it is important to think about what that reason is. Leave your hand on the sphere, close your eyes, and really focus on what is making you angry.

Now, around on the circumference of the circle, place the Red Malachites. These are the smaller reasons that you are feeling angry. It may be something not going right for you or an argument you had. Think about each of these small frustrations as you place the Red Malachites down.

Once you have completed this process, it’s time to take a moment to breathe for a minute. When you’re feeling centered and ready, it’s time to remove one of the Red Malachites off of the circle and replace it with an Aquamarine. Breathe again. Repeat this action again slowly. Remove a Red Malachite, replace it with an Aquamarine, and breathe. Make sure the Red Malachites have been completely removed from the circle.

When all the Red Malachites are removed and the circle is blue Aquamarines, pause and breathe once more. During this process, you are slowly removing the things that make you angry and replacing them with soothing, serene blue energy. Now, it’s time to remove the red Carnelian and replace it with the Fluorite. When you do this, imagine the weight of anger being lifted off of your chest and being replaced with relaxation and tranquility. Just let the calming blue water energy wash over you.

You may have to repeat this ritual a few times, but rest assured the activity, the color energy, and the energy of the crystals will restore your spirit.

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