Crystals for Happiness

Happiness and Good Fortune Crystal Mojo Bag

Today we are not using sacred spaces or performing rituals. Instead, we are being inspired by ancient African practices and making ourselves a Happiness and Good Fortune mojo bag.

Here is what you’ll need:

A small Opalite or Opal. It brings the white of purity of Intention and the color play of good fortune.

Next, you need a few tumbled gold or yellow stones for their color energy of happiness. We use Apatite.

Finally, you need a few colorful Mookaite stones. They will reinforce the color energy for a wide variety of good fortune.

Now you need a couple of personal items. Maybe an old ring or hair clip. Small items that will not be damaged in a small bag of stones.


1. Take all the stones and the personal items and place them in a small cloth bag. Traditionally flannel is used or leather – but any small cloth bag will do.

2. Now as you place each item in the bag, hold the thought that this talisman is to bring you personal happiness and good fortune from the Universal Life Force.

3. Tie the bag up with a simple string.

4. Now carry it in your pocket, or purse or knapsack. Let it bring the crystal energy of happiness and good fortune to you.

Making a Happiness and Good Fortune mojo bag for a friend or family member also makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift

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