Raise Positive Energy at Home with Crystals

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Can you improve the vibrations of your home or raise the positive energy in your home? With the assistance of crystals and a bit of magic, that is completely possible.

Do you feel any bad vibes or energy in your home? Does the energy just seem to be off? Are the people in your home feeling cranky, anxious, or stuffy? It may be possible that your home needs a vibe check!

The good news is all you need is some crystals to get it done. Plus, we'll even teach you how to make some spell jars to place around your home for even more magical vibes and positive energy.

How to Raise Positive Energy at Home?

Home is not only where the heart is but also where we spend a lot of our time. Even if it's sleeping and eating, we're at home more than at any other place in our lives. Therefore, the energy should feel happy and positive.

If the vibes or energy in your home is stifling or feeling negative, there are three great tips and tricks you can use to turn it around.

The best way to raise positive energy at home is by using crystals and herbs! You can even combine these together in highly effective and powerful spell jars. Check out some recommendations and recipes below.

Crystals for Positive Energy at Home

There are several crystals that can help raise positive energy at home. We'll give you a brief overview of each one but here is a list of our favorites:

We recommend combining the above crystals with Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, or Black Onyx. If your home is really in need of a cleanse, we suggest burning a sage stick.


Amethyst is said to be a powerful stone for protecting and cleansing energy. It is believed to be beneficial for releasing negative emotions and providing protection from negative energies. It can be used to help increase positive energy and provide spiritual guidance. Additionally, it is believed to be helpful for calming the mind and enhancing intuition.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a great way to bring positive energy into your life. It is known for its cleansing and purifying properties, which make it a great choice for improving your energy and bringing in positive vibes. It's also said to help with mental clarity, focus, and creativity. Plus, it's very beautiful and can make a great addition to your home or office decor.


Carnelian is a great stone to use in the home for positive energy and a boost of courage. It is said that Carnelian helps to strengthen the connection between the physical and spiritual world, allowing for greater understanding and appreciation of life. Additionally, it can help to promote creativity and self-expression, as well as increase motivation and enthusiasm.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal that is known to help promote feelings of love, compassion, peace, and joy. It is often used in healing practices to help bring positive energy and restore balance. Rose Quartz is believed to be a powerful crystal for calming emotions, soothing stress, and promoting self-love.


Citrine is a beautiful crystal known for its bright yellow color and powerful energy that can help bring positive vibes into your life. It is believed to help promote optimism, joy, and good luck. It can help to clear negative energy and fill you with a sense of peace and well-being. Citrine is an excellent tool for manifesting your dreams and can help you stay focused and motivated.


Sunstone is a wonderful crystal to use for positive energy! It is said to be a stone of leadership, strength, and personal power. It also helps to bring joy and good luck into your life. Sunstone is known to help with emotional healing, and it can help to increase your self-confidence and your ability to communicate with others.


Labradorite is a beautiful stone that can be used to invite positive energy into your life. It is believed to help you stay connected to your inner power, help you to better understand yourself, and balance your emotions. It's also said to help strengthen your intuition, providing you with insight and guidance.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a great choice to bring positive energy into your space. It is believed to promote optimism, hope, and renewal, and is said to help manifest luck and manifest abundance. It's also used to attract success and prosperity. Green Aventurine calms nervousness, anger, and irritation, and helps dissolve the everyday stress of life.


Pyrite is a great choice for positive energy! It is known as “Fool's Gold” and is known for its ability to help manifest wealth and prosperity. This stone encourages positive thinking, boosts self-worth and confidence, and encourages creativity and ambition. It is also said to be an excellent crystal for protection and grounding.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is said to bring prosperity, courage, and protection to the wearer. It is believed to be a powerful stone for manifesting positive energy and balancing emotions. Keeping this stone nearby can help to boost your self-confidence and help you to move forward with your goals.

Improve Your Home's Vibration with Spell Jars

Crystals can help raise positive energy at home on their own. However, adding herbs and a little bit of magic can create an even more powerful effect. The good news is... it's very easy to do! All you need are some crystals, herbs, jars, and a candle.

Spell Jar Recipe

The spell jar needed to raise positive energy at home is very forgiving. You can add different crystals and herbs depending on what you have available or what you like most. We recommend creating 5 small spell jars to spread around your home but you may also create 1 larger one in a central location instead.




  1. If you have a sage stick, cleanse your home first by burning it and walking through your home. You also smudge some smoke around the bottles and crystals.
  2. Remove the corks and add the crystal chips or crystal sand to line the bottom of each bottle.
  3. Next, place a couple of pinches of herbs over the crystals. Place the cork back in the bottle.
  4. Light your candle, turn it sideways, and carefully let wax drip over the corks/tops of each bottle. This will seal your intention. As you're doing this, think about banishing negativity and bringing positive energy into your home.
  5. You can place these spell jars where you feel you need them most. This is usually one in each bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the kitchen/dining room. You can also place one near the front door and any large windows.

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by Kat Ohren

Kat is a Certified Crystal Master and Crystal Astrologist. She has been working with both crystals and astrology for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Sciences and Technology from Pennsylvania State University. Kat is a Florida native and has been with Crystal Vaults for over 10 years.

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