How Do I Use a Double Terminated Crystal?


Harness dual energy with double-terminated crystals.

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What is a Double Terminated Crystal?

Double-terminated crystals possess points at both ends, enabling energy to flow in both directions. This distinctive shape renders them excellent tools for energy healing and spiritual practices. These crystals possess the ability to absorb energy at one point, undergo a transformative process, and emit it from the opposite end. They can be found naturally occurring deep within the Earth or cut and polished into this distinctive shape.

Double-terminated crystals possess the unique ability to both send and receive energy, making them ideal for applications that require bidirectional energy flow. These crystals have a wide range of uses, including promoting dream recall and enhancing psychic abilities, aiding in manifestation and spiritual development, as well as fostering balance across all levels of being.

How do I use Double Terminated Crystals?


First, choose a double-terminated crystal that resonates with your intention or purpose. For example, Amethyst's energy assists with relieving stress, removing negative energy, enhancing spirituality, and aiding sleep trouble. Clear Quartz is a Master Healer and therefore amplifies energy. Citrine is a wonderful manifestation aid that also brings optimism, happiness, and confidence. Fluorite provides mental clarity, protection, and balance and supports spirituality.

Common Uses

  1. Energy Healing and Cleansing: Double-terminated crystals excel at absorbing and emanating energy, making them indispensable tools for crystal therapists, energy healers, and Reiki practitioners. Their ability to cleanse, energize, and balance the aura and chakras is invaluable.
  2. Crystal Grids: Double-terminated crystals play a pivotal role in crystal grids as they facilitate the transfer and transmission of energies among other crystals. Clear Quartz double terminations, in particular, are highly recommended for constructing crystal grids, amplifying the intentions and energies within the grid.
  3. Meditation Tools: Incorporating double-terminated crystals into yoga and meditation practices enhances connections with spiritual realms. Acting as both receivers and transmitters of high-vibration energies, these crystals optimize energy flow within the aura, fostering centeredness and focus during meditation. Fluorite double terminations, specifically, are exceptional for supporting deep meditation sessions.
  4. Stress Relief and Relaxation: When utilized during moments of relaxation, double-terminated crystals aid in rejuvenation and release of tension. By eliminating energy blockages and infusing the aura with pure, revitalizing energy, these crystals promote relaxation and provide a sense of calm after demanding days.
  5. Manifestation Tools: The properties of double-terminated crystals make them potent instruments for focusing energy towards well-defined intentions during manifestation practices. By harnessing their energy-transmitting capabilities, these crystals aid in directing energy towards desired goals.

Detailed Uses

  1. Balancing and Clearing: To bring stability and balance while clearing any energetic blockages, place the double-terminated crystal between your Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. This placement encourages harmonious communication and intuitive insights.
  2. Crown Chakra Meditation: For harmonizing yin and yang energies and resolving internal conflicts or contradictions, meditate with the double-terminated crystal placed on your Crown Chakra. This practice promotes a sense of equilibrium and aids in spiritual growth.
  3. Harmonizing Relationships: If you are experiencing conflicts or disharmony in a relationship, place a double terminated crystal between you and your partner during meditation. This positioning helps balance and align energies, fostering empathy, compassion, and understanding, ultimately strengthening your bond.
  4. Heart-Centered Healing: Hold the double-terminated crystal between your thumb and index fingers to evoke feelings of love, security, safety, and peace. You can move the crystal above your heart to amplify feelings of empowerment and confidence. Alternatively, drawing it over your belly button promotes inner peace and tranquility. Allow the crystal's energy to flow through your body, healing and releasing any negativity.


Sense of Lightness: After completing your meditation with the double-terminated crystal, you will notice a sense of lightness in your body as it releases heaviness and negativity. Embrace this renewed state of being and carry it with you throughout your day.

Remember to trust your intuition and adapt these practices to your unique needs and preferences. Double-terminated crystals are powerful tools that facilitate energy flow in both directions, offering a range of benefits for your spiritual journey and personal growth.

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