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Lepidolite and Sardonyx Home Guardian Alert


You may well know that Lepidolite is a Guardian crystal. You may also know Sardonyx is a powerful Fire Energy crystal. With that knowledge, you can make a Home Guardian Alert.

You are very connected to your home in many ways. One way is you may well have “feelings” when something is not right or when something unpleasant is about to happen.

We think we have a way to heighten your connection to your family home and its occupants. It uses the mysterious form of the pyramid as explained in “Pyramid Power” and its sequels by G. Patrick Flanagan, the crystal matrix of Lepidolite, and the awesome Fire Energy of a Sardonyx stone.

We wish to know when something is not right at our house even when we are not there. We have an alarm system for doors and windows being opened, but sometimes the issue is more subtle. Maybe we have a water pipe about to break or a nest of mice about to make a home in the attic. Maybe the kids left a tripping hazard on the doorstep to catch an unsuspecting mail person.
We need to find a way to have our house and home alert us to such issues. We need a Home Guardian that will alert us. Here is how to make one.

You will need:

1. A fairly large Sardonyx – fits in your palm.
2. A pyramid of Lepidolite
3. A bowl of water

The process is not very complicated. We will have the Lepidolite Pyramid as the Guardian, and for it to transmit its alerts, we need a medium for it to use. We will use water. It can easily pick up the subtle alert vibrations and amplify and transmit them for us. We will power this Guardian with the hot Fire energy of the Sun as transmitted to the pyramid by a Sun-charged Sardonyx.

The process is as follows.

First, get a sardonyx stone of fair size – a few inches long. Now place it in the very bright sun for at least a day, preferably two days. Next, place the lepidolite pyramid on top of it, or wrap both in a red cloth. Leave them together for a day.

Now get a fair-sized shallow dish of water and place the lepidolite pyramid in the water such that at least the top of the pyramid is out of the water. Now the important part. Put your index finger in the water and hold it there a minute. Now touch the center of your forehead with the wet finger. Hold it there a minute. Now you are connected as a receiver.

Place the pyramid in the water in a high area of your house near the front entrance. With its charge from the sardonyx, it should last at least a week. In about 5 days, put the sardonyx back out in the sun for 2 days and repeat the process.

You now are connected to your house. Your Guardian system will let you know when something is not right. Now, it is not going to tell you what is wrong, but forewarned is forearmed. So, listen to your feelings, and when you get a feeling from the House Guardian you know you need to explore and watch carefully in your home.

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