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Guard Your Family and Home

Certainly, you need to lock doors and windows. You need to maybe have a dog. You may have a security system. All good ideas.

But there are many hazards and threats that physical barriers cannot guard against. The spirit world can harbor threats, danger, evil intent, curses, and just plain bad vibes. If such hazards enter your house, all the locks will not help.

You may want to use the powerful crystal matrix energy of Guardian crystals to add that extra protection to your loved ones.

One of our favorites is the bright orange/red Crocoite crystals. Now it’s looks are very deceiving. That makes it especially effective. It is hard to defeat. The crystals are a bit fragile in the physical world but none are stronger in the spiritual world. They can be hidden in small clusters on a native rock or clearly standing guard as a single crystal. The clusters are a bit easier to own as they are less likely to be damaged by inadvertent bumping.

We place one in the highest place in our home. We keep it in a small box for security. We find placing a few Agates with it seems to give it increased energy.

Think of the Crocoite Guardian crystals as a sort of security system for the spiritual life of your family and keep evil away from your home.

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