Crystals for Adaptation

Dealing with Change

If there is one constant thing in life, it is change. Sometimes we cause the change such as buying a new house or having a baby. Other times, the change sneaks up on us when we least expect it. We may lose our job or our relationship may suddenly come to an end. Surprisingly, whether you chose to experience the changing environment or not, change can be difficult.

Most people think that if you are choosing to move, you are ready for that change, but such is not always the case. When change comes we must be ready to adapt. If you have problems adapting to new situations or environments, we believe crystals can help you. They can make the process much easier, whether you asked for it or not.

When attempting to adapt to new situations, we suggest using crystals in a darker turquoise color ray. Dark Turquoise crystals bring you adaptation, flexibility, openness, a new perspective, and inner strength. All of these attributes are core to learning to adapt to new circumstances.

Affirmation“I am flexible. My ability to adapt and grow makes me able to accept new people and situations. I can find solutions to any challenge and seek out ways to maximize my enjoyment, regardless of the circumstances. My self-development leads to change.”

“How to” Guide


1. Collect one Amazonite and one Chrysocolla. For Amazonite, we recommend the Amazonite Flat Palm Stone Pair or Amazonite Oval Cabochon Set. While for the Chrysocolla, we suggest a Druzy Chrysocolla Cluster or Malachite Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone Pair.

2. Hold them in your hands, close your eyes, and say your affirmation. If you can’t remember the listed affirmation, make it shorter to what suits your preferences.

3. Carry the Chrysocolla on your person.

4. Place the Amazonite on top of a symbol of what makes you uneasy. For example, if you are having a hard time adapting to a new home, place the Amazonite in the heart of your new home. Another example would be placing the stone on a job application that you applied for or are wanting to apply for.

5. Every morning, hold your Chrysocolla stone and touch your Amazonite, then remind yourself of your affirmation. Continue this process until you feel like you are accepting the change or feeling calmer about the situation.

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