Crystals for Direction in Life

Crystals for Direction in Life

Using Crystals to Gain Direction

Maybe you need a new direction in life… perhaps the energy of Dark Amethyst crystals can point the way for you.

At some point in our lives, most of us feel like we knew exactly where we were going. We had our life, career, and family planned. However, we have all heard the old adage, “the universe laughs at your plans”. Sometimes plans fall through or things don’t work out exactly how we anticipated.

In this instance, we may be faced with finding a new direction in life. While there are others who have never found a particular direction in life and are finding themselves searching for one now. In both cases, there are powerful crystals available that can help.

These crystal’s vibration and influential color rays can bring about the needed changes in your life and make your path forward clear.

Can there be any more potent combination than imagination and passion found in the combination of red and violet rays?

This blend makes amethyst the color ray of vision, insight, and self-knowledge. It is in the darker shades of amethyst that you will find clear sight, discernment, insight, good decision making, perception, and the ability to look into the future. Because they reflect the color rays that connect the old and the new, in darker shades amethyst crystals give us the deep vision needed to see the future.

When you need to know what lies ahead, when the need is great, use deep amethyst colored crystals to find your way into a difficult future. They give you powerful insight and enhance your perception of the potential effects of your decisions.

Directions to Find a Path

Amethyst Energy for Direction in Life

You’ll need:

An Amethyst or Super Seven crystal or any dark red/violet one.

A pair of scissors

A piece of paper

A pen or pencil (or a crayon)

crystal pendulum


1. Gather up your Amethyst or Super Seven crystal, your paper, scissors, crystal pendulum, and pen or pencil.

2. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit at a table to make this easier.

3. Take your crystal in hand. Hold it with both hands in front of you. Now put your pendulum in your hand with the crystal. Ask the Universe to align the pendulum with the energy of the crystal.

4. Set the pendulum and the crystal down and close your eyes

5. Now think very clearly of the path in life that is not working. Try to make it a picture in your mind.

6. Next, open your eyes and write down one alternative to the path that is not working. Do not judge it, just write it. Be quick…. just write.

7. Repeat this 5 or 6 times. You are letting your subconscious work the problem, so, get out of its way. For example, your path that is not working could be a career path, the desire for a large purchase (car/house), or your plan for a family.

8. Next, cut out your five or six thoughts and form them into sort of a square on a flat surface. Don’t worry about the shape too much.

9. Put your crystal in the center of your square.

10. Ask out loud, “Universe, which direction should I take?” while holding your pendulum above the crystal in your square of choices.

11. Sit very still holding the pendulum over the crystal. Let the energy of the crystal work its magic on the pendulum. Soon the pendulum will start to move. It will swing and likely move between two of your options as it moves back and forth. One of these is your best choice

12. To determine which is best… do nothing…. after a few minutes or a few hours your mind will tell you. Let it work… go take a nap or clean the house.

BTW, If you don’t have a pendulum, you can make a makeshift one using a long string or a chain and a medium to large tumbled stone. Take your string or chain and wrap it around your stone until it is secured. Be sure you leave enough length for it to dangle.

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