Crystals for Stress, Travel, and Chaos this Holiday Season

crystals for stress during the holidays

Whether you are traveling to see friends and family this holiday season or hosting everyone at your home, we all know that the holidays can be very stressful! There are airports, traffic, delays, shopping, cooking, and more. Plenty of things that can make us feel like we're going crazy but not a lot of solutions to help ease the strain until now! We have the things you need for relief like herbs and crystals for stress, travel, and chaos this holiday season.

If you're traveling...

Whether you're on the road or in the air, travel requires crystals that are easy to use and transport. You'll find exactly that with our Healing Protection Crystal Bracelet and Mind, Body, and Soul Soother Crystal Bracelet. Wear your healing to help ease the stress of travel, delays, packing, and more. They will also help once you arrive at your destination. Each bracelet features crystals for stress, protection, and overall healing.

The Healing and Protection Crystal Bracelet contains Amethyst to relieve stress, Black Tourmaline for protection while traveling and from negative energy, and Lapis Lazuli to diminish uncomfortable feelings.

The Mind, Body, and Soul Soother Crystal Bracelet contains Amazonite for inner calm and peace, Clear Quartz for energy and balance, and Lepidolite dispelling negativity and restoring calm in a hostile environment.

The Stress Relief Crystal Kit is perfect to place in your carry-on, purse, or in the glove box of your car while traveling. It is easy to carry and works by simply having it near you. You can even place the crystals in your hand and shuffle them around if you're feeling nervous or anxious. Their healing energy will ease your worries and anxiety almost instantly.

In this tumbled crystal kit you'll find... Lepidolite for inducing calm, Aquamarine for cleansing energy, Moss Agate for a body strengthener in times of stress, Green Calcite for balance and recentering, Pink Tourmaline for releasing stress, worries, depression, and anxiety, and Clear Quartz for intensifying healing.

If you're hosting or staying home...

If you're hosting friends and family or just staying home this holiday season, that doesn't mean you're spared from stress! Thankfully, everything you need to relieve worry and anxiety while bringing on feelings of a healing calm can be found within the Stress Relief & Better Sleep Kit.

Each item can be used to reduce stress, remove negativity, and induce calm anywhere they are used. As such, they can also be used for a better night's sleep.

Wear your healing and calm an overactive mind with the included Labradorite, Dumortierite, and Aquamarine Bracelet. Use Celestite for a harmonious atmosphere in your home. The Fluorite point is perfect for warding off negative energy and improving your sleep. Your new Selenite tower can be placed anywhere in the home for a safe, uplifting environment protected from outside influences. The Sage Stick and herb-infused candle can be burned to cleanse negative energy and protect your home and mind. Finally, the Goddess Stone Pillow Spray can be used anywhere you need a calm, soothing energy and feelings of inner peace.

Top 8 Crystals for Stress, Travel, and Chaos this Holiday Season

If you're looking for individual crystals this holiday season... look no further! Here are the top 8 crystals for stress, travel, protection, healing, and more!

Blue Lace Agate is used for improving attitude and emotions, the need for encouragement and support, and providing the ability to speak your needs and truth.

This crystal also helps by increasing feelings of peace and harmony and overcoming trauma and healing while promoting love and confidence.

Blue Lace Agate works best during adversity or when you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It can work very well for holiday events where peace and harmony are desired or difficult subjects need to be discussed.

Lepidolite helps by reducing stress and worry and reconnecting to spiritual beliefs. It can also assist you in connecting more with those around you and improving enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination, and activity.

Lepidolite works best for any type of spiritual faith. If you want to connect more to your God or Goddess this holiday season or need help rekindling belief, Lepidolite works very well.

It can also help keep you calm, collected, and focused. In the crystal world, Lepidolite is the most potent mood stabilizer.

Amazonite has a calming effect that relieves tension and stress and helps you communicate your thoughts and feelings. It is an energy filter, soothes aggravation, eases irritation, and balances the mind and body.

Amazonite works by releasing toxic emotions, especially from your heart, and promotes self-love. Use Amazonite this holiday season to induce a sense of calm, inner peace, and promote a harmonious environment.

Black Tourmaline puts your worries and fears to rest and gives you a sense of security, EMF protection, helps you to manage your schedule and stress, and keeps your focus on the goal.

It is a powerful grounding and protection stone, encourages a calm disposition, sensible reasoning, and stress relief.

Black Tourmaline will be helpful this holiday season by keeping you from taking on other people's stress, anxiety, and moodiness.

Aquamarine helps you go with the flow, slows down even the busiest of days, and brings you to a tranquil state. This crystal also protects people traveling across water.

Aquamarine releases negative emotions. It also ensures a healthy flow of communication and transmutes fear into bravery.

Use this crystal during the holiday season to diffuse negative emotions and induce a sense of peace between friends and family.

Known as the stone of new beginnings and the traveler's stone, Moonstone balances emotions while also soothing stress and anxiety.

Moonstone provides extra protection while traveling at night and over water. It brings good luck on your trips and assists with calming road rage.

Add a piece of Rainbow Moonstone to your luggage to ensure it doesn't get lost.

Amethyst emits positive energy, repels negative energy, and protects your luck while traveling. It is a natural stress reliever.

This crystal uplifts your mood and inspires joy while protecting against theft, accidents, and misfortune during travel.

Amethyst provides overall balance and helps you to unwind. This holiday season, use Amethyst while traveling and to relieve stress overall.

Malachite acts as a guardian to protect you and helps you adjust to change. It also absorbs negative energy and helps you feel safe in uncomfortable situations.

If you're traveling, Malachite assists with overcoming jet lag and fear of flying and enables you to switch energetically between states.

Malachite can be used during the holiday season for protection and smooth traveling.

Herbs for a Worry-Free Holiday Season

Herbs can also assist in reducing stress, worry, and anxiety this holiday season. Try some of the herbs below to use with your crystals. For some ideas on how to do that, keep reading!

Tips for Using Crystals and Herbs Together

  1. Choose the plants and crystals that attune to you the most and place them in a bowl in your home. Preferably somewhere you meditate.
  2. Combine in a sachet.
  3. Make an herbal tea and make sure to check the toxicity of the herbs/crystals.
  4. Perform a ritual

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