Control Anger with Pele and Obsidian

Anger is an emotion that likes to take control. If we allow anger to take over our lives, it will cause detrimental consequences that affect our happiness and may even lead to poor decisions fueled by irrational responses. Calling on the Goddess Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, is a good way to help you control and conquer your initial feelings of anger. Pele is a Goddess known for her fiery temper and by connecting to her and honoring her, she will help you take control of your own angry outbursts.


In the Hawaiian culture and religion, Pele is the Goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes. She is also attributed with being the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. She is often referred to as “Madame Pele” or “Tūtū Pele” as a sign of respect. She is a well-known deity in Hawaiian mythology and is notable for her contemporary presence and cultural influence. She is known for her power, passion, jealousy, and capriciousness. Pele is believed to live in the fire pit called; Halema’uma’u crater. This pit can be found at the summit caldera of Kilauea, one of the Earth’s most active volcanoes. Pele’s domain encompasses all volcanic activity on the Big Island of Hawai’i.¹

Pele was born of the spirit Haumea in what is now known as Tahiti.  She was a wanderer and set out with her little sister Hi’iaka in a canoe to what is now Hawaii.  The story goes that she was pursued by Na-maka-o-kaha’i, her sister, the Goddess of the Seas. This was because Pele had seduced her husband.  Pele fled until she found a place high on the top of Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Hawaiians have many stories of Pele and her antics.  Pele, according to legend was quite a lover, but a difficult one.  The lava fields around Mauna Loa are filled with lava pillars – the remains of lovers that displeased her.  There is a lesson here about fury and a woman scorned.

Pele, the Goddess of Fire has a temper to match.  She is to be respected.  Even today visitors to Hawaii are warned to be careful not to anger her.  The spirit of Pele lives a bit in everyone.


Obsidian is no ordinary stone, but nature’s glass formed from volcanic lava. It has no boundaries and works rapidly with great power. Its edge can be razor-sharp, and its dark, glossy surface polished into cold, hard glass, a “mirror stone” for those prepared to look deep into the subconscious.

Obsidian forms from molten lava in the last stages of volcanic eruptions. The remaining silica minerals that flow onto the surface and are super-cooled into glass before crystallization can occur. It is an amorphous material known as a “mineraloid” and is usually opaque except on thin edges. Obsidian is most frequently jet black, but can be dark brown, gray or gray-green. The name comes from the Latin obsidianus meaning “the stone of Obsius,” the prominent Roman who discovered it. It is also referred to as “volcano glass,” “mirror of the Incas,” and “Iceland agate.”volcano

All forms of Obsidian stimulate healing of the emotional body. It helps those who have lost their power to regain it by facing the darker side of one’s nature. It is the basis for eating disorders and addictions, fear and insecurities, depression, aggression, and other mechanisms that hold one to the past in order to survive. Obsidian exposes these wounds, and when one is ready to accept responsibility for one’s own healing, reveals the actions needed to release them.

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Pele is best honored using Black Obsidian as it is formed by lava and associated with volcanoes. To connect with the Goddess, you will need to have some Obsidian on hand. It is also beneficial to have red, orange, and yellow candles at hand. All candles in the color of flames that symbolize fire which is sacred to Pele.

  1. Find a place that is comfortable in your home where you can sit undisturbed. You may do this at any time of day or evening.
  2. Place and light your chosen candles to bring the element of fire to the room.
  3. Place a piece of Black Obsidian near the candles or hold the crystal in your hand.
  4. Close your eyes and take several deep calming breaths. Focus your thoughts on your goal. In this case, it may be something that is causing you to have deep feelings of anger. Bring this cause of anger to mind but careful not to let the overall thought of it consume you. Take several more breaths to calm and ground yourself before proceeding.
  5. Call on the Goddess by her name and ask her to help neutralize your anger. Let the Goddess use her powers of the fire to help you harness and control the source of anger. Ask her to change this anger into beneficial and positive feelings.
  6. Once you are finished, thank the Goddess for her help.
  7. You may choose to let the candles continue to burn for as long as you would like to honor Pele. Be sure to never leave candles burning unattended!

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