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Cleansing Crystals with Fire Energy part 1

lapis hearts Prepared properly, crystals help us accomplish amazing things. Crystals can guide us, protect us, teach us, assist in communication, improve our spiritual wellbeing, and help us to accomplish our goals and live our dreams. To do these things, crystals must be properly prepared. An aged, dull, physically spent healing crystal isn’t going to help anyone. A crystal previously surrounded by negative energy will be a poor conduit of the Life Force when you need it.

You have likely read a few different books explaining a variety of ways to clean and prepare your crystals; some of these methods may contradict each other. One book may warn against sea water, another recommend it. You may unsure of the reasoning behind many of the methods you have read about. Please understand that many practitioners prepare their crystals in various ways depending on the specific crystal and its intended uses and their experience.

For example,

I usually use the Element of Earth to cleanse Black Tourmaline as I use it as a grounding crystal. I use high mountain streams to cleanse some special Himalayan Healing Quartz to bring the spirit of the mountains to the efforts. A friend has a large rose bush with a west exposure and uses the West Wind extensively in cleaning her crystals.

Spiritual cleansing is the process of using the natural elements (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) energy to balance the spiritual energy within the crystal. This is also known as clearing a crystal, and sometimes referred to as crystal purification. This process removes excess negative energy from the crystal and returns it to its natural balance.

Spiritual cleansing, also called “clearing,” is the practice of removing any excess negative energy from the crystal and returning it to its natural energy balance. Crystals absorb both positive and negative energy. When they are filled with too much negative energy they need to be spiritually cleansed.

citrine from the crystal vaultsNegative energy is the energy that powers destruction, sickness, worry, guilt, depression, ill will, impolite behavior, antisocial behavior, fear, anger, ridicule, hurt, feeling of loss, injury, pain, and any other negative elements of spiritual and physical life.

Negative energy is a natural part of life, but an overabundance of this energy can be harmful and unhealthy. All crystals carry a balance of both positive and negative energy. Sometimes a crystal will get out of its natural balance if it absorbs too much negativity. Crystals are part of the natural world, and like us, when out of balance they become less effective and “out of sorts.”

Crystals can absorb negative energy during their transit, use, or storage. A crystal that is balanced has the natural levels of positive and negative energy consistent with the Earth from which it was formed. When a crystal has an excess of negative energy it is no longer in balance and will be less effective in many uses.

Crystals absorb energy – particularly the Universal Life Force, and amplify and focus it for our uses. They also absorb energy from their handlers and from environmental surroundings. Any crystal may have picked up an excess of negative energy, and become less effective in use. This is normal. We all get “out of sorts” from time to time. What is needed is to return the crystal to its natural balance.

Spiritual cleansing is a “return to balance.” For example, healing crystals may absorb significant negative energy when used to rebalance someone’s energy. This will result in the crystal becoming out of balance after use since it will have transmitted positive Life Force energy to the patients and thus be more negative than it was before the session. Also a crystal can pick up the worries, negative feelings and thoughts of people with which it has come in contact. Spiritual cleansing returns the crystal to its balanced state by using the fundamental elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. This process is one of returning to nature’s balance by immersion in the natural world once again. In part 2 we will focus on the use of Fire to rebalance our crystals’ energy.

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