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Deities are the gods and goddesses that have been written about throughout history. From the revered gods like Apollo and Horus to worshipped goddesses like Athena and Selene. Deity spirit guides can be called upon for assistance and guidance along your journey. Even if a deity is unable to help directly, they will instead provide direction to your guardian angel who can then pass that information along to you. Similar to archangels, deities can jump in to help your spirit guide team, maybe even offer some sort of divine intervention. However, they don't remain on your team. Think of them as temporary VIPs.


Who Are Your Deity Spirit Guides?

As mentioned above, diety spirit guides can come on your team to help but aren't likely to stick around. In fact, it's more likely guidance or messages will be sent down through archangels or even to your guardian angel. As for which deity you call upon, that depends on what need you are seeking to fulfill. You can technically call upon any deity spirit guide for assistance.

Though deity spirit guides can help countless humans, archangels, and angels at once, you should keep your requests of them at a minimum. You have an entire spirit guide team to help and guide you. You can pray to or communicate with deities at any time. Just don't always expect a response. If the situation is dire or hopeless, reaching out to a deity may be the right thing to do.

Common deity spirit guides include Athena, Demeter, Kali, Apollo, Dionysus, Horus, Diana, Guanyin, and many, many more.


Communicating with Your Deity Spirit Guides

Most of your spirit guides communicate through synchronicities. You can read more about how your spirit guides communicate with you. However, gods and goddesses do not communicate this way. It's likely any requests for help or guidance will be "funneled" down to your guardian angel. If there is some sort of divine intervention, there won't be any type of message or communication involved, it will just happen.

When requests or prayers are sent to deities, it is often returned with the ever enveloping warming energy of the divine love. Deity spirit guides are often here to reassure us, restore hope and faith, and offer guidance in the form of loving energy. Though they can be called upon for more complex tasks where the situation or issue may be beyond your spirit guide team. Remember that all things happen for a reason. While the deity spirit guides are omnipotent, they cannot stop or change what has already happened or what must be.


Crystals for Your Deity Spirit Guides

Here at Crystal Vaults, we already have an entire guide devoted to Goddess Crystals. However, that doesn't cover gods as well. So, in the table below, we'll give you some of the most popular deity spirit guides and their associated crystal. Though if you don't see a particular goddess you're looking for, make sure to check the other guide.

The crystal listed for each of the deities below can be used to help you connect with them and communicate with them when needed. If the deity so chooses, they can pass on divine energy to the crystal. So, make sure to keep it close and use it when meditating for added effect.

Deity Crystal
Anubis Obsidian
Aphrodite Rose Quartz
Apollo Sulfur
Ares Garnet
Artemis Amethyst
Athena Azurite
Brigit Jade
Demeter Citrine
Diana Moonstone
Dionysus Amethyst
Ganesha Rutilated Quartz
God (Abrahamism) Quartz
Guanyin Aquamarine
Hermes Pyrite
Hestia Vanadinite
Horus Carnelian
Isis Barite
Juno Rhodochrosite
Jupiter Yellow Apatite
Kali Black Tourmaline
Lakshmi Peridot
Minerva Violet Fluorite
Osiris Lapis Lazuli
Poseidon Larimar
Selene Selenite
Shiva Septarian
Vishnu Seraphinite
Zeus Bloodstone

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