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If you have no other spirit guides of the seven on the list, you definitely have a guardian angel. A guardian angel is assigned to us at birth and stays with us throughout our entire lives. They welcome other spirit guides onto the team and can help facilitate messages. In fact, most communication to and from higher beings such as archangels and deities are "funneled" through your guardian angel. Your guardian angel spirit guide has been with you since you were born and therefore knows you very well. They know how to best communicate with you through synchronicities and other methods. Read more about how your spirit guides communicate with you.


Who Is Your Guardian Angel Spirit Guide?

No one knows for sure how many angels are out there but it's safe to guess it's in the billions. Keeping that in mind, only a thousand, give or take some, have been written about. With those odds, it's likely you have never heard of your guardian angel before. It's also possible you have. Only you have the key to that information. The best way to find out your guardian angel's name is to ask for it while holding a crystal in the Quartz family. We recommend Amethyst, Lithium Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Ametrine, or Smoky Quartz.

As we've discussed before, your spirit guides cannot communicate directly as we do. So, don't expect a direct answer in return. However, your guardian angel spirit guide will find another clever way to tell you. The name may just suddenly come to you as if you somehow knew it all along. Other times, you'll start seeing or hearing a name over and over again and it will suddenly click. It won't take too long to find out their name once you've asked. From then on, you can start addressing them by name and gain an even closer bond with your guardian angel. If you find you're having trouble learning your guardian angel's name, try some alternative methods.

Some believe that your guardian angel is determined by your date of birth. We have a guide for Guardian Angels by Birthdate here at Crystal Vaults you can read. We suggest taking that information along with your own intuition and actually asking your guardian angel. You may be surprised by the results.


Crystals for Your Guardian Angel Spirit Guide

Many of the well-known angels have an associated crystal. If not a crystal, they at least have an associated color that can be applied when crystal shopping. As mentioned above, it's very likely your angel is one not on this list and may not be on any list even though they could have been around for eons. Below you will find several lists containing crystals for your guardian angel spirit guide to help you along your journey.

Once you figure out your guardian angel's name, ask them which crystal they prefer/which is their favorite. If you have a lot of crystals, spread them out on a table, address your angel by name, and ask them to guide you to their favorite. Run your hands, palms down over the crystals, until you feel the energy from one radiating and warming your hand. You may even find your hands drawn to it. That is the one to use to communicate with your guardian angel spirit guide.

If you're interested in a list of angels and what they can help with, check out our guide to Getting Help from Angels.

Crystals for Learning Your Guardian Angel's Name

Any crystal in the Quartz family is recommended for trying to learn your guardian angel's name. W
earing, carrying, or meditating with a Clear Quartz crystal opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, allowing the realm of Spirit to be transmitted and translated into the world of physical form.

Crystals that Facilitate Angel Communication

The crystals listed below are "angel favorites" and can help facilitate communication with your guardian angel spirit guide even if you're not sure of their name and/or favorite crystal. The most popular, hands down, is Angelite, as it is aptly named. However, try any of the ones listed below.

Crystals for Specific Angels

Angel Name Crystal Type
Adriel Emerald
Amnediel Moonstone
Ariel Amethyst
Asaliah Bloodstone
Boel Amethyst
Cassiel Lithium Quartz
Chedustaniel Aquamarine
Famiel Rose Quartz
Haziel Celestite
Luvayah Tourmaline
Nanael Ruby
Rehael Garnet
Setchiel Sapphire
Suriel Emerald
Turiel Citrine
Uzziel Blue Apatite

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