Virgo Crystals

Virgo Crystals

Crystals that Correspond to the Astrological Sign of Virgo

Virgo crystals

If you were born from August 23 - September 22, you are aVirgo

Your Sun Stone is Carnelian. It is a beautiful gem!

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virgo stonesAt the end of the summer and the beginning of the harvest happens to be the time of the Virgo. The Virgin, depicted as a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat symbolizing wisdom, is the Virgo's star sign. This is the only sign represented by a female.

Virgoians are very interesting people. Those born under this sign are very reliable and will help you out with any situation. It's said that Virgoians have been created to serve others but it brings them enjoyment. They actually will study a situation in much detail to solve problems. When it comes to understanding things Virgoians are most interested. To get things done, they put their intelligence to great use. It just so happens that Virgoians have an excellent memory and are straight thinkers. Sometimes they can over look something and become a little judgmental, but everyone makes mistakes. It just shows that they are human like the rest of us.

People born under this sign truly have a way with handling others. Virgoians' good manners and polite language attract the opposite sex. They are extremely faithful once they find their true love. If the love is very true then they will fight and defend to keep their relationship alive and healthy.

For those Virgoians, the traditional zodiac stone is Carnelian. Carnelian is orange Chalcedony and normally used in different assortments of jewelry. It is also an ancient talisman of luck. This luck can help a man fall in love , or a woman to feel comfort instead of pain, and it can bring luck.

In modern times Carnelian is worn to enhance passion, love, and desire. It is often used in crystal healing to reduce back pains, purify blood, and reduce depression. It also works to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts, help you focus, and increase motivation.

virgo crystalsAnother traditional stone of Virgo is Chrysoberyl. Most Chrysoberyl is yellow but sometimes is brown or green. It has a higher value when in the form of Cat's Eye. This stone helps with medical conditions such as allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems. A diabetic should carry this stone to help with blood sugar balance. Chrysoberyl also assists you in striving for success and stronger confidence. This stone is also a creative inspiration and can help you let your imagination roam free.

Aventurine also represents Virgo. It is also known as "The Stone of Opportunity." Aventurine can be either opaque or translucent. The color of this stone ranges from green, peach, blue, and brown. It is also a talisman of luck. It is also powerful when used to reduce stress, build confidence, or to improve creativity. Also' if you like to gamble, be sure to keep an Aventurine in your left pocket for good luck.

As one born under the sun sign of Virgo, we suggest you find one of the stones discussed above that seems right to you. That is your stone!



- article and art by Jessica Sitarik, age 15.


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