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Description: The 2023 Almanac of Gaia – your window into the future and guide to using your crystals to get what you want and need in 2023. This Almanac is your “wise counselor,” guru, and advisor in a simple-to-read, simple-to-understand, and simple-to-use daily guide to the swirling currents of Life in 2023.

For this version of the Almanac, we added a dated planner to maximize productivity, assist in achieving all the goals you set for yourself, and help you find balance in your life. You’ll easily be able to see what mansion the Moon is in, where the Moon is in the zodiac, recommended colors of crystals to use, and any celestial events or holidays occurring each day.

Note: This is a downloadable guide. Click here for the physical version.

In clear, easy-to-read, and understandable text, it shows you the dominant energy in a week and each day of that week. Is it a time to take risks or hunker down? Is this a to trust or take warning? Is today a day to start a new project? What healing crystals will help me today?

How does it do that, you might ask? Good question. Using the ancient oracle of the I Ching and the 5000 years of Moon Astrology wisdom, it charts the ebb and flow of the Universal Life Force through the coming year.

But with the Almanac, you will be in control and confident. You will know how to meet the day. You will be a master of crystal use and understand how the moon’s travels and phases affect them. You will also know what Gaia, our Earth Mother, is telling us. Earth, too, is affecting our lives, our spirits, and our crystals, as well. We all know “as above, so below.”  But when astrological circumstances dictate, we have to know that “as below, so above.”

Now is the time to tune in to the future and gain the insights and wisdom you need to thrive in an uncertain 2023.

Don’t delay. The Almanac is ready for you now. Check out important days in your life next year. What can you expect on your birthday or the birthday of family members?  How about anniversaries and other important days? Use the Almanac to plan your year. This will allow you to see what crystals you want and learn how to use them in the best ways.

The Almanac of Gaia includes an extended guide for the Mansions of the Moon. It also comes with a complete Moon Calendar for 2023, so you’ll always know what zodiac sign the Moon is in and which Mansion it’s visiting. You’ll also find a chart for the Zodiac signs, their corresponding dates, and information about the color wheel with details about each color and its meaning. The planner includes what phase the Moon is in, so you’ll never miss a Full Moon again.

  • Author: Nicole Farmer
  • Editing & Art: Kat Ohren
  • Cover Design: Theresa Peters
  • Length: 190 pages of beautiful planner pages and amazing, informative instructions that guide your life from the Sage of the I Ching and the Goddess Mother Gaia.
  • Preview: Download a preview of 10 various pages.


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There are two different versions of the Almanac of Gaia available, the eBook (which you are viewing now) and the print book.

If you’re interested in having a deck of cards that match the 64 hexagrams and images used in the Almanac of Gaia, check out the I Ching Oracle Deck! The deck is comprised of 65 cards. One card for each of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, and a quick instruction card that provides the link to our online I Ching Guide.