Attuned Carnelian Confidence Talisman Spiral Wrapped Pendant


DESCRIPTION: Carnelian Spiral Wrapped Pendant. This crystal is pure carnelian, undyed, and full of energy.  Carnelian is orange Chalcedony, a crypto crystalline quartz.  It is an ancient stone with a rich history in many cultures. You will find these to be energizing and refreshing to wear or use. This pendant contains a variety of uses, from being used as a necklace to being hung in your vehicle as a good luck charm.  The photo shows the typical item you will receive.  Comes with a free wax cord necklace. Made with Silver plated, tarnish resistance wire.

SIZE: Approximately 3/4 inch in length, weighs approximately 9 grams.

USES: Carnelian brings us orange, the color of joy and friendship. Joy is a pure emotion, an elusive one, but a heartfelt one. Often as people grow older, they lose the capacity to experience pure joy. It can be a simple delight or a deep, lasting feeling. If something seems missing, but you can’t really describe it, perhaps a bit of orange mixed in your daily life is needed.

Attunement Energy: The triple meteor showers sharing the sky at the end of July bring the energy of courage, strength, confidence, power, motivation, ambition, and creativity to tackle every obstacle in front of you. The triple meteor shower includes comets and fireballs from Delta Aquariids, Alpha Capricornids, and Perseids meteor showers.

This spiral wrapped pendant will bring with it confidence, courage, and good luck to anyone that wears it.

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Talisman or Amulet: Carnelian is a Seeker Transformer Crystal. As a talisman, Carnelian is an ancient talisman of luck. It drives away evil, will move a man to love and brings women hope and comfort in pain. The wearing of Carnelian is recommended by the Lapidario of Alfonso X published in 1881 for those who have a weak voice or are timid in speech. A famous imam, Jafar, taught that this stone would bring satisfaction to the desires of any who wore it. In modern times, Carnelian is a talisman of happiness, joy, and family togetherness. It celebrates physical pleasures.

Color Energy: With its orange color, this stone is the color of the true birthstones of those born at the end of summer (August 22–September 22). The passion of the red ray has an almost multiplicative effect on the orange ray as it combines with the happy elements of gold.

Zodiac: Carnelian is the ancient stone associated with Virgo.”Success will bless whatever you do, Through Virgo’s sign, if only you, Place on your hand her own gem true, Carnelian.”

Goddess: The Egyptians used Carnelian to symbolize the love of Isis. Medallions of Carnelian were made for the deceased to assure her support in the afterlife. Carnelian is also perfect for devotions to Ceridwen, the Welsh Mother and Knowledge Goddess.

Healing: Ancient medical texts discuss using carnelians to check blood flow. The Europeans found it to be protected from the Devil. It cures envy. Carnelian is associated with the Second Chakra, the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is located below the naval and above the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis. It controls the flow of energy and is the center of gravity of the body. It is the center of the Life Force of the body.

Feng Shui: Carnelian has Fire energy and is used in the south area of a home or room. Fire elemental energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination, and activity. It is Yang in nature. It is the energy of heat, action, emotion, and passion- of ideas, concepts, and sex. It is alive, potent, but often destructive. We all need the heat, passion, and life-giving energy of the fire element. It is a powerful element that must be used in moderation.

Other Sources: Carnelian, in the ancient text, is noted to derive its powers from the Sun and Venus. Also called Odem, in ancient Egypt, hieroglyphic texts from The Book of the Dead were engraved on amulets of carnelian. Modern writers find that Carnelian has the power to build confidence and increase our zest for life. It builds courage and strength of purpose. If you seek the power of Isis and the power of the Sun to build your self-confidence and find ways to achieve your potential, wear a carnelian.