Quick Change Grid Kit


DESCRIPTION: This is a BYOC (bring your own crystals) easy grid kit.

This kit is the basic set of 5 grid overlay designs (Each in 2 sizes) and three top loading holders. One simply cuts out the grid overlays to prepared them for use. A selected one is then inserted into the holder. A suitable grid design is then placed in the holder behind the grid design and the grid is ready for crystals and stones to be added. When the grid is no longer in use, the parts are easily reused for a new grid.

There are two sizes of each grid design. Most of the grid designs supplied by Crystal Vaults have a border. These use the smaller size grid overlays. If you use your own 5 in x 7 in image, you can use the larger design.

The designs are:

The Seed of Life – used for grids of emotions and feelings

The Hexagram – used for grids of the physical world

The Circle – used for grids of the mind

The Pentagram – used for grids of community

The Star of David – used for grids of the spirit

To use the Quick Change Grid Kit you will need your own Focus Stone, Way Stones and Desire Stones. The designs you can find on Crystal Vaults come with suggested stones and with instructions.

Primary Uses: This kit is used with the free weekly Oracle of Gaia grids offered by Crystal Vaults to its subscribers. The weekly grids offer the design and suggested crystals for a grid to focus and amplify the prevailing energy of the Cosmos. This kit provides the grid overlays and holder to allow each week’s grids to be easily made once you have the crystals or stones you wish to use.

The Oracle of Gaia is a weekly guide to the prevailing currents of the Universal Life Force. Each year on the Summer Solstice a series of special I Ching hexagrams are generated with silver coins to seek the guidance of Gaia, the Earth Mother. The weekly oracle guidance is captured in the annual “Almanac of Gaia” published by Crystal Vaults.

The weekly Oracle identifies not only the prevailing currents of the Life Force but also provides guidance on what crystal uses are advantageous that week. Using the Almanac, any crystal user can easily understand what crystal energy is strong and useful at any time in the year.

This knowledge is used in the Oracle of Gaia Grid. The wisdom of the Oracle can be captured and the crystal energy focused and enhanced with a simple grid based on the week’s currents of life energy in the Cosmos.

Next crystals with the energy of the first of the two I Ching hexagrams of the week are used as the inner ring of stones. These are marked as (W). These are the Way Stones, the energy of the beginning of the week. Next place an outer ring of stones with the energy of the second I Ching hexagram of the week. These are marked as (D) Desire Stones. These are the desired energy conduits for the week’s energy.


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